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Along with the release of their new iPod shuffle, Apple has updated iTunes to version 8.1. New features include improved speed with large libraries, Autofill, a switch to 256-Kbps AAC as the new import default, and more notably iTunes DJ and Genius sidebar for Movies and […] Read more »

Movie/game tie-ins are as old as the original NES and, as a booming gaming platform, the iPhone/iPod touch are no less susceptible to this continuing trend. To that end, here’s a listing of games for your touch device that are based on a movie (Note: All […] Read more »

As the recession becomes more and more prevalent, networking will become a more necessary tool in making sure that you can stay afloat — whether it is making new clients for business or a contact to help you get a job, should you find yourself needing […] Read more »

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Only two months after going into beta, AOL has released AIM for Mac 1.0. Unfortunately, not a whole lot has been changed since our review of the beta. There is still no option for video or audio chats, and beyond the addition of AIM Expressions (a […] Read more »

Unable to ignore the ubiquitousness of Apple’s touch devices, Microsoft has released its first app, a tech-demo of Seadragon. For those unfamiliar with the project, Seadragon is one of a few applications being developed under Microsoft’s Live Lab division. This one in particular provides “seamless browsing […] Read more »

It was only two months ago that Flickr unveiled a beta version of their mobile site optimized for iPhone and iPod touch users, but now it’s official. Compared to their previous mobile endeavor, this update of the site is nothing short of leaps and bounds ahead. […] Read more »

Since the Zunes inception, for all its faults, one thing that it did that seemed worth emulating was its Originals line, which are devices etched with original artwork from an array of designers. There’s no doubt that, even before comparing it to the Zune, or even […] Read more »

Continuing with our round up of iPhone/iPod touch apps, here are 9 puzzle games (in no particular order) worth checking out. Each item on the list links to a full review with feature and pricing information. Quordy Find the most words, get the high score. Smiles […] Read more »

According to this MacRumors report, Apple has started to dispense promotional codes to App Store developers. With them, developers will now be able to grant free access to their app for up to 50 users. Previously, developers would have had to resort to the ad-hoc distribution […] Read more »

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If you are familiar with Zuma, Magnetica, Luxor, or any of the other clones, then Puzzloop Endless is nothing new. If none of these names ring a bell, these games pit you against numerous balls of varying colors rolling down a coiled track with you in the […] Read more »

For those who consider themselves cruciverbalists, Imangi ($2.99) is a game after your own hearts. As a user in the App Store accurately commented, Imangi is a “cross between Scrabble and a Rubik’s cube.” Through four game modes: Standard, Speed, Daily Challenge, and Friend Challenge; you’re […] Read more »

There is something to be said for apps that are so focused, their entire function can be summed up in one word. Spin ($2.99) is just that, a game that revolves around spinning (pun intended). The premise is that you are given a silhouette and an […] Read more »

Like ever ubiquitous flashlight apps, Sudoku games in the App Store are a dime a dozen. However, while the game play between them is roughly the same, there is a staggering difference between the graphics and what they offer in terms of options. The current king […] Read more »

MetaSquares, developed for the iPhone/iPod touch by MetaTools, Inc., is one of those games with such a devilishly simple concept that you can only think to yourself, “how much fun could this possibly be?” Then minutes become hours and eventually the reality sets in — you’re […] Read more »

Say you took Labyrinth — you know, the old wooden game (or the iPhone/iPod touch version) where you roll a metal ball around a maze avoiding traps to get to the goal — and doused it with a couple gallons of cute, what would you get? […] Read more »

I have a love/hate relationship with the $2.99 Quordy. While probably one of the better, if not the best, word related puzzle game, and the most addictive game I’ve played thus far, it is a bit frustrating when for me to complete a round only to […] Read more »

Do not be fooled by either its name or the cutesy screen shots, Smiles is as serious about casual gaming as it is colorful and adorning. Smiles is, at its core, a tile matching game. However, with two modes, Zen and Drop, it manages to differentiate itself […] Read more »

