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Today on the Net: Dish Network sues the FCC over requirements to carry high-definition feeds of non-commercial channels, Disney releases an iPad app to allow users to purchase and download movies and Comcast has rolled out its multiroom DVR service in more than 20 markets. Read more »

apple tv

Despite high early expectations, it wasn’t long before Apple TV was demoted to “hobby” status. But that could soon change, as there’s new evidence that Apple is looking to make a serious business out of online video with a major update to its Apple TV product. Read more »

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More bad news for Blockbuster: The DVD rental firm announced yesterday that it will lose its place on the New York Stock Exchange next Wednesday, after it failed to get enough shareholder votes on a proposal designed to help it comply with NYSE requirements. Read more »

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Authorities at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency seized the domains of nine websites that had been charged with illegally pirating first-run movies. But merely a day later, two of them have already reappeared, highlighting the problem of trying to enforce copyright globally. Read more »

move networks

With today’s news that Move Networks has laid off all its employees and is looking for a buyer, here’s a roundup of the rise and fall of the once high-flying startup, as it transitioned from making network TV watchable to selling IPTV technology to ISPs. Read more »

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move networks

A curious tweet appeared on the Move Networks twitter stream this morning, suggesting that the online video company could be on the block — with an asking price of $150 million — and sources say the CEO is stepping down and resigning from the company’s board. Read more »

hulu plus tv

Netflix has dominated the consumer electronics market with its $9-a-month streaming subscription service, but it could get some competition, as Hulu’s subscription TV service will be available across many of the same CE platforms that have helped drive adoption of Netflix’s Watch Instantly service. Read more »

hulu plus 2

Hulu has officially announced its long-awaited premium subscription service, giving users access to more shows and a wider range of content that they’ll be able to watch on multiple consumer electronics devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and Samsung Internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players. Read more »


Roku announced this morning that it added the MOG on-demand music service to its broadband set-top box, expanding the number of streaming services that are available through its platform. The addition of MOG comes as Roku strikes partnerships with a growing number of content providers. Read more »


Social TV site Tunerfish just pushed a redesign that is set to put more of a focus on helping users find trending shows and videos that their friends and others are watching, with changes to the way show pages are displayed on the site. Read more »


Early online video pioneer JibJab announced this morning that it reached a new milestone, having completed more than a million transactions over the past 12 months, as it transitions from a business primarily driven by advertising to one selling personalized videos, pictures and other services. Read more »

Today on the Net: YouTube adds a vuvuzela button for World Cup fans who miss the horns while watching online videos, KickApps adds an application development suite for Facebook and licensing firm Rumblefish is pitching cheap music licenses for non-commercial use in YouTube videos. Read more »

Today on the Net: comScore will begin measure video views and ads separately beginning with its June Video Metrix numbers, startup VidMe launches with a new site for sharing personal videos with a select group of friends and NASCAR and Turner are rolling out 3-D. Read more »

RGB Networks

Video processing firm RGB Networks acquired mobile transcoding vendor Ripcode in an all-stock deal today. With the purchase, RGB will add Ripcode’s technology to its Video Multiprocessing Gateway device. RGB also revealed plans to go public in a year, and is currently valued about $200 million. Read more »

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White-label video management company thePlatform has expanded the number of connected devices that its customers can publish their videos to, adding features that will enable them to easily add distribution to new HDTV, Blu-ray players and other broadband-connected devices that viewers have in their living rooms. Read more »

Today on the Net: Comcast and NBC Universal received the blessing of ABC, CBS, and Fox affiliates — but with some conditions, raised $14 million amidst some strong sales growth and Dish has dropped four Disney HD channels due to a carriage dispute Read more »

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Israeli startup Libox has come out with new technology that will allow its users to access their music, photos and video files anywhere through its desktop application or even a mobile browser, while also being able to easily share those files with their friends. Read more »

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Adobe is pushing out its new Flash Player 10.1 for mobile devices, which was designed to create a common experience for video and interactive applications between the desktop, smartphones and tablet devices while also adding features and increasing performance for interactivity on small screens. Read more »


Wimbledon 2010 kicked off this morning, and if you’re a tennis fan, there is no doubt that you’ll want to watch the tournament live. However, the matches take place during work hours — luckily, there are once again ways to watch all the fun online. Read more »

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Facebook has enjoyed tremendous growth in video viewing recently, with more than 2 billion videos viewed per month on the social network. The latest update to its iPhone app will drive more growth by giving users the ability to watch videos directly on the mobile device. Read more »

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