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The iPhone’s debut on Verizon Wireless in January was one of the most anticipated moments for many consumers and wireless lovers. But it turns out the launch wasn’t bad news for most rival carriers. Take a look at how they fared in Q1. Read more »


Corduro, a Google Ventures backed start-up, is hoping to provide a potent challenge to mobile payment providers like PayPal and Square as well as back-end payment processors and customer relations software providers with its new cloud payment platform. Read more »

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Android Market has hit 4.5 billion app downloads, but it’s sometimes been in spite of the store experience not because of it. Today, Google announced a set of improvements to Android Market meant to highlight more apps and developers and help guide consumers to relevant content. Read more »

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Visa is starting to put its big payment acquisitions to work with a new a digital wallet offering that looks to bring one-click transactions to ecommerce, mobile and social networking sites. The wallet will help consumers checkout faster and should reduce online abandoned shopping carts for retailers. Read more »

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Now that the word is out on the Microsoft-Skype deal, the pick-up is still leaving many scratching their heads. Others, however, are seeing some of the wisdom in the move, though it still comes down to Microsoft making the deal work, which is far from given. Read more »


A mobile analytics firm found that 15 percent of app launches happen offline. That’s a fair amount of offline app launches suggesting that our wireless connectivity needs to improve and app developers might be well served by building in more offline use for their apps. Read more »

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LocalResponse is taking location data from check-ins and combining it with implicit location information gathered from social status updates to create a targeted marketing platform that lets businesses reach consumers in real-time wherever they are. Today, they’re rolling out the engine for national brands. Read more »

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Rdio, the social music subscription service built by Skype founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom, is one of the later entrants to the digital music space. But it’s working hard to catch up by tapping developers to make its service widely available. Read more »


Rather than scaling back on its plans for its own NFC payments network, the carrier-led Isis joint venture is ramping up and welcoming more credit card companies and banks. And that, Isis believes, will make the carrier venture even more critical to the success of NFC. Read more »


Mobile advertising is ramping up quickly and is poised to grow by more than 40 percent over the next several years, outpacing traditional online advertising. And that is fueling a spate of funding announcements and deals as the competition in this space heats up. Read more »


Sal Khan, a former hedge fund manager, turned some personal tutoring videos for his niece into an online educational academy with backing from Bill Gates and Google. The Khan Academy is providing students with powerful online tools to accelerate their learning in ways traditional teaching hasn’t. Read more »


The iPhone has been quietly taking money out of people’s pockets with its addictive apps. But Gigwalk, a new app, is looking to put some money back by turning iPhone users into an on-demand mobile workforce that can collect and report real-world data with their phones. Read more »

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings spoke at a conference today about his company ,what its strengths are and the limits he sees for Netflix. As he talked, a picture emerged of how Netflix has achieved its success and how it hopes to keep it going. Read more »

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To solve the world’s energy problems and combat a rise in global warming, the solutions need to be dramatic and powerful. And definitely not cute. That’s the blunt assessment of Bill Gates, who dismissed smaller scale technologies like residential solar installations as being “cute” but ineffective. Read more »

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Y Combinator was already a popular accelerator program for young start-ups, but with Yuri Milner and Ron Conway offering $150,000 to all YC companies, it has boosted applications by 40 percent for the upcoming class, said Harj Taggar, the newest partner at Y Combinator. Read more »


Wi-Fi provider Boingo Wireless is set to go public Wednesday in what could be a good measure of how hot the wireless boom is. The company is seeking to raise some $75 million with its debut, which comes as IPOs are growing hot again. Read more »

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Smartphones are remaking the lives of their male users, according to a new survey from Spike TV. The study found men are unabashedly in love with their smartphones, a borderline addictive relationship that has empowered and also distracted men in both small and profound ways. Read more »


Freemium game apps have an outsized influence in the Apple App Store, making up 40 percent of all free game downloads in the App Store in March. But with the recent crackdown by Apple on incentivized installs, freemium app makers are having to adjust. Read more »


Despite the introduction of the iPhone on Verizon, Sprint Nextel managed to hold its own and actually improved in almost every way, adding 1.1 million net wireless subscribers, reducing its churn to record levels and improving average revenue per user. Read more »


Nokia said today it will outsource Symbian development to Accenture, transferring 3,000 workers in the process. It also announced its largest jobs cuts in history with plans to shed another 4,000 jobs by the end of 2012, mostly in the U.K., Denmark and Finland. Read more »

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There’s a reason why search companies, advertisers and local merchants are so interested in smartphones. It’s because they’re turning out to be a powerful tools for people looking to search locally, act quickly and improve their shopping, according to a smartphone user study commissioned by Google. Read more »

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