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Google first introduced its WebM Project a few weeks ago at its I/O developers conference, launching the royalty free, open source video format with support from Firefox and Opera web browsers. But notably missing from the list of supporting applications was Google’s own Chrome browser. Read more »

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Today on the Net: Nielsen eyes a $1.75 billion IPO; despite big box office hits like Avatar, 3-D proponents Jeffrey Katzenberg and James Cameron foresee slow adoption of home 3-D TV and FLO TV hasn’t been nearly as successful as Qualcomm had hoped, the CEO says. Read more »


MeFeedia is making an offer to publishers that want to track videos delivered via HTML5: let us handle your analytics for free. With the rollout of its new analytics suite for HTML5 video, MeFeedia customers can now track engagement metrics across a number of mobile devices. Read more »

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More people may be watching online video than ever, but Comcast doesn’t see Google TV as a competitive threat, according to COO Steve Burke. Instead, the exec said today that Comcast’s real competition comes from satellite TV providers and telco companies entering the pay TV market. Read more »

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Transpera has raised a $9 million round of financing to advance its mobile video ad network. Operating a video ad platform that is device-agnostic, Transpera can serve ads across multiple mobile devices, including the Apple iPhone and iPad, Google Android devices and Blackberry smartphones. Read more »


Hulu’s long-awaited subscription service might be rolled out as a video service on Xbox Live, which, if true, would be the first time Hulu actually agreed to allow its TV and film content to be made available on the television, rather than just through PCs. Read more »

Today on the Net: FLO TV hopes to use the World Cup to garner more subscribers to its mobile video service, YouTube Leanback could get a big boost from being a part of Google TV, and ESPN expects big things from 3-D. Read more »

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In the same way that Apple’s iPad gained consumer acceptance where other tablet devices failed, Google TV may finally be coming to market at a time when the user mindset — and the supporting online services — might actually be ready for such a product. Read more »

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Sunday Sky takes existing web assets, such as photos and product descriptions, and transforms those assets into a limitless number of web videos. Because the video is created dynamically by relying on product information, the videos are always up-to-date with the latest information from the website. Read more »

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Intel could add Google’s WebM to the list of video formats that have hardware acceleration built into its processors for consumer electronics devices. But that support won’t come in time for the first generation of Google TV products to leverage it. Read more »


Netflix expects its DVD-by-mail business to peak in 2013, at which point its Watch Instantly streaming service will drive growth in the company. That’s the gist of a slideshow posted on the company’s jobs site detailing its plans and the competitive outlook for its streaming business. Read more »

Today on the Net: Fox Mobile launches a Hulu lookalike for mobile devices with 25 content partners, Rogers formally launches its On Demand Online TV Everywhere service with 1,500 hours of content and Mediacom taps Clearleap to manage VOD and ads in its local markets Read more »


The BBC will be one of the first content providers in the UK to have video available on the Apple iPad, with an iPad-ready version of its iPlayer site ready for viewing on the device when it becomes available to users in the country. Read more »

Today on the Net: the BBC iPlayer gets an upgrade to hook it into more social networks, RealNetworks founder Rob Glaser gets a new gig as a part-time venture partner with Accel, and Verizon doubles the number of VOD titles that are available to FiOS customers Read more »

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Consumer electronics manufacturers, take note: If you want to roll out Google TV on the next version of your connected TV or Blu-ray player, you’re going to need some serious horsepower just to get up and running. Will Google’s hardware specs lead to a sticker shock? Read more »


Not content to simply ride on Google TV’s coattails, Best Buy announced this morning that it is working with TiVo to integrate the DVR maker’s software into its Insignia brand TVs, allowing the big box retailer to push broadband video services of its own. Read more »

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Metacafe has introduced the first of many new verticals that it is building dedicated sites for. Hoping to cash in on consumer interest in Hollywood blockbusters, the new Metacafe Movies site will leverage its existing video library while also providing exclusive premium content to its users. Read more »

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BitTorrent has been working tirelessly to add new features to its uTorrent client, including adding on-demand streaming and secure remote web access to the client’s browser. Those features are available to all users for download as part of a public beta of the file sharing client. Read more »

Today on the Net: more documents are unsealed in the Viacom-YouTube copyright infringement suit, the FCC is seeking more information from Comcast about what its NBC Universal deal will mean for the online video industry, and SeeSaw has launched a premium paid service Read more »

Today on the Net: An analysis of what Google TV means to advertisers, Clearleap hits a milestone by topping 10 million cable subscribers and the U.K. Office of Fair Trade has decided against investigating the BBC’s Project Canvas. Read more »

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