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Issuu, a popular document sharing service that may have provided some competition for Apple’s planned digital newsstand, has abandoned plans to release an iOS app after Apple rejected the company three times. The company hinted that its openness was the cause of its rejection. Read more »


RIM has shut down messaging upstart Kik, saying it breached a contractual agreement. The sudden move against the viral hit service has left the startup confused and worried that it was targeted for being a threat to BlackBerry Messenger, RIM’s popular messaging service. Read more »

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Internet services providers are calling for an Federal Communications Commission with less authority over regulating broadband, just as the FCC reportedly prepares to vote on new neutrality rules. It’s all part of a larger attempt by the telecommunications industry to undercut the power of the FCC. Read more »


Skyfire benefited from Apple’s Adobe Flash ban by releasing a cloud-based mobile browser that delivers Flash video to the iPhone. Now, the company is trying to leverage interest in social browsers like RockMelt by releasing Skyfire 3.0 with Facebook Connect on Android devices today. Read more »


MyCityWay reached 1 million in downloads by combining familiar information like local dining, nightlife, deals and movie showtimes with government data that creates a very sticky resource with users. It’s a great example of how companies can mine overlooked data sets and turn them into businesses. Read more »

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A pair of New York Times researchers have been poring over the newspaper’s data, looking for a way to understand the way influence plays out online. The work shows how organizations are looking to mine their data to find ways to improve their operations. Read more »

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Now that social is becoming the new norm, the next big battle for companies will be personalization. The company that can get inside my head and deliver tailored recommendations or know what I want without being too stalkerish can walk away with a lot of money. Read more »


What keeps a man like FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski up at night? Try 40th out of 40. That’s the U.S.’ ranking in broadband improvements from 1999-2009 according to a study last year. Genachowski is worried that the U.S. is in danger of losing its competitive advantage. Read more »

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Google is enhancing the power of its Docs product to allow mobile users to edit online documents for the first time. Android and iOS users will now be able to not just read documents but collaborate with others and edit them in real time. Read more »


Silicon Valley has to get over its initial public offering anxiety, according to Benchmark Capital’s Bill Gurley, and it needs to do it fast. What could help? An initial public offering by Kayak, the travel service, which filed for a $50 million IPO today. Read more »

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Almost nine out of every 10 mobile users will access location based service this holiday season, according to JiWire, which analyzes audiences through Wi-Fi hotspots. However a large number aren’t doing it to score points or share their location, but rather to gain discounts. Read more »


I keep praying for fewer buttons on my TV remote, yet we keep going in the opposite direction. Thankfully, AT&T seems to understand my pain. The carrier showed off some concepts today for adding voice control and cloud-based natural language processing to the TV remote. Read more »


AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile said they are banding together to create a new mobile commerce network called Isis that utilizes near field communications. The new venture raises questions about how well Isis will compete, and whether it will help kick-start the NFC payments market. Read more »

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Papaya Mobile, already one of Android’s staunchest gaming supporters, is taking its support one step further by releasing a game engine designed to make it easy for developers to build Android games that can easily hook into Papaya’s mobile social platform. Read more »


Aro Mobile, Paul Allen $20 million mobile project, gets its first public showcase today at the Web 2.0 Summit. Kiha Software, the company behind the technology, will show off how Aro helps make smartphones more intelligent and useful by tying the basic applications dynamically to the cloud. Read more »

Screen shot 2010-11-15 at 12.55.08 PM figures if one link is great, why not a bundle? The popular URL shortening service has added a new feature that allows a user to collect multiple links, up to 100, on a single page that can be shared with users. Read more »


Topguest, a location service that ties into existing rewards programs, is coming out of beta with an expanded list of partners including HIlton HHonors, Virgin American Elevate and Wyndham Rewards and allows for gifting to friends. The company also announced $2 million in Series A funding. Read more »


The Nexus One was designed to push the state of Android hardware and establish a direct-to-consumer model for unlocked phones. Now Google seems to be trading its ground-breaking approach for something more familiar, friendly and safe with the Nexus One’s heir apparent, the Nexus S. Read more »


Wireless carriers, which have been sitting on a largely untouched goldmine of data, may be poised to start tapping into their mother lode. Chris Dixon of recommendation and personalization site Hunch said he’s meeting with operators looking at deploying Hunch for recommendations and personalization. Read more »

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The fight for the TV audience doesn’t have to be a face off between the walled gardens of cable and satellite companies and new connected devices, said Buddy Snow, senior director of solutions marketing for Motorola Mobility’s broadband home solutions at NewTeeVee Live conference. He said the two can co-exist and create a winning proposition for consumers. Read more »

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Gartner last year said Android wouldn’t be the No. 2 operating system in the world until 2012, but the future has come early: the platform grabbed 25.5 percent of the market in the third quarter, up from 3.5 percent a year ago, moving into second place. Read more »


Twilio, a cloud communications platform, announced it has raised $12 million in a Series B round led by Bessemer Venture Partners. The San Francisco company allows other developers to build on top of its pay-as-go telecommunications platform, creating a wide array of text and phone-based applications. Read more »

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Hashable, a New York startup in private beta, looks to create and facilitate introductions and interactions. But CEO Michael Yavonditte sees a much brighter future for the venture as a way to encourage more real world engagement, measure social relationships and create a decentralized social network. Read more »


With more and more partners jumping ship from the Symbian Foundation, Nokia announced today it was taking back the reins of the Symbian platform as the foundation evolves into a licensing organization. The move underscores the slowing momentum for the platform and Nokia’s continued commitment to Symbian. Read more »


The next version of Android appears on its way in the coming days, according to a tweet from a leader in the Open Handset Alliance. Gingerbread should help address some of the needs of the Android platform, allowing it to stand up better to the iPhone and Windows Phone 7. Read more »


Microsoft has gotten a fair share of chuckles from its initial Windows Phone 7 commercials, which feature addicted smartphone users plodding along cluelessly. But Microsoft had better hope that it can replicate some of that addiction with the launch of Windows Phone 7 today. Read more »

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