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Former Ning CEO Gina Bianchini has launched a new social application called Mightybell, which tries to help people create, achieve and share experiences using step-by-step actions. The idea of Mightybell is to break up a specific goal into smaller steps, allowing people to experience something incrementally. Read more »

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Canadian carrier Rogers has filed to become a bank under Canada’s Federal Bank Act, which will allow it to pursue more mobile payments services and a “niche credit card opportunity” for consumers. Expect more carriers to go the same route as the mobile payment opportunity explodes. Read more »


This year, much of the promise of mobile payments seems like it is finally coming together. GigaOM chose 25 mobile payments companies who are exerting the most influence in the mobile payment space, showing where it is and where it’s going. Read more »


Seven years after launching anarchic image board site 4chan, Christopher Poole unveiled Canvas in January, a re-imagined message board that takes the learnings of 4chan and applies them to a more mainstream community. Now, Canvas, which has been in private beta, is open to the public. Read more »

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Yipit co-founders Vinicious Vacanti and Jim Moran

Yipit, a New York City-based deals aggregator and recommendation service, is growing fast and leveraging its wide knowledge of the tumultuous daily deals market. The company is not just rounding up deals, it’s also selling its data insights about this fast-growing market. Read more »


Happy Cloud, a start-up which is trying to speed up game downloads and make them almost instantly playable like streaming gaming services using progressive download technology, has partnered with content delivery network Akamai to boost its performance and make games playable within a couple minutes. Read more »


Last year Nielsen predicted that by the end of 2011, smartphones will overtake feature phones in market share in the U.S. That may be optimistic, but the advance of smartphones continues unabated, with smartphones now representing 40 percent of all mobile phones in the U.S. Read more »


The Department of Justice move to block the AT&T-T-Mobile merger has thrown a major wrench in the $39 billion acquisition, which is far from derailed. The deal is much more uncertain now that the DOJ is suing to stop the deal. Here’s what the web is saying. Read more »

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Crowdbooster, a Y Combinator start-up, is publicly launching a new social media optimization platform that pairs analytics with tailored recommendations about how to employ social media. The company, which just raised seed funding, is looking to stand out by telling customers what to do and when. Read more »


Onavo, a clever free mobile application that compresses data on iOS, is now turning its eyes toward the data-hungry Android platform. Onavo Lite does not apply Onavo’s full data-compression technology, but provides some helpful data tracking and management tools that can help limit data usage. Read more »

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Mobile payments start-up Boku has signed a deal with Telefonica, the huge mobile carrier with almost 300 million subscribers, who will use Boku to power its payment API for BlueVia, its global developer program. It comes a week after Boku secured deals with two French carriers. Read more »


AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are reportedly poised to invest $100 million in their joint mobile payment venture called Isis, a near field communication-based contactless payment system that will do battle in the increasingly competitive mobile payments market that includes Google Wallet, Square and others. Read more »

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Quixey, an app search engine with initial seed funding from Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, has just announced $3.8 million in new funding. The company is trying to capitalize on the boom in apps, which is opening up opportunities not just for developers but app discovery services. Read more »


USC Annenberg Innovation Lab launched a film forecaster last month that utilizes IBM’s BigSheets analytics tool. It showed that Big Data analysis is something that can be done by non-technical people and it underscores the promise of data analysis when it reaches the masses. Read more »


As location-based services grow up, we’re seeing that games are not the appealing part of location and increasingly it seems like start-ups are acknowledging that games are tough to build a business on. Gowalla seemed to acknowledge that by killing its virtual items feature today. Read more »


Diffbot is trying help developers build apps that read the web like humans. The company’s technology uses visual learning robotics and artificial intelligence to view web content visually, helping apps analyze web data like humans. The company is releasing its first APIs to developers today. Read more »


New Nielsen data suggests that e-readers are more popular with women while guys prefer their tablets. Smartphones are now equally popular between the sexes. According to Nielsen’s second-quarter survey, 61 percent of e-reader owners are women while men make up 57 percent of tablet owners. Read more »

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Start-up DoubleRecall is turning paywalls into branding opportunities that give consumers access to premium content on websites and mobile apps if they type out a few words from a sponsor message. The model boosts brand recognition, drives higher revenue for publishers and gives users free content. Read more »


ARM Holdings is trying to quiet speculation again that the UK chip designer might be acquired, this time by Intel or Oracle. The company has been the focus of rumors before, and with the rise of mobile devices and the slow growth of computers, it’s understandable. Read more »


Erply, a point of sale and inventory software provider from Estonia, is looking to jump into the ring with Square and Verifone by offering an iPad payment dongle that will process credit card swipes similar to Square but also handle NFC payments. Read more »


Skype’s purchase of GroupMe has largely revolved around the communications side of the deal. But a big component is also GroupMe’s plans to monetize conversations by presenting local offers and discounts that help people make group decisions in real time. Read more »

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