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By bringing web-like search navigation to traditional channel surfing, Google TV has the potential to be a game-changer in the pay TV business. The launch also sets up an eventual clash between Apple’s App Store and Google’s search-based platform for supremacy on connected devices. Read more »

Having gone toe-to-toe with Macmillan Publishing over e-book prices last month, only to retreat in the face of a consumer backlash, Amazon is once again talking tough with publishers. This time, however, the stakes are even higher for the Kindle-maker. Read more »

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3DTV was everywhere at this year’s CES. The real question for the industry, though, is whether consumers will be queuing up at Best Buy to get 3DTVs when sets start hitting retail floors later this year. And the answer is anything but clear. Read more »

CES, the annual consumer electronics event, officially kicked off today in Las Vegas, with crowds up from last year’s recession-shocked show. And while tablets, 3DTV and new Android devices captured most of the headlines heading into the event, they weren’t the only action to be found. Read more »

Google today announced a new program to let publishers limit the amount of paid content Google News users can access for free, a move that illustrates the growing pressures it faces to tread more lightly on the news media’s traditional business model. Read more »

For Barnes & Noble, sold-out pre-orders for the Nook were a rare bit of good news in its second quarter, but chasing demand for the device is forcing it to hike its investment in manufacturing. Still, it thinks the e-book game is one it can win. Read more »

“TV Everywhere,” the set of new initiatives to make subscription programming available online exclusively to current pay-TV subscribers, could effect the most far-reaching change in the television industry since the introduction of cable. Like community-antenna TV (CATV), as cable was originally known, TV Everywhere has the […] Read more »

The FCC has yet to issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) formally kicking off the process of writing and promulgating net neutrality regulations, but the battle over the scope of the new rules is already well underway within media and technology circles in Washington, D.C. At the Future of Music Coalition […] Read more »

With print circulation and ad pages falling rapidly, magazine and newspaper publishers are anxious to find and count every single reader. And they’re turning to an old stand-by, the Audit Bureau of Circulation, for help. Yesterday, the ABC announced the addition of five new members in […] Read more »

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The introduction of e-book readers to challenge Amazon’s Kindle has brought new price competition to the market. The launch of Sony’s $199 Reader and Interead’s $249 Cool-er prompted Amazon to drop the price of its introductory-level Kindle 2 to $299 from $359 within months of its […] Read more »

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