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Completed Transactions by Company in Q4

With technology stars like Facebook, Zynga and Twitter holding off on IPOs, it’s meant even more business for private stock markets like SecondMarket. The trading service said transactions in the fourth quarter hit $157.8 million, more the doubling the $75 million recorded from the third quarter. Read more »

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Google’s immediate strategic initiatives are all about mobile, according to CEO Eric Schmidt. Writing in Harvard Business Review, Schmidt said 2011 comes down to three priorities for Google: developing fast wireless networks, building up mobile payments and increasing the number of inexpensive smartphones around the world. Read more »


Google Voice has been a great tool for people to manage their communications. But it did not allow porting of existing mobile numbers, which limited its adoption. Now, Google has quietly enabled number porting for Google Voice though it comes with some hurdles. Read more »


Nuance is making a big play to be the main speech technology behind mobile apps. The company has launched the Nuance Mobile Developer Program that gives iOS and Android developers access to the Nuance Mobile SDK to integrate the Dragon Mobile speech platform into their apps. Read more »

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2010 ended with a bang for start-up funding with deals and dollars hitting an eight-quarter high in the fourth quarter of 2010. Buoyed by a raft of Internet deals, fourth quarter VC funding hit $6.5 billion spread out over 735 deals. Read more »


Accel Partners, the firm backing Facebook and Groupon, announced has opened an office in New York, giving the city’s growing tech scene another profile-raising boost. It’s further recognition that New York has grown in importance and could signal more eastward migration from Valley VC firms. Read more »


Bullpen Capital thinks there’s a lot of need and opportunity investing in what Union Square Ventures Managing Partner Fred Wilson called, “the mess.” The new fund is looking to give start-ups the additional support they need as they move from seed round to more traditional funding. Read more »


With Demand Media currently planning a high-profile IPO and content farm material spreading out across the web, you’d think companies would be moving in the same direction. But OrganizedWisdom has found it’s better and more profitable to organize free content rather than pay for low-wage material. Read more »


Square, the mobile payment start-up co-built by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, has taken on $27.5 million in new funding to help it compete in the increasingly competitive mobile payments market. The latest funding comes from Sequoia Capital, giving the start-up a reported valuation of $240 million Read more »


With nearly 100 new or updated tablets shown last week at CES, the show was unofficially nicknamed Tabletpalooza. But how to keep track of all those gadgets and which ones really matter? Don’t even try. Here are 10 that stand out from the crowd. Read more »


Intuit is positioning its GoPayment mobile service to compete with Square and others by offering a free version of the service for a limited time. The move may only be temporary, but it underscores the growing attention to mobile payments from companies across the mobile ecosystem. Read more »

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New data from JiWire suggests that the shift Steve Jobs predicted about consumers migrating their computing workload away from truck-like computers to nimble tablets is underway. The Wi-Fi provider reported new connections to its network from Macs and PCs were down while new iPad users jumped. Read more »


With 4G now a battle cry taken up by all the major U.S. wireless carriers, it’s not surprising that consumers are generally aware of the term. But according to a Nielsen Company survey, consumers are not quite clear on what this 4G talk is all about. Read more »

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Amazon is officially taking the wraps off its long awaited Amazon App Store for Android with the formal launch of a developer program. The Amazon App Store, which won’t arrive until sometime later this year, is aimed at creating a high-quality destination for Android app buyers. Read more »


After buying Palm back in July, Hewlett-Packard is now finally poised to unveil what looks to be an array of webOS-powered devices. The company has invited the tech press to a Feb. 9 event in San Francisco to talk about the future of webOS. Read more »


With Garmin’s automotive navigation device sales stagnant and its Garminfone and Nuvifone business a disappointment, the company is looking to a GPS locator for people and property called the GTU 10 as a new business that can expand on its core competency in location. Read more »

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