Lumen is a deceptively involving game. The premise makes it appear simple: use mirrors and colored filters to guide a laser beam through checkpoints with the appropriate color to win. However, you will quickly find yourself double and triple guessing your moves when you’ve realized that […] Read more »

Apple has released another update to Quicktime that should be a small bit of good news to unibody MacBook and MacBook Pro owners. Bringing its version number up to 7.5.7, the new Quicktime removes the HDCP playback restrictions from standard definition movies purchased and rented from […] Read more »

Orb Networks has officially announced the availability of their OrbLive 2.0 app for iPhone/iPod touch. OrbLive enables users to stream media content from their computer — music, internet radio stations, videos, photos, webcam streams, and even live TV (with a TV Tuner) — to their touch […] Read more »

GoodGuide‘s recently released application for the iPhone provides you with instant access to their 65,000+ strong database of safe, green, and healthy products. Deemed the “world’s largest and most reliable source of information on the health, environmental and social performance of everyday products and companies,” this […] Read more »

A MacBlogz source is claiming that the AT&T’s iPhone tethering their CEO Ralph De La Vega mentioned last week as coming “soon” will roughly add an additional $30 to your plan. It is rumored to offer a 5GB/month allowance with the expected speeds of “GPRS: 30k […] Read more »

Joining the ranks of their 99¢ movie rentals and mirroring their “Albums of the Week” for bargain hunters, Apple has introduced “Movies of the Week” on iTunes. Each movie will be available for the duration of the week at a lowered price of $4.99 to own. […] Read more »

Today, i.TV updated their free (ad supported) iPhone Application. The i.TV iPhone app is a guide for up-to-date local TV and movie listings. With this seemingly minor point-release comes a major addition—Netflix integration. With what founder and CEO Brad Pelo says is “the first of several major […] Read more »

Apple generally has no reservations of highlighting and making readily available the songs it uses in its commercials and, with the advent of the App Store, it has been doing the same for applications in their iPhone commercials. However, when they declared the iPod touch the […] Read more »

In one fell swoop, Apple has put an end to the “speculating.” Stating that their “holiday line-up is set,” Bill Evans, an Apple spokesman, has put to bed the rumors that were circulating Apple news sites stating an update to the iMac and Mac mini was […] Read more »

The wait is over as Classics is officially available. As previously mentioned, Classics is a highly refined e-book reader that provides users with a collection of public domain books. What sets Classics apart from the plethora of similarly available apps in iTunes is that first, each […] Read more »

There was no doubt that, when initially released, the Sonos was a game changer. But as time progressed, and Apple introduced the Airport Express with AirTunes, then the AppleTV (also with AirTunes support), and then the iPhone/iPod touch with the Remote app; the Sonos began to […] Read more »

It seems that Netflix is finally making good on their long standing promise that the much lauded “Watch Instantly” would be coming to the Mac. Utilizing Microsoft’s Silverlight (with Play Ready DRM), Netflix will be able to provide their vast library of movies and TV shows […] Read more »

Classics, an upcoming e-book reader for the iPhone/iPod touch, looks like the Crown Jewel for the App Store’s Book category. Developed by Phill Ryu and Andrew Kaz, it features a gorgeous UI that includes elements such as a virtual page flip to give the illusion that […] Read more »

About time for a bit of a formal introduction. I officially started writing for TAB about a week ago and thus far have been loving my cohorts. I’m known to be a “jack of all trades”, so you will be seeing a wide array of posts […] Read more »

Smule — of Sonic Lighter fame — launched their second app over the weekend, Sonic Boom. As you can probably imagine, it turns your iPhone into a virtual firecracker that can be lit, either with your finger (as a virtual match that you actually have to […] Read more »

There is no doubt that developers are coming from far and wide to write iPhone applications. While some are coming from household names Mac users have come to know and love, others are coming from developers who have never laid hands on a Mac before. However, […] Read more »

Apple has updated their laptop line (sans the “white MacBook”) with NVIDIA’s new GeForce graphics chips: the 9400M for the MacBook and MacBook Air, and the 9600M GT for the MacBook Pro. The 9400M contains 16 parallel graphics cores offering 54 Gigaflops of graphics performance. This […] Read more »

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