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FutureAdvisor raised $5 million from Sequoia, Keith Rabois and Jeremy Stoppelman to build out its personal finance advising service. The Seattle company makes it easy to get tips on how to reduce fees and taxes, diversify your portfolio and achieve your financial goals. Read more »

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Developers are getting another Siri-like tool to embed speech-enabled virtual assistants in their apps. Lexee, a new product from interactive voice response provider Angel, offers an SDK for iOS and Android users. Lexee has a point and click system for building conversation flows and user analytics. Read more »

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Starbucks has seen the power of mobile payments first hand but isn’t prepared to expand its own payment efforts. But it is making a big $25 million bet on Square to be a leader in this fast growing space. Read more »


Circa, the stealthy mobile news startup from Cheezburger’s Ben Huh and SimpleGeo’s Matt Galligan, is trying to build a news application that is native to smartphone and tablet users. In a video interview, Huh explains what’s wrong with news today and how it needs to change. Read more »


Flurry, which has helped developers measure and monetize their mobile apps, is now poised to help them build their apps too. The company announced it has bought Seattle-based Trestle, a provider of mobile backend services, and will offer a set of cloud services for developers. Read more »


AT&T has been reducing the number and length of calls to its call centers by relying on so-called smart videos from New York City-based SundaySky. The videos are personalized tutorials that are built on the fly using pre-scripted clips mixed with the subscriber’s own data. Read more »


Pontiflex, which offers small businesses a way to run their own mobile sign-up ads, is now following that up with Social FollowUp, a free tool that enables merchants to automatically send out emails that are algorithmically built from their social media updates and content. Read more »


San Francisco startup NextDoor launched nine months ago with its Facebook for neighborhoods idea. And now the startup is getting a big endorsement in the form of $18.6 million in new funding to pursue this market, which is turning out to be a promising opportunity. Read more »


Viber, the hot VoIP and messaging app, has just hit 90 million users, adding 20 million of them in the last two months. Now, it’s adding group messaging and an HD Voice engine, which should just encourage users to send more messages and make more calls. Read more »

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Getting workers to better collaborate together is becoming a hot opportunity. Asana, started by former Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskowitz, just raised $28 million led by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund. The company helps workers communicate around projects and helps them act quickly. Read more »


Who says the IPO window is shut: successful public offerings by online travel company Kayak and networking software company Palo Alto Networks shows that investors will open their checkbooks as long as the companies have real business prospects. Both stocks ended their first day flying high. Read more »

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