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Dennis Crowley, Foursquare

Foursquare has only recently begun testing an advertising product, but the early signs are promising, said CEO and co-founder Dennis Crowley. That’s because Foursquare is becoming more of a personalized local search engine that can walk people into local stores and restaurants. Read more »

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photo: Facebook

Two-thirds of mobile developers in a new survey believe that Facebook can get disrupted by a mobile-first startup. And most developers are unhappy with the state of HTML5. The results help explain why Facebook bought Instagram and why it has backed off supporting HTML5. Read more »

Groupon, Savored
photo: Savored

Groupon has bought New York City-based discount reservation service Savored, which offers diners up to 40 percent off their meals in exchange for making a reservation at a specific time. The acquisition complements Groupon Now, but distances Groupon even more from its core daily deals product. Read more »

photo: Dataminr

Social media analytics firm Dataminr announced that it has raised a $13 million Series B round of financing. The company accesses the Twitter firehose and provides an early warning network for finance and government clients. Read more »

Exceptional, Airbrake
photo: Exceptional

Error reporting is turning into a lucrative business for Exceptional Software, which runs two services and Exceptional now boasts 100,000 customers like Square, Groupon, Skype and others and is profitable without taking outside funding. Read more »

photo: ESPN

ESPN is building a Twitter-style stream of content from called SportsCenter Feed. Users can see all the stories, blog posts, videos, score updates and pictures as they go up in real time. The beta product was built using ESPN’s APIs, which open to developers. Read more »

Groupon Payments
photo: Groupon

Groupon has joined the mobile payment race with Groupon Payments, which provides a mobile payment service similar to Square. It’s part of a larger effort to build up its merchants services tool and create a new business outside of daily deals. Read more »

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