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Simulmedia announced that it has raised a $6 million Series C round from its existing group of investors, which include Avalon Ventures, Union Square Ventures and Time Warner Investments. That money will be put toward sales and support as it grabs more TV ad dollars. Read more »

tango desktop mobile

Video chat startup Tango has raised another big round of funding, bringing in $40 million in Series C financing led by Qualcomm Ventures and Access Industries. That comes on the heels of impressive growth, with more than 45 million users signed up in just 18 months. Read more »

fear and loathing

If this week’s NAB Show is any indication, by 2020 “broadcasting” is a term that will be foreign to anyone under 40. Based its programming, it seems that pretty soon no one will be concerned about how content is distributed — just whether or not it’s good. Read more »

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3Crowd is rebranding itself XDN — which stands for eXchange Delivery Network — and finally coming out of beta. The startup founded by BitGravity’s former CTO plans to offer content delivery services to anyone at a steep discount when compared to providers like Akamai and Limelight. Read more »

couch potato

Mid-rolls beat pre-rolls as the ads you’re most likely to sit through. Viewers stick around through mid-roll ads about 87 percent of the time, according to Adobe. That compares to a 67 percent completion rate for pre-rolls, and a 50 percent completion rate for post-rolls. Read more »


After a month of rumors surrounding a funding round being picked up by mobile social networking startup Path, the company has finally closed the deal and officially announced that it has raised more than $30 million in a Series B financing round led by Redpoint Ventures. Read more »

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twitPolls nuggets

WayIn is announcing TwitPolls, the creatively named platform for distributing polls on — you guessed it — Twitter. The service will let sports teams, brands, TV producers and ad agencies build Twitter polls and measure voting in real time, increasing engagement and building loyalty with fans. Read more »

everyme thumb

Everyme launched a new iPhone application which aims to allow private sharing among friends and family, by automatically creating circles of contacts. Users can then share all their pictures, thoughts and news with only the people that they want to see them. Read more »


Animoto has seen some major growth lately, with more than 4 million registered users — including 200,000 that joined in just the last month. It’s also made a huge addition to its board of directors, with Internet veteran Brad Garlinghouse jumping on board. Read more »

hipmunk calendar

Travel booking startup Hipmunk is rolling out updated versions of its mobile apps, which will automatically take into account events that are already on your calendar when trying to book travel. It works through integration with calendars such as Microsoft’s Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple’s iCal. Read more »


From a single app, Fileboard lets users manage documents on a number of cloud services, including Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Dropbox, SharePoint and Salesforce. The newest partner to get added to the list is Box, which has also integrated some key Fileboard capabilities into its own app. Read more »


Koding has come out of private beta with a cloud-based development platform that allows programmers to immediately start building and testing out code, without having to worry about different development frameworks or things like domain management. The release follows a $2 million Series A financing round. Read more »

founders card

FoundersCard, which is like a members-only club for — you got it, founders! — has gone live with a spiffy new website and some new packaging for members that sign up. It’s also added a bunch of new deals to some popular retailers. Read more »


The next update to Microsoft’s XBox Live service will go live tomorrow, and will include long-awaited applications from some heavy-hitting partners. Sources have confirmed that the update will have brand-new apps that include Comcast’s video-on-demand service and HBO Go. Read more »

Spinlister The Blue Lady Killer

New York City-based Spinlister is looking to create a peer-to-peer marketplace for bikes, connecting those who have an excess supply with users who want to ride but aren’t quite ready to own or buy their own two-wheeled vehicles yet. It’s like RelayRides or Airbnb for bikes. Read more »

Dave Asprey - VP Cloud Security, Trend Micro at Structure:Data 2012

There are plenty of benefits from making data available to large repositories. But Trend Micro’s Dave Asprey said at Structure:Data one thing holding enterprises back from putting their data in the cloud is the lack of security of what they’re sharing. Read more »

lightning clouds

When running databases, how do you get the speed you want while offering the flexibility and cost savings of the cloud? At Structure:Data, Wordnik co-founder Tony Tam described how his company was able to move its relational database from dedicated hardware to the cloud. Read more »

STS Prasad of @WalmartLabs, Jed Kolko of Trulia, George John of Rocket Fuel, and Phil Hendrix of GigaOM Pro at Structure:Data 2012

Data collected can be useful to retailers in many ways, but not necessarily in the ways that one might expect, as discussed at Structure:Data. For example, did you know that there’s a correlation between the music you listen to and the things you might buy? Read more »

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