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Third-place U.S. cellular carrier Sprint filed a petition with the FCC today formally requesting a block of the AT&T-T-Mobile merger saying it would harm consumers, competition and the broadband economy and would produce little to no tangible public interest benefits. How will AT&T respond? Read more »

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With the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices not expected to arrive until the fourth quarter, Nokia is facing an increasingly tough transition, the company acknowledged today, as it lowered its second quarter and full year outlook due to increased competition and pricing pressure. Read more »


ANALYSIS: PayPal is suing Google and some of its executives. Here is a behind the scene look to give the real skinny. Internal politics, boardroom betrayals, multi-million dollar sign-on bonuses and hurt egos — it is a drama worth a daytime soap. Read on. Read more »

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Raptr, a social network for gamers, is showing some interesting ways in which it’s using what it knows about its members to create tailored experiences that cut through a lot of noise. And it’s showing how social networking can evolve to be even more personal. Read more »

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People have created a web of connections online through social networks. But a new wave of apps are looking to help people create spontaneous connections when people arrive at specific locations, giving rise to temporary social networks that are built around a place and a time. Read more »

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Intel Capital is loading up on its social gaming bet with a new investment in top Facebook game developer CrowdStar, which is taking $23 million in its first major funding round. The investment underscores the growing momentum in social gaming as it expands to mobile devices. Read more »


The latest smartphone figures from Gartner are in and they highlight just how much Microsoft and Nokia are in desperate need for each other. But with the way both are giving up marketshare, it shows that the new partnership might not be enough for either Read more »


Tap Me, a mobile advertising startup, is getting underway with its ad tool, which allows brands to sponsor power-ups in games. It’s a good example of how mobile ads are making the necessary evolution from something pushed on to users to something valuable they interact with. Read more »

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Merchants have been able to tap the power of collective buying through start-ups like Groupon. Now, online retailers are poised to start leveraging the power of social commerce with the help of group gift buying start-ups that are integrating gifting widgets on their sites. Read more »

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Amazon’s Appstore for Android scored another coup today, grabbing an exclusive on the first two titles from PopCap to appear on the Android platform. The gaming powerhouse said it will bring Chuzzle and Plants vs. Zombies to Amazon Appstore this month for separate two-week exclusive periods Read more »

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