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One of the things that I’ve always loved about the Mac is its cohesiveness. Everything just flows. It’s the experience that careful attention to design has created. When I open the lid of my MacBook, OS X springs back to life, just as expected. When I […] Read more »

If any one application is near and dear to almost every Mac users heart, it is the web browser. With more applications becoming web based, and web applications becoming more complicated, the browser’s appearance, feel, and most of all performance become even more important. 2008 has […] Read more »

If you are planning on getting started in developing for the Mac, one of the first things I recommend setting up is a version control system. Beanstalk is a hosted Subversion system, so you can access your code from anywhere you have an Internet connection, team […] Read more »

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Syncing Google Calendar with iCal just got a whole lot easier thanks to a new setup tool released by Google called Calaboration. Calaboration is a Google Code project that allows you to add calendars to iCal with a simple point and click interface, a process that […] Read more »

Jon Hicks from Hicks Design has released the Helvetireader skin for Google Reader. Helvetireader takes a minimalist approach, masking many of Google Readers abilities, creating a simple and very easy to read interface to Google’s excellent RSS feed reader. Google Reader has been my RSS reader […] Read more »

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Richard Haddock, President of the Haddock Corporation, an Apple reseller that has been in the Mac business seriously since there have been Macs. I first found Haddock a couple of years ago when, in a panic over accidentally wiping […] Read more »

Put that old Mac to work! If your one of the many Mac faithful who recently upgraded to a shiny new intel mac, you may be wondering what to do with your older PowerPC system. After pondering this very question for a while, I found that […] Read more »

skEdit is the web developers text editor. While not nearly as feature packed as some other text editors in the Mac software market, I’ve been using it for two weeks and in that time it has easily saved me three months worth of work. Read more »

The Smart InputManager Bundle Loader (SIMBL), developed by Mike Solomon, is a hack, and not only that, it’s a hack that allows for more hacks. In this meaning, it’s a good hack. SIMBL allows developers to write plugins for cocoa applications that would normally not allow […] Read more »

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If any of you have been paying attention to the Linux crowd lately, you may have noticed a couple of arcane sounding terms like XGL and compiz being passed around frequently. XGL+Compiz is the newest form of eyecandy available for the Linux desktop, and its quite […] Read more »

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