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New York
photo: New York City

New York startups can apply to be part of a new Fiber Challenge, which will award 240 business with a fiber hook up to their building. The competition is being done in partnership with Time Warner Cable and Cablevision, which will be wiring up the winners. Read more »

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Geoloqi, ESRI, location based services
photo: Geoloqi

Geoloqi, a small Portland, OR startup that made it easy for mobile developers to add background location tracking and geo-fencing to their apps, has sold to ESRI, a longtime provider of mapping and planning tools for governments, companies and educational institutions. Read more »

Foursquare, local search
photo: Foursquare, local search

Foursquare is opening up its desktop home page to all users, not just logged-in members. Visitors can now get Foursquare’s recommendations on local places and search for nearby bars, restaurants and businesses. That should open up Foursquare’s advertising opportunities as it goes after Yelp and Google. Read more »

photo: Skyfire

Skyfire, which is trying to become a carrier’s best friend with its data optimization tool, has raised $10 million to expand its service to carriers in Europe and Asia. Skyfire’s Rocket Optimizer can provide 60 percent average data savings for videos and 50 percent for images. Read more »


Japanese carrier Softbank is reportedly in talks to buy a controlling stake of Sprint in a deal that could be worth more than $12.8 billion, according to several reports. After watching T-Mobile and MetroPCS announce their intention to merge, this might help Sprint compete. Read more »

Stripe, payments
photo: Stripe

Online payment provider Stripe is enabling website creators, marketplace owners and other businesses to offer Stripe to its merchants and customers, giving them a fast path to credit card acceptance with Stripe Connect. Companies like Shopify, Skillshare, Reddit and others among the first customers. Read more »

It will take years for mobile payments to supplant traditional wallets, but the stage is now set for a mobile-payment battle. Here’s a look at some of the best-known names in this field and how they stack up against each other. Read more »

photo: LayerVault

LayerVault wants to sit at the center of the universe for designers with its cloud-based application that manages revisions, stores files and helps designers collaborate around designs. The small company, which is backed by Betaworks and SV Angel, is introducing new feedback and delivery tools. Read more »

Lemon, mobile wallet
photo: Lemon

Lemon, maker of a mobile wallet apps that stores digital copies of IDs, cards, receipts, coupons and tickets, is now opening up its app to outside publishers, who can integrate their cards and services through a new API. This will heighten the competition with Apple’s Passbook. Read more »


Appcelerator is launching a fund to back early-stage mobile startups. The first investment is in Lanica, which is building a gaming engine on top of Appcelerator’s Titanium platform. Appcelerator is looking for startups that can help its ecosystem and accelerate mobile in general. Read more »

New York Times
photo: New York Times

The New York Times is introducing an HTML5 web app for the iPad that will offer digital subscribers another way to access content outside the Times’ website and native apps. The Times said the app is experimental and part of its larger NYT Everywhere strategy. Read more »

photo: Wanderfly

TripAdvisor is buying social travel and inspiration site Wanderfly in a bid to get more social. Wanderfly offers a visual, Pinterest-for-travel design. The acquisition may suggest more consolidation in the social travel market. Read more »

Flite, mobile advertising
photo: Flite

Flite, an advertising technology company, is trying to help publishers make mobile lucrative with the launch of Touch Ad Studio. The mobile tools build off the work Flite has done to help publishers create premium ads that can be updated in real-time and incorporate outside apps. Read more »

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