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Anyone who has watched YouTube — and who hasn’t — knows that the short-form video that currently breaks up the monotony of a work day simply sucks. The quality of the video shown in tiny windows is maybe okay for giggles, but can get quite tiresome […] Read more »

[qi:012] Broadband is the best friend of those who use the Web2.0 to reinvent the boring, the old fashioned and the antiquated. That theory of ours has been proved by the early success of SpreadShirt and Threadless. And of late, we are seeing an increasing number […] Read more »

*Editor’s Note:* You asked for a founders’ *Reading List,* and we’re building it. For our first installment of recommended titles, we turned to Found|READ contributor and best-selling author, Tim Ferriss, whose hip tome on personal and professional emancipation, “The 4-Hour Workweek”:, is soaring up both the […] Read more »

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Facebook, one has to admit is a great time sink. Given how much you have to do to just manage your Facebook life, it is hardly a surprise; some organizations are taking a draconian approach to them. Jason Calacanis has declared Facebook bankruptcy. What is prompting […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] An independent developer has built a Flash version of Joost that runs in any browser. Sure, he doesn’t have access to any of the Joost content, but what he’s built is basically a proof-of-concept using Joost graphics and improving on the UI, using publicly available […] Read more »

Kevin Johnson, President of Microsoft’s Platforms & Services Division in his keynote at Microsoft’s financial analyst meeting boasted about Microsoft’s search gains and how they were going to pummel competition, including Yahoo. “We weren’t doing a great job on things like content to search, search to […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Is Clean Coal Really Clean? Doubtful, but utilities are pressing ahead. Link [qi:_newteevee] Best of YouTube Presidential Reject Videos. In case you want to watch more political insanity. (Link) [qi:_foundread] Talent, Wow!-factor, Speed & Short-Cuts: 4 Tips from the TIBCO founder on How to Grow […] Read more »

[qi:004] Just because it is cheap to start a company, put together a Web-based product and get some attention, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good idea. Fichey, the new shiny thing today, is a perfect example. It is a flash-based offering that offers up […] Read more »

Todd Spangler over at MultiChannel News has summed up the TiVo dilemma: it lives if CableCos let it live, and it dies if they don’t. And the worst part is that CableCos have little incentive to see it work, especially since they have sunk billions into […] Read more »

The much awaited video downloaded service from BBC that uses a special iPlayer (works only on Windows XP) has arrived. The product is still in beta and will have limited availability at least in the early going. The iPlayer will allow viewers to download from a […] Read more »

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*Want to Grow a Winning Company? It’s All About Balance.* Often I am asked what I have learned from my experience as a founder and entrepreneur. What are the best ways to outsmart the competition? How do innovators stay ahead of market trends and opportunities? Is […] Read more »

What and who is Teleblend? Those were the often asked questions in the comment thread that followed our post about the failure of SunRocket. Many readers feared that it was a SunRocket snake oil bottled in a new bottle, with a different label. Teleblend is part […] Read more »

Sometimes even I get tired of repeating myself – but I have to. The big media, especially Time Warner (my former employer) is a tad clueless about this new video revolution. With a studio mentality, management by consensus and a bonus-driven culture, they are waddling in […] Read more »

I confess I have checked email on my iPhone-Nokia E61i-Blackberry while in the bathroom, crossing the street and during dinner at a busy restaurant. I used to think that with my email addiction, I was an extreme case, an email addict of the worse kind. Apparently, […] Read more »

[qi:_webworkerdaily] It’s hard when no matter how good you are, your brother is still everyone’s darling. Mozilla Thunderbird is a rather amazing email client in its own right. Despite Thunderbird’s obvious advantages, Firefox is Mozilla’s crown jewel. Does Thunderbird continue to grovel for table scraps or […] Read more »

Last evening at a small gathering at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, we launched The GigaOM Show, a talk-show format Internet video show, cohosted by myself and Joyce Kim. The show is produced in partnership with Revision 3. (Event photos, thanks Scott.) And it […] Read more »

[qi:006] A few days ago I wrote a post for NewTeeVee, wondering if the promise of millions of channels over broadband is delusional and more importantly unprofitable. There have been many arguments that have been made about the Long Tail and niche content, I have remained […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] What does a virtual world have to do with making a real world businesses more eco-friendly? Potentially a lot. Here’s a cheat sheet on noteworthy green development projects in Second Life. Continue Reading. Read more »

We have recently launched our website and are looking for interim ad network. (We are planning to hire ad sales people, eventually, when we can afford it.) I am interested in hearing people’s experience with different banner ad networks. We would like to be picky about […] Read more »

