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PayPal said consumers aren’t going to wait until Black Friday to get their shopping started. They’ll begin their gift hunting the day before on Thanksgiving using a mobile device. PayPal said this couch commerce will be the first holiday shopping spike this year. Read more »

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The Federal Communications Commission’s controversial net neutrality rules have been officially filed with the Federal Register and will go into effect Nov. 20. But it’s expected to prompt new legal challenges from carriers who question the FCC’s legal authority to implement the rules. Read more »

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Dashlane, a stealth start-up, is still a few weeks away from unveiling its product but the company announced today that it has raised $10 million. It is trying to tackle the problem of inputting information, passwords and payment data into websites from desktop and mobile devices. Read more »


TechStars announced it has raised a new $24 million fund that will allow it to up the amount of money it provides each startup to $100,000. The money will be applied to all of TechStars classes in 2012 including Boston, Boulder, New York City and Seattle. Read more »

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HP has confirmed that it has started laying off members of the webOS team, a reduction that is reported to be 525 employees. It’s not surprising given HP’s decision not to build webOS devices. But it seems like another sign that the platform will not survive. Read more »

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Windows Phone 7 is increasingly catching the eye of smartphone buyers but awareness is still a major hurdle. The NPD Group reported that while Android is the top choice of smartphone owners, 44 percent of current and upcoming smartphone owners are considering purchasing a WP7 device. Read more »


Location Labs has built a solid business with its location-finding and texting-while-driving prevention tools. Now, the company is taking its idea of family security one step further by launching a Facebook online monitoring tool, which will now be part of a suite of software safety tools. Read more »

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Google is finally opening up its near NFC Google Wallet system today, allowing Nexus S users on Sprint to try out contactless payments through their smartphone. With only one handset that supports it, Google Wallet is just a first step in a long process. Read more »

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Appcelerator has built up a community of 1.5 million developers that have used its cross-platform development tool to build more than 25,000 apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Now it’s looking to turn that community into a selling opportunity by launching a marketplace for software modules. Read more »

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Google, whose daily deal product Google Offers is off to a slow start, appears to be in this game for the long haul with another acquisition aimed at firming up its nascent business. Google has bought up DailyDeal, a German deals provider. Read more »

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Crowdtwist, a New York startup that recently graduated from TechStars’ New York class has been on a roll lining up customers like JCPenney, Live Nation and Sony Music. Now it’s announcing it has raised $6 million to expand its gamified social loyalty program. Read more »

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Research in Motion struggled through a tough quarter — with revenue, profits and shipments down as it waited for a new generation of handsets to kickstart sales. The newest BlackBerry 7 devices are selling well, but the real turnaround will hinge on QNX-based devices out next year. Read more »

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Mobile advertising network InMobi has raised a whopping $200 million from Softbank in one of the largest investments ever in the mobile Internet market. The money is another sign of the growing momentum behind mobile advertising, which is heating up with big deals and funding. Read more »


New details about Google’s $12.5 billion bid for Motorola have surfaced showing that Google was eager to buy Motorola. But why? One observer believes it was because Motorola was threatening Google with a number of dire consequences to Android if Google didn’t buy up the manufacturer. Read more »


Design flash sales site has been on a tear in its first three months, racking up 600,000 users in 12 weeks. Now the company is trying to kick-start the idea of online pop-up stores with a new series of limited-time retail shops inside of Read more »

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Microsoft and Intel unveiled initiatives Tuesday that show how the Wintel partners are trying to separately navigate a new post-PC world. Microsoft unveiled Windows 8, which will work on ARM-based tablets and computers while Intel announced a partnership with Google to optimize its chips for Android. Read more »


Thought you’d seen enough mobile photo apps? Well, Aviary has some different ideas. The New York City-based developer of advanced creative tools for photo, design and audio, is now bringing its web photo editing tools to mobile developers through an SDK for iPhone and Android devices. Read more »

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The boom in mobile apps is opening up opportunities for mobile application development services, a market which is expected to grow to $100 billion by 2015. The latest to ride that growth is Apsalar, a mobile analytics and behavioral targeting platform that just raised $5 million. Read more »

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Gowalla, like many other check-in services, has had trouble keeping pace with Foursquare. But the location startup is relaunching its service with an eye toward becoming more of a city travel guide, downplaying the role of check-ins in favor of discovery, travel and storytelling. Read more »

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CityPockets, which organizes daily deals from about 30 sites including Groupon, Living Social and others, is now improving its mobile application to include not only a digital wallet but also a secondary market for daily deals that people can search for, buy and redeem instantly. Read more »


Badgeville is introducing Social Fabric, a technology allows a website to quickly add a host of real-time social features on their site that charts user behavior, updates users on their on-site activities and allows people to follow any piece of content or fellow users. Read more »

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While the web is interactive and dynamic, e-mail reflects very little of that evolution. But Movable Ink, a New York start-up, is trying to breathe new life into e-mail marketing by making e-mails real-time and context aware, creating messages that don’t go stale. Read more »

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