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Remember all of this talk about big media companies making their own YouTube? Well word got out today from Broadcasting&Cable that Viacom, owners of MTV, Nickelodeon and other big channels has backed out of the talks with NBC Universal, News Corp. and CBS. It looks like […] Read more »

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Orb has announced a new free service called MyCasting that would give mobile users access to online video from YouTube, Google Video, Guba, and Daily Motion. That’s right, mobile video can be yours if 1) your phone has a browser and media player 2) you have […] Read more »

Tivo customers can already access content from The New York Times, CNET, and Rocketboom via their shiny PVR boxes, but on Tuesday, the company announced it is expanding its web video lineup.  CBS Interactive, Reuters Group, and Forbes will be making new content available for streaming […] Read more »

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