Time and privacy are two aspects of our modern lives that are in short supply. The constant distractions of modern communications have placed increased demands on our time. And similarly, as we do more things on the web, we leave our footprints in the sand, sacrificing […] Read more »

[qi:053] iPhone’s first weekend didn’t turn out to be as hot as Wall Street analysts had predicted. The sales weren’t 700,000 or 500,000. Or 146,000 for that matter, as AT&T’s results might have indicated. The actual number was somewhere in between. In first 1.25 days Apple […] Read more »

[qi:046] For the longest time, it was American phone companies that went globe trotting, trying to add international holdings to their portfolio. Now there is word that Comcast might be getting its jets warmed up. The City A.M. (PDF via Cable360) reports that Comcast is one […] Read more »

[qi:_webworkerdaily] The more connected you are to your co-workers and clients without being intrusive, the better your working relationship. Let’s look at 12 ways Facebook can benefit you, especially those of you working out of your home offices. Continue Reading. Read more », a hyperlocal events site (with social networking features) has raised $5 million in funding from General Catalyst and Highland Capital, two well known east coast funds for expansion into new cities. The site has over 500,00 users currently and currently operates in four cities New […] Read more »

[qi:066] Yesterday afternoon, I left my apartment, which also doubles as my part time office, in a mad rush, late for a meeting. As the elevator descended, the lights suddenly went out, and for a minute or two (it seemed like an eternity) I was suspended […] Read more »

[qi:046] The truth about Indian start-up scene is that there is more money than actual start-ups. We have talked about it before, and we will say it again. Venture Capitalists – both local and US-based are showering money on start-ups, some of them quite marginal. Google […] Read more »

[qi:053] Apple is taking it on the chin, well because AT&T didn’t meet the inflated expectations of analysts. activations. A friend of ours emailed to point out the grand delusion of Wall Street in what has to be the funniest email of the morning: Analysts are […] Read more »

[qi:004] FTC might want to rake Google over the coals for buying DoubleClick, but one thing can’t be denied: that deal started a massive consolidation in the ad-network market. Good news is that everything is being snapped up. Like AOL’s $275 million buyout of TACODA, a […] Read more »

AT&T reported its second quarter earnings today, and even though its net post-paid wireless subscriber additions came out to 1.5 million, the company had fewer than expected iPhone activations on the weekend of June 30. 146,000 to be exact, not 500,000 as some had predicted. I’m […] Read more »

Theoretically yes! Especially now that even Comcast and Verizon have started to talk about broadband connections that zap data back and forth at speeds in excess of 100 megabits per second. As the speeds increase, the ability to call up niche content will theoretically be faster […] Read more »

I think I am in a fairly typical situation for a Web 2.0 startup. I am the sole founder and developer for my site: I’ve been working on it for the 7 months, and hope to launch a public beta by end of July. For the […] Read more »

[qi:004] Qualcomm is now the defacto winner of the mobile TV race in the US, thanks to its ability to partner-up with right wireless carriers – AT&T and Verizon – for its MediaFLO multimedia wireless network. Those deals sealed the fate of Crown Castle’s mobile TV […] Read more »

[qi:064] One has to give Nokia credit for recognizing very early-on that it is the software that separates men from toys – sorry, I meant premium brand phones from mere mobiles. It started off integrating Flickr and various other services with its phones, and today it […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] The Politics of You Tube: Though YouTube’s ubiquity isn’t always a good thing, it’s great that they had enough clout to get this done — and I hope it’s a lasting tradition. Though the novelty may wear off, perhaps the terrible video-of-a-projected-video camerawork will improve. […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] The 5th annual Dow Jones VentureOne report and we thought it was interesting to see that it attributes emerging sectors like cleantech as one of the factors that made venture investment in 2006 the highest level since 2001. OK, so it’s still a small portion […] Read more »

[qi:044] As the world becomes increasingly digital, and data continues to grow, the importance of software in managing it all is on an upswing. Hardware vendors, realizing that building specialized software isn’t easy, and that is why they are busy opening up their check-books, looking to […] Read more »

The Wireless USB is here … finally. After all the talk about using low-power wireless connections that would replace the wired USB, the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) today endorsed products from six companies – Dell, D-Link, IOGEAR and Lenovo. Most of these products will carry a […] Read more »

[qi:003] is reporting that Nokia Siemens Networks is looking at Tellabs (TLAB) closely, and might offer between $16-to-$18 a share for the Naperville, Ill., company. That would put the total value of the transaction at around $7 billion. The possible deal, which is still just […] Read more »

_The challenge of managing an embarassment of riches isn’t easy — it has been known to bring down an empire, or two. Still, San is lucky, he is passionate about more than one idea and needs help figuring out how to prioritize his efforts. Can Found|READ’s […] Read more »

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