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Open Garden, a small San Francisco startup that is helping users create and share their own personal mesh networks for PCs, Macs and Android devices, has raised $2 million from assorted angels. Open Garden is helping promote the idea of social wireless sharing. Read more »

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Developers are getting the ability to sell physical items through Amazon’s mobile in-app purchase system. The first app to get this ability is Activision’s Skylanders Cloud Patrol. This could be a big help for developers looking to monetize their apps through commerce. Read more »

Flurry, mobile video ads
photo: Flurry

Flurry said its mobile video ads have topped 100 million completed views in August are proving to be effective ways for publishers to monetize and for advertisers to engage consumers. Now it’s bringing the video ads to Android. Read more »

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Locu, local data
photo: Locu

Locu, a Boston-based startup that came out of MIT, is releasing a local business information API for developers and publishers. The API will let them access deeper local data on not just menu items but all kinds of detailed information on product descriptions and customization options. Read more »

Lee Brown, Tumblr

Tumblr’s march toward self-sustainability requires more and more advertising, something the company has historically shunned. Now that it’s gotten religion on advertising, it’s bringing in a new ad sales chief Lee Brown from Groupon. Read more »

Joshua Kushner, Thrive Capital
photo: David Yellen

Thrive Capital, the New York VC firm that has invested in Instagram, Fab, Warby Parker and GroupMe, has raised a third fund totalling $150 million. Thrive, led by 27-year-old Joshua Kushner, will continue to look at Internet and media companies at any stage. Read more »

Droid Razr HD Maxx, Motorola, Google, Android
photo: GigaOM

Motorola, now owned by Google, unveiled a trio of Razr devices that are big and small. The Razr HD and Razr HD Maxx offer big 4.7 inch screens with large batteries while the Razr M goes for a smaller profile but a big screen and battery. Read more »

Mobile Apps, app store, app discovery
photo: Sprint

Even with a glut of app discovery services and search engines available and improved features coming in Apple’s App Store, there are still more and more startups looking to solve the app recommendation problem. We take a look at new entrants: Xyologic, AppHero and AppAide. Read more »

Amazon Appstore for Android, mobile apps, app store
photo: Amazon

Amazon is taking its Appstore for Android abroad for the first time, launching it in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. The move was expected, and its eems to pave the way for an international launch of the Kindle Fire. Read more »


Smartphone sales are expected to hit 54 percent of all cell phone sales by 2013, according to new projections from IHS. That is two years faster than previous projections and shows just how big the market is becoming thanks to low-cost handsets and more smartphone adoption. Read more »


A new report says Apple will give the iPhone and iPad Mini their own press events, with the iPhone going first in September followed by the iPad Mini a month later. The move would give Apple plenty of press attention without diluting coverage. Read more »

Sling Digital, Twitter advertising, advertising, advertising on social media
photo: Sling Digital

Sling Digital is taking what it calls the Moneyball approach to Twitter ads, letting customer buy cheap keywords that still connect to the audiences they are targeting. The service analyzes users’ conversations to find out what they’re talking about and who they’re following and sharing from. Read more »

mobile security
photo: Mocana

Mocana, a startup that is dedicated to securing the Internet of things has raised $25 million in a Series D round led by Trident Capital. While securing devices is Mocana’s biggest business, the fastest growing product is Mocana’s solution for protecting mobile applications. Read more »

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