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The third quarter pretty much explains why we’ll see a Verizon Wireless iPhone in the coming months. AT&T had a robust quarter, adding 2.6 million new connections in the quarter while Verizon added 997,000 subscribers. Here’s a look at how the carriers fared in the last quarter. Read more »

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What if companies could offer end users and advertisers easy access to real time analytics tools to see how their content, comments and interaction were being received on sites and apps. That’s the promise of Mixpanel’s new Platform service, which launches today. Read more »

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New and most existing customers of Mobile Roadie’s app maker platform are deploying on Android equally with iPhone, though most are having difficulty making any thing close to the money they make from iPhone apps, said Michael Schneider, CEO of Mobile Roadie. Read more »

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StumbleUpon app discovery

StumbleUpon is about to take its web recommendation savvy and apply it to mobile apps for the first time. The service, which builds personal recommendations for users who want to find web content, is now launching an app discovery feature for Android apps. Read more »


Facebook isn’t going the phone route yet. The social network is instead making a play to get more developers to build social apps that leverage Facebook’s social graph and features. Facebook CEO Zuckerberg said company is really looking to build a more horizontal layer of Facebook. Read more »


Just when Wi-Fi is rolling out on more and more planes, could the dream come to an end? That’s the suspicion of security expert Roland Alford, who believes the cargo bomb plot last week may prompt authorities to reexamine the use of in-flight Wi-Fi. Read more »

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Many signs suggest Sony will soon launch a Playstation Portable Phone. It’s a move that invites comparison to Microsoft’s plan of integrating Xbox Live with Windows Phone 7, a far more software-centric method of attack than Sony’s hardware-focused strategy. Which has a better shot at success? Read more »


Oracle’s $1 billion purchase of e-commerce software maker Art Technology Group underscores the software giants desire to bulk up its e-commerce and customer relationship management business, especially as transactions increasingly expand to mobile devices. Read more »

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Twitter’s march toward profitability is bring ads into its users’ timeline for the first time, a tricky step that could test how much users are willing to accept. The company announced today that it is launching a test of promoted tweets with third-party application HootSuite. Read more »


Venture Capital firms continued to struggle to return cash to investors raising concerns about the long-term prospects of obtaining funding from limited partners. The 10-year return, the best gauge for success, fell to -4.2 percent, down from 14.3 percent a year ago, according to the NVCA. Read more »


The BlackBerry Partners Fund is reorganizing its management structure to help it focus exclusively on mobile ventures. The $150 million fund will now have a consolidated investment team based in Toronto and will open an office in Silicon Valley by early 2011. Read more »


As Om shared earlier this month, New York’s tech scene is getting a flood of venture capital for Internet deals, rivaling San Francisco. I sat down with Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures to discuss the New York renaissance, how it came about and where it’s headed. Read more »


Appcelerator, which makes the Titanium mobile development platform, is working with PayPal to enable a potential deluge of mobile commerce apps from merchants looking to connect with smartphone savvy customers. The new product, called Titanium+Commerce, will enable many of the hottest ideas in mobile shopping. Read more »

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While rival Foursquare just hit 4 million users last week, Austin-based Gowalla is positioning itself to make more money with a handful of new features including business listings, City Pages and Stamp Calendar. It’s another sign that location-based companies are trying to move beyond the check-in. Read more »


Wi-Fi Direct, the standard for device-to-device connections without a traditional network, is finally getting out of the gates officially with the Wi-Fi Alliance certifying the first generation of products today. The initial devices, mostly laptop mini-cards, are now available and testing is open to new gadgets. Read more »


This past summer, Facebook moved past Orkut in India and now it appears poised to kill off the last bit of life in Google social network. According to Technolicious, Facebook has started offering users the ability to integrate and link their accounts with Orkut. Read more »


Verizon’s Wireless subscriber additions fell by 20 percent in the third quarter to 997,000 new adds, the lowest figure in a decade for a total of 93.2 million customers. But while the race for subscribers is interesting, another race is emerging for connected devices. Read more »

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Until recently, GetJar was probably one of the biggest app stores that few people had ever used. That ended on Friday, however, when it offered an exclusive on Angry Birds for Android, touching off a frenzy of downloads that overwhelmed GetJar’s servers. Read more »


ZeptoLabs’ Cut the Rope, a clever physics-based puzzle game, has replaced Angry Birds on the top of the App Store charts and got to 1 million downloads within 10 days, a record for a paid iOS app. We talk to the developers to find out their secret. Read more »


Starbucks designed its new Yahoo-powered Starbucks Digital Network as a mobile experience, saying it was logical considering more than half of its free Wi-Fi users use smartphones. Too bad the the portal seems designed first for tablets and laptops and less so for smartphones. Read more »


Electronic Arts bought UK mobile game publisher Chillingo, which distributes the break-out hit Angry Birds. The deal, rumored to be worth $20 million, comes almost a year after EA bought Playfish for $400 million and extends EA’s move into more social and mobile games. Read more »


Appbackr is introducing the wholesale model to iOS apps, giving developers a new way to move their apps. The Appbackr Marketplace, launching in beta this week, allows buyers to purchase a bulk number of apps from a developer at a lower price, then sell them. Read more »


QR codes are still waiting for their break-out moment. But the 2D barcodes, which trigger URLs or information when scanned, continue to gather quiet momentum that could finally tap into the potential of the technology. Here’s a look at some of the latest developments. Read more »


iOS remained the top operating system on Millennial Media’s ad network in September, but for the first time, Android revenue eclipsed iPhone-only revenue. The figures show that Apple is still in the driver seat with 46 percent of smartphone operating system impressions, though its dominance continues to erode. Read more »


Developers looking to make a buck on Android in-app purchases will be heartened to hear that Papaya Mobile is the first to deploy Zong’s in-app payment system for its social gaming platform. The deal opens a new era for Android developers waiting for in-app purchase solutions. Read more »


Google represents 97 percent of mobile searches on the iPhone, according to Chitika Research, with 49.08 percent of searches coming through the Safari tool bar, 42.24 percent coming from its home page and other minor sources and 8.68 percent from its dedicated Google app. Read more »

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