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Online-payments processor WePay has added a new feature to enable its users to quickly and easily create invoices to bill clients. With its “commerce-in-a-box” platform, WePay claims it can help businesses start creating and sending invoices in under a minute. Read more »

airbnb austin

Austin at SXSW is a prime example of the kind of flexibility that Airbnb can provide to both residents and visitors during a major event. With three weeks left before the conference starts, the San Francisco-based startup has already surpassed last year’s bookings. Read more »


Contacts startup Rapportive has officially been acquired by LinkedIn, the company announced on its blog Wednesday. The deal follows weeks of speculation after rumors surfaced earlier this month. Rapportive will continue to support its popular Gmail plugin, but its acquisition could lead to greater integration with LinkedIn. Read more »

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tiny review

Tiny Review is a photo-sharing app with a twist: instead of adding filters and sharing with your social network a la Instagram, Tiny Review makes it easy for users to add up to three short lines of text to their photos. Read more »


The latest social-local-mobile app to enter the market is Glassmap, which is like a cross-platform Find My Friends, but with more features and better battery management. The app, created by a YCombinator-backed startup, also provides better privacy, messaging and notifications than the competition. Read more »

barney pell

Barney Pell has a new startup. The serial entrepreneur, who sold Powerset to Microsoft, has founded a new company called QuickPay, which aims to revolutionize the way that people find and pay for parking. QuickPay has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Fontinalis Partners. Read more »

Wittlebee for the little ones

A number of companies are emerging to build businesses with recurring revenue streams based on serving up monthly packages of food, beauty, clothing and other products. The so-called subscription commerce market is expanding rapidly — but what’s behind the trend, and why are consumers signing up? Read more »


Mobile usage is the fastest-growing part of LinkedIn’s business, but it’s not a big revenue driver — yet. That could soon change, as LinkedIn plans to test out advertising across mobile devices, now that it has gotten the product and user experience right on those platforms. Read more »

flingo syncapps

Flingo has raised $7 million in a Series A funding round led by August Capital. The San Francisco-based startup, which integrates streaming video and interactive advertising into smart TVs, has also added two new board members: August Capital’s David Marquart and Howard Hartenbaum. Read more »


YouTube is making a massive investment in original programming. But as it increases the value of the content being produced and uploaded, it needs to get better about helping viewers find it. To do that, YouTube will need to step beyond search tackle the discovery challenge. Read more »


While much of YouTube’s monetization efforts have been based on advertising, CEO Salar Kamangar said the company could potentially create a service that could enable content providers to create their own subscription-based video offerings on the YouTube platform. Read more »

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