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Amazon is turning on a key money-making tool for developers in its Appstore for Android, letting app makers offer in-app purchase through Amazon. The service allows developers to easily sell in-game currency, upgrades, content and magazine issues with one-click checkouts. Read more »


Pontiflex, a mobile sign-up ad platform that allows consumers to pick what kind of ads they want to see, is introducing an HTML5 API that will enable mobile ad networks and publishers of mobile websites to offer signup ads without having to install an SDK. Read more »

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Zubin Dowlaty of Mu Sigma at Structure:Data 2012

“Anticipation denotes intelligence.” Zubin Dowlaty, VP and head of innovation and development of analytics-outsourcing firm Mu Sigma, said at Structure:Data that’s what companies need to be striving for and in this era of big data, the barriers to achieving that have fallen away. Read more »

Douglas Merrill of ZestCast at Structure:Data 2012

Next-generation online banking service ZestCash uses data to help qualify people for short term loans. The company explains at Structure:Data it has been giving $300 to $800 loans to users based on thousands of variables, which are boiled down to 10 models. Read more »

Ju-kay Kwek, Product Manager, Google Cloud Product Team at Structure:Data 2012

Companies are grappling with how to make use of all their data, facing the challenge of teasing out insights quickly and with flexibility. Moving to the cloud opens up security and privacy questions. But the effort can be worth it, says Google’s Ju-kay Kwek at Structure:Data. Read more »

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BlackBerry Partners Fund, a mobile focused, platform-agnostic fund backed by RIM, Thompson Reuters and others, is now being followed up by a second $150 million fund aimed at doubling down on mobile. ATP Capital, which managed the BlackBerry Partners Fund, is also rebranding as Relay Ventures. Read more »


Beats Electronics, the headset manufacturer founded by rapper Dr. Dre and now majority owned by HTC, has reportedly bought up online music service MOG. The acquisition could help HTC or Beats launch their own music service, something HTC is reportedly working on. Read more »

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Venmo first popped up two years as an emerging mobile payment start-up, helping users pay each other through text messages. Now, after two years of testing and tinkering, the once private beta service is open to the public though it faces a lot more competition now. Read more »

Fab-Main-iPad_iPad2-black said iPad users represent 15 percent of its customer but make up 25 percent of revenue. And 40 percent of iPad users make their first purchase within 3 months. IPad app users are expected to bring in twice as much revenue as non iPad users. Read more »


Boku, which recently introduced a white label platform called Boku Accounts with Mastercard that allows operators to offer in-store mobile payment services, has received $35 million in new funding from New Enterprise Associates and Telefonica Digital, to help it go after offline payments. Read more »

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PayPal’s plans to announce a solution for small businesses at an event this Thursday includes a mobile payment dongle that would compete against Square and others, according to sources we’ve talked to. The dongle will allow small business owners to process credit card swipes. Read more »


Twitter announced it has acquired blogging and sharing platform Posterous in what appears to be acquisition of talent. No details about the acquisition were released but Posterous Spaces will remain up and running for the time being, though it’s unclear how long that will last. Read more »


The future of location-based services is in commerce, payments and deals, said Sam Altman, founder of Loopt. He just sold his startup to pre-paid card provider Green Dot and is working on mobile payment products. That’s where he said location will have the biggest impact. Read more »

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