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One of the challenges of any web worker is keeping up with the flow of information needed to do your job. Email, IM, SMS, RSS Feeds, Social Networks, and other things give you information, but it can also be a huge distraction. While it isn’t unusual […] Read more »

Chance are, if you are a web worker, you occasionally have to travel for your job. That means taking your work on the road, possibly using different tools than usual, and very likely using different connectivity, depending on where you are. If you’re a frequent traveler, […] Read more »

The promise of APIs is that they make it easy to integrate different services — even those provided by different vendors — into a single application. But is simply providing an API to your telephony infrastructure enough to prompt the world to beat a path to your door? Don’t count on it. Read more »

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There are a number of considerations that one must go through to buy a new home, particularly one you work in. Anyone who has been through a house sale while living in the house knows about something called “staging.” Space requirements in the new house aside, […] Read more »

Skype Prime has created somewhat of a stir in the blogosphere. It basically gives you the ability to charge someone for calls (either per-call or per-minute). Phil Wolff at Skype Journal points out the limitations, which are as follows: $0.50/min minimum all charge Skype takes 30% […] Read more »

As a Web Worker, you have undoubtedly used, tried, or at least heard of Skype, that wonderful peer-to-peer IM/voice tool that end users love, but security administrators detest. Thanks to both the efforts of Skype and a series of third party application developers, there are a […] Read more »

I am not a huge fan of To-Do lists. However, I realize they are a necessary evil. The problem I’ve had with the various forms this list took is a couple of things: Once I’m done with the list, I tend to throw them away. I […] Read more »

Network World has an article about how telecommuting might kill your career. 1,320 executives from all over the world were surveyed and 60% of them said that they felt telecommuters are less likely to advance in their careers as company executives want face time with their […] Read more »

Ironically, as my story about surviving a power outage got posted just as the Pacific Northwest was getting hammered by a fierce windstorm that knocked out power and caused widespread damage. The tips I provided in my previous article assume a relatively minor power outage. A […] Read more »

By Dameon Welch-Abernathy Many web workers are nomadic in nature. If working conditions at a particular place aren’t conducive to working, just go find somewhere else to work. However, that’s not always desirable–or even practical. One situation that comes up frequently, especially here in the Pacific […] Read more »

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