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I’m in one of those periods when everything is high priority and there’s a whole lot of everything at once. One of those months where every day is a Monday. You’ve been there. You feel like you’re in a rodeo. I spent the last three days […] Read more »

Articles on web working abound in the U.S. press, but that’s not so much the case in France. French society is, for various historical and cultural reasons, rather resistant to change, especially compared to the United States. Change in the workplace is no exception. But things […] Read more »

Clients like to communicate in real time. They want what they want right now and they don’t care that, as a web worker, you might be torn in 20 directions and performing amazing mental contortions and juggling acts to keep everything straight. Read more »

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You know those sci-fi movies where some guy suddenly has the ability to read the minds of everyone around him and his eyes roll up in his head and he collapses in a heap, frothing at the ears and utterly insane because he can’t handle the […] Read more »

Towards the end of my last post, I talked about some of the potential advantages there could be in web workers getting together online to create local networks. In my view, since we’re still a marginal group in society, nobody’s going to go out of their […] Read more »

One of the main reasons I became a web worker was so that I could be around when my son got home from school. But I can’t imagine what it would have been like to work from home when he was in preschool. Peanut butter, meet […] Read more »

I’ve heard it said that a lot of relationships don’t survive grad school because it can be so intense. I imagine the same could be said for startups and other major projects. There’s been a lot written about startup challenges, but I haven’t seen much discussion […] Read more »

That fresh air breezing through your office, which was so stuffy just a few weeks ago, those flowers blooming, finally breaking up the gray, that happy, new-leaf shade of green everywhere… It’s getting very hard to concentrate. I feel like closing my laptop and going out […] Read more »

Pretty much all of the tools and information I need to function in my personal and professional life are on my computer or the Internet. But I have a low-tech habit I need to kick. I’m still clinging to the little red leather address book in […] Read more »

Shortly after I moved to Paris, the local and regional government launched a city-wide network of 260 free public wi-fi hotspots in libraries, parks and other public spaces like museums. The museum part I don’t get. The rare seating options in museums aren’t ideal for working […] Read more »

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When I was in grad school I called it Thesis Avoidance Behavior. “T.A.B.” was a frequently used acronym in my house for a while. I’d like to expand on Celine Roque’s insightful post Procrastination Can Be Your Ally and a comment that was left on my […] Read more »

If you’ve worked in a traditional office setting, you’ve been through at least one of those mandatory birthday celebrations. They do it everywhere. Somewhere along the line, somebody must have decided the birthday thing was good for morale. One morale booster you don’t get much of […] Read more »

We are not slackers. My partner and I, both of us translators, work side by side in our home office in Paris. He is an expert in software localization who also does graphic and web design. I am also a technical writer. We both manage projects […] Read more »

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