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Close on the heels of its partnership with YouTube, the second largest US mobile carrier, Verizon Wireless, a joint venture of Verizon and Vodafone, announced a distribution with Revver, a Hollywood, CA-based video start-up, that has received a lot of attention for sharing advertising dollars with […] Read more »

The Register reports BT is set to launch its long-awaited BT Vision over broadband service on Monday, December 4th. The package will include some 30 free channels, plus programming from such content providers as Disney, Channel 4, SonyBMG, the FA Partnership, and others. Subscribers will be […] Read more »

The Australian newspaper reports that Australia-based IPTV provider ReelTime Media is talking with at least two U.S. studios to forge a deal that would let Australian consumers download U.S. TV series 24 hours after they air in the U.S. The downloads would be offered within a […] Read more »

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TK, a TK-based company well known for making HD set-top boxes, has the right idea: an online service that allows users to watch HDTV channels from around the planet over the Internet. The offering, seems like such a clever idea, except there is one problem: […] Read more »

According to the BBC and ICM, some 43% of UK respondents viewing online video or mobile video content at least once a week don’t watch as much “standard” TV (if there is such a thing anymore) as those who do not partake of online video or […] Read more »

LightReading’s Mark Sullivan raises an interesting idea: what about MobiTV as an extender of AT&T’s U-verse IPTV service to the mobile platform? Makes more sense then you might think. First of all, some background. U-verse has partnerships with Alacatel and Microsoft for TV screen delivery, but […] Read more »

I’m not the first to remark on how Internet video and IPTV are at a “crossing the chasm” moment when they are poised to make the giant leap from early adopter technology to one in which a significant amount of end users in most technologically advanced […] Read more »

We are nearing the debut of an exciting transformation. With a new name you will be hearing about later this week, we are going to become a site that tracks all things online video. In fact we have an unhealthy obsession with online video. Simply put, […] Read more »

What many believers would deem “the gospel truth” is coming to the Houston IPTV viewscape. This is by virtue of a just-announced IPTV carriage ageement between the IPTV fiber-to-the-home Optical Entertainment Network’s FISION service and the Southern Entertainment Network. The contract will see Southern Entertainment’s TheSET […] Read more »

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