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Android in the U.S. pushed ahead of rivals iOS and RIM in January, according to Nielsen Wire, and is finding more popularity among younger consumers. HTC is also winning both the Android and Windows Phone 7 manufacturing race ahead of rivals Motorola and Samsung. Read more »

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The Q&A space is red-hot right now, but it’s not just Quora or Stack Overflow. Startup Opinionaided is announcing it has raised $1 million to expand its mobile, real-time, feedback service, which is getting noticed for its high engagement levels. Read more »

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RedRover, a social location-based network for parents, helps them connect, plan play dates and discover new kid-friendly locations. The service, which launched this week as an iOS app, speaks to the power of niche social networks that play to specific demographic and privacy needs. Read more »


Facebook announced it is acquiring group text messaging start-up Beluga, snatching away what might have been a good pick-up for Google. Om recently talked about the opportunity for Google to gain ground on Facebook by focusing especially on synchronous interactions created by Beluga and other apps. Read more »


If Priceline can ride its “name your price” model to a $22 billion market cap, can it work in the mobile local shopping market? That’s the question small start-up Spreezio is trying to answer with its app MAKEaDeal, which recently launched as a $2.99 iPhone app. Read more »

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The race is on to see who can help enterprise customers secure and manage the emerging fleet of employee-bought smart devices. The latest entrant to the space is Enterproid, a start-up that has built an app environment for smartphones that partitions corporate data from personal information. Read more »

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SocialEyes is launching today with the promise of making video chat truly social by leveraging Facebook Connect. The San Francisco company is building a video messaging platform that tries to move beyond largely one-to-one or group chatting experiences and looks like something Facebook would make. Read more »


Slovenian start-up Outfit7 last year managed to quietly rack up more than 60 million downloads of its Talking Friends apps, led by its breakout hit Talking Tom Cat. The company has built a fast-growing empire by constructing a modern toy with communications at its heart. Read more »

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CupidsPlay, a new startup, is looking to leverage the power of social games to bring potential matches together. The site, which is officially launching today, believes that social games can be the bridge that helps singles break the ice. Read more »


The FTC is reviewing Apple’s in-app purchase system because of concerns about the ease with which children are buying virtual goods without realizing the actual cost. FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz said in a letter the commission would examine the way Apple markets its apps to children. Read more »


SeatGeek, one of a raft of ticket comparison and price forecasting sites for sporting and entertainment events, has a combination of powerful data, great design and key partnerships and investments including new funding from Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary’s A Grade Investments. Read more »

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In a little less than two years, Kickstarter has helped thousands of artists and creative types raise millions of dollars for projects, validating a new form of crowd-based fundraising that’s opening the eyes of not only artists, but also technology leaders. Read more »

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Mobile phones increasingly being tapped to serve as the first line of protection against credit card and banking fraud. Banks, credit card companies and start-ups are all looking to leverage the ubiquity of cell phones and their location capabilities to help combat fraudulent activity. Read more »

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Google is answering Apple’s subscription model with a new micropayment service called One Pass that appears to give publishers more freedom in selling their content. One Pass will allow publishers to set their price and terms for their digital content and manage direct relationships with customers. Read more »


We’re still a ways off from our prediction that every mobile app will have location. But we’re seeing more and more of that reality take shape, especially as location-as-a-service providers create the tools necessary for developers to weave location into their mobile apps. Read more »


While Amazon and Netflix increasingly win over web consumers, a significant decline in online retail customer satisfaction dropped overall e-commerce satisfaction to its lowest point since 2004. That’s according to the latest figures from ForeSee Results’ annual e-commerce report on American Customer Satisfaction Index. Read more »


After Nokia’s much-publicized decision to embrace Windows Phone 7 over MeeGo last week, early previews of MeeGo on a tablet are underscoring why Nokia was probably right to move on. The OS looks buggy, unpolished and far behind competitors in the mobile space. Read more »


The mobile app boom is still largely a smartphone phenomenon, requiring more expensive hardware and often pricier data plans. But we’re now seeing more examples of apps that avoid the need for better hardware and data plans, bringing the love to a wider array of users. Read more »


Internet radio pioneer Pandora announced Friday it was filing for an initial public offering, hoping to raise $100 million through the sale of stock. Though saddled with a deficit, the company has seen incredible growth and has been a bright spot in the digital music industry. Read more »

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