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Jeff Lucker of Deloitte at Structure:Data 2012

It’s tough to overcome some of the biases that have become second nature in most businesses. But if you’re John Lucker, who’s a Principal at Deloitte, overcoming the “human factor” can be critical to the success of driving organizational change. Overcoming that is necessary, however. Read more »

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EditVideoClip1 copy

Animoto updated its iPhone app Wednesday, adding a much requested feature — the ability to add videos in addition to photos when creating video slideshows on their mobile devices. That puts its iPhone app more on par with competitors like Magisto and Vidify. Read more »


A new startup called 42Floors is devoted to taking away some of the pain of searching for commercial real estate, making your search for office space more like searching for your next apartment, with a web-based interface to scan based on price and location — and pictures! Read more »

digitalsmiths social

Digitalsmiths has added social recommendations to its product offering, creating a more comprehensive way for users to search and discover videos. That technology brings in real-time data from Twitter and other social networks, to help users choose shows based on what everyone’s talking about. Read more »

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collaboratively speaking

TaskRabbit is launching a series of video interviews with “founders, entrepreneurs, executives, journalists and consumers” who are authorities in the Collaborative Consumption space. The series, called Collaboratively Speaking, kicks off with a conversation between TaskRabbit founder Leah Busque and RelayRides founder Shelby Clark. Read more »

Friendly Music Mood Map

In 2010, Rumblefish launched a website called Friendly Music to make licensing soundtracks for YouTube videos ultra-easy. Now it’s added a lot more music tracks and improved the discovery process, enabling users to search for tracks based on mood and occasion. Read more »


Do you want to see the most relevant stories from all your friends, or all stories from just your best friends? That’s the fundamental difference between what Facebook will show you in your news feed, versus the information shared on Path. Read more »

uber new surge

Uber announced a revamped version of the app to deal with surge pricing when it hits, which will better illustrate to users exactly how much fares have been increased. The update now provides a new average fare notification and clearly lets people know when rates expire. Read more »

highlight thumb

SXSW 2012 was all about location-based social interactions, with Highlight being the belle of the ball. But for all the hype ahead of the show, a number of people I ran into there didn’t seem to understand why they would even want to use these apps. Read more »

tinysx thumb

The Tiny Review has ported its app’s functionality to the web, with a meme generator called TinySX. The site is focused solely on capturing the intricacies of SXSW, and to see what memes emerge from those both on the ground in Austin and at home. Read more »


Turner Broadcasting might not exactly be known for innovation. But it’s looking to change that, with the launch of a new accelerator program called Media Camp, which hopes to seek out and help early-stage startups focused on solving problems for media companies. Read more »


I had high hopes for the new Apple TV and the type of interactive experiences that it could usher in. And while 1080p video is great and all, I can’t shake the feeling that this new $99 box has so much potential completely untapped. Read more »

Highlight CEO Paul Davison

Your phone now knows who you are, where you are, and who you might want to see. And at SXSW, all of those things are coming together in several apps that will make it easier to strike up a conversation in a roomful of strangers. Read more »


Last year, Localmind launched its crowdsourced location app at SXSW, allowing users to ask local “experts” anything about nearby bars and restaurants. This year, it hopes to alleviate some of the frustration of a town filled with dozens of parties and tens of thousands of partygoers. Read more »


The big first-day pop in Yelp shares means that it’s now worth $1.5 billion. So what’s it to do with its newfound riches? Here’s a look at a few companies that might be an interesting fit, if Yelp were to go shopping for acquisitions. Read more »


Zynga’s move to create its own social gaming network outside Facebook is a positive shift to reduce its dependence on someone else’s social network. But being a platform provider and aggregator of entertainment options is a hard business and not one to be taken lightly. Read more »

Exec Home thumb

Justin Kan has a new venture called Exec that aims to make hiring temporary help easy and seamless. Launching to the public today, the Exec iPhone app lets anyone hire an assistant to do his bidding at a flat rate of $25 an hour (plus expenses). Read more »


Mobile ratings app maker Tello is launching Tello for Business, a Web-based way for business owners to get detailed analytics about customer interactions and respond to them in real time. It’s also announcing a $2.7 million Series A round led by Bullpen Capital and True Ventures. Read more »

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