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A sneak peak at the online Android Market

With the release of Chrome OS Web Store this week, I started thinking: Where is that online browser-based Android Market Google promised? In May, Google VP Vic Gundotra took the stage at Google I/O and gave a “sneak peak” of Android Market accessible through a browser. Read more »

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Marc Benioff, CEO of, at Net:Work 2010 CEO Marc Benioff said embracing social media and collaboration can obliterate hierarchies and transform companies. And he should know. It’s already happening inside Salesforce with his enterprise social networking product Chatter. Benioff spoke at the GigaOM Net:Work conference about the company’s shift to social. Read more »

Brett Caine, President, Citrix Online

As the world transitions through a “work shift” with remote workers increasingly collaborating online, success will be defined by the companies that can adapt to the new realities, according to Brett Caine, president of Citrix Online at the GigaOM Net:Work conference. Read more »

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Factual, an open data start-up built by Applied Semantics co-founder Gil Elbaz, has raised $25 million in first-round funding to expand its data API service. The company is trying to build a platform for open data that developers can tap to power their applications. Read more »


Twitter is quietly improving its location feature, allowing developers to access an expanded database of locations for tweets associated with a place. The move will allow users to tweet from more locations and will allow developers to to more easily display tweets associated with one place. Read more »

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Salesforce is bulking up its position as a cloud platform for developers by agreeing to snap up Heroku, a Ruby application Platform-as-a-Service for $212 million. The deal will further establish Salesforce as a platform for app developers along with its VMforce enterprise cloud collaboration with VMware. Read more »


The freemium mobile app movement is now a full-fledged trend among consumers and developers with freemium apps representing one-third of the top grossing iPhone apps. Here’s a list of things to keep in mind for developers wanting to employ in-app purchases and freemium apps. Read more »


Google is shipping a surprise with its upcoming Chrome OS notebooks: free cellular data. Google is teaming with Verizon to offer 100 MB of free data every month for two years on the upcoming devices. This should appeal to consumers interested in checking out Chrome OS. Read more »


As it has with other technologies, Apple may hold the key to help bring 3-D technology to the masses. Apple has been awarded a patent on a new auto-stereoscopic 3-D projection system that allows multiple viewers to watch 3-D content without glasses. Read more »


MoPub, a mobile ad serving start-up built by ex-Google and AdMob guys, has raised a seed round from Accel Partners and Harrison Metal Capital. The team is angling to become the DoubleClick of mobile, serving up ads to apps and websites from various networks. Read more »


Sprint is rolling out a $4-5 billion plan to modernize and converge its network in a wide-ranging effort that will mean the end of its iDEN network and a possible embrace of LTE down the road. The plan will take 3-5 years to complete. Read more »


This week was dominated by the deal that didn’t happen. While the rumored $6 billion acquisition of Groupon by Google hasn’t been consummated, it seemed to spur action among local e-commerce rivals and prompted a lot of thought about the future of local social shopping. Read more »


Research in Motion still has a few months before it launches PlayBook, but the company showed it’s prepared to compete, with the announcement today that it has bought Swedish design firm The Astonishing Tribe, a respected team respected for its take on mobile screens. Read more »


Now that Verizon Wireless’ 4G data network has a launch date of Dec. 5 and pricing attached, let’s take a look at how it stacks up to the competition. Verizon Wireless joins Sprint and T-Mobile, who are also touting high-performance 4G networks. Read more »


Nine months after reports first surfaced that the European Commission was investigating Google over its search tactics, the commission is now confirming it’s indeed opening up a formal antitrust investigation looking at how Google uses its dominant position in the online search market. Read more »


O3b Networks, a Google-backed satellite company aimed at providing Internet service to the emerging world, has raised $1.18 billion in financing to bring the service on line by 2013. The company plans on serving 150 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Read more »


Gartner cut its estimates on PC shipments saying tablets are increasingly serving as substitutes for PCs. Gartner said worldwide shipments were on pace for 352.4 million units this year, up 14.3 percent over last year but down from projected growth of 17.9 percent two months ago. Read more »

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