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The Nielsen Company is working to extend its ratings measurements to online campaigns, giving advertisers the ability to understand how well their cross platform efforts are faring. Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings will provide Nielsen’s first look at online ratings similar to the way it’s tracked TV consumption. Read more »


New data from Appcelerator and IDC suggests that with the coming rollout of new Android tablets and the launch of Google TV, combined with the strong momentum of Android on smartphones, developers are getting closer to switching their allegiance and throwing more support behind Google’s operating system. Read more »

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MogoTix is launching a new ticketing service today that lets event holders and attendees use mobile tickets for events. This isn’t the first such service, but MogoTix believes it has an elegant solution that satisfies both parties, and fully leverages mobile phones. Read more »


The FCC is poised to release the first batch of unlicensed wireless spectrum in 25 years, called white spaces, tomorrow, which could lead to “Wi-Fi on Steroids,” giving consumers, device makers, entrepreneurs and service providers more connectivity over wider areas. Here’s what you need to know. Read more »


Smartphone buyers are still making buying decisions based on hardware. But it’s the apps that are changing their lives, connecting them to the Internet and in many cases, lessening their dependency on other gadgets, according to a report from Deloitte. Read more »


Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network is preparing to go primetime in San Francisco where consumers and mobile developers will be able to see first hand what this speed makes possible. It’s in testing in various neighborhoods in San Francisco and should be up in the coming months. Read more »

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