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Intuit is plunking down $423.5 million for software firm Demandforce, in a bid to build out its services for small and medium-sized businesses. The deal provides Intuit with an automated marketing and customer communications offering that complements its existing business and accounting software. Read more »

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For many people without a credit or debit card, it has been hard to make online purchases from Now, the retailer is taking a big step to address this audience by accepting cash payments for online goods, letting people come into the stores to pay. Read more »

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PayNearMe, a cash payment system that lets users pay for online purchases, bills and bus tickets at 7-Eleven stores, is now offering a fully mobile payment option. Users who don’t have a card can complete their purchases without having to print out anything. Read more »

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Striiv, a smart pedometer that uses game mechanics to motivate people, is getting updated Wednesday with a new personal wireless connection that lets users encourage and compete with each other. Striiv is moving beyond a more solo experience and utilizing relationships to further motivate users. Read more »


Aaron Levie, founder and CEO of Box, said even with the long-awaited arrival of Google Drive, he still doesn’t see Google as a competitor. That’s because he sees Box as more of a collaboration platform that happens to have storage making Microsoft more of a rival. Read more »


While Facebook commerce has been a dud, 8thBridge believes there is a future in f-Commerce, though it means rethinking the role Facebook plays in it. The company unveiled a new new social commerce platform on Tuesday, that doesn’t rely on steering shoppers to Facebook stores. Read more »


New York’s start-up community relived its fondest science fair memories Thursday with the inaugural NY Tech Day, a showcase for 180 start-ups that demonstrated some of the breadth and depth of the local tech scene. The event packed in more than 4,500 attendees. Read more »


Perhaps not surprising for a telephone operator, AT&T has some cool stuff in the works around speech. The company showed off some of its newest stuff out its AT&T Labs Thursday and some of the biggest news was around the work being done in voice-related technologies. Read more »


Eric Migicovsky, the man behind the Pebble watch, is not simply interested in the money he’s raising from his record-setting Kickstarter campaign. He’s more interested in how it’s helping create an ecosystem around Pebble’s app platform, which will support developers and make the watch more useful. Read more »


Twigmore, a social travel service built on Facebook, is pivoting into more of a global friend-finding service as it builds off the success of a standalone hit feature. It’s the latest example of services finding that a focus on social travel may not be enough to survive. Read more »

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Facebook confirmed that it has acquired customer loyalty service Tagtile, which helps merchants distribute rewards, offers and coupons to in-store customers via their phones. The deal follows the acquisition of Instragram this week and it shows that Facebook is looking at shoring up its mobile needs. Read more »

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Rovio, Uber,, Airbnb share a common thread: their payments are powered by Braintree, which has become a force in the online commerce world. The company is now processing $4 billion annually and is on pace to break $1 billion for mobile in the next month. Read more »


After suffering a rare miss last quarter, Google came back with a solid quarter with earnings coming in at $10.08 a share, on revenue of $10.65 billion. The company also announced a stock-split proposal that will create a new class of non-voting capital stock. Read more »

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An investment fund of J.P. Morgan is paying $100 million for a 7 percent stake of online and mobile engagement tool maker Conduit, which is now valued at $1.3 billion. Conduit says it’s the first $1 billion Israeli Internet company. Read more »


BiddingForGood, a sort of eBay for non-profit online auctions, is launching a new technology called Smart Bidding that will bring its auction services into physical locations for the first time, enabling organizations to use mobile devices to jazz up traditional silent auctions and expand their reach. Read more »


Point Inside is looking to tap the power of indoor location with the launch nSide, a new private indoor ad network for retailers.
Retailers will be able to send targeted ad messages based on a user’s location within a store, their shopping route and shopping lists. Read more »

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