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Zattoo, a P2P television company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Zurich, Switzerland, is likely to get sued by five Spanish television networks, according to a report in Telecom Paper, a subscription-only news service. We are still waiting for more details on this development. Zattoo had […] Read more »

[qi:036] Folks, I am headed out to Cupertino for the big media event hosted by Apple, and will try and live blog from there, if my EVDO card finds a signal. It is looking like a long day – with taping of our show thrown in […] Read more »

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It was almost two years ago MTV introduced MTV Desi, a music channel targeting the South Asians living in America. At the time, I argued that Viacom was barking up the wrong tree. Having started and operated a South Asian-focused site called, I had knowledge […] Read more »

My story evolved over the course of eight years, but can be summarized in very few words. I founded a software company with technology I developed at NASA. I licensed the software, raised two rounds of venture capital, and ran the company for seven years. Then, […] Read more »

Akamai Technologies (AKAM) investors are the stock market’s walking wounded. Over the last month, the stock has plummeted to about $33 a share, wiping out over $3 billion in market capitalization. The slide began soon after the company announced its second quarter earnings, indicating that it […] Read more »

Dell has been bitten by the consumer electronics bug again. It has acquired Mountain View, Calif.-based Zing, a company started by Tim Bucher, a former Apple employee. Terms of the deal were not announced. Bucher sold his previous company Mirra to Seagate for an undisclosed amount […] Read more »

[qi:033] Dr. Larry Roberts, one of the key people that helped build ARPAnet, the precursor to the modern Internet, is taking a second shot at entrepreneurship with Anagran, a Redwood City, Calif.-based start-up that’s building an intelligent flow router designed to enhance the quality of packet-based […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] 6 Signs that Ethanol made from plant waste and non-food crops is making progress. Continue Reading. [qi:_webworkerdaily] How to network like a human, not a Computer? Perhaps, this will help us overcome Facebook Fatigue. Continue Reading. [qi:_foundread] Web 2.0 Primer, and even your Mom can […] Read more »

Plaxo has launched their new social alerts service, Pulse, that launched earlier this morning. This launch is part of company’s on-going makeover, and trying to find a place in the new social web landscape. [qi:004] C/Net has a nice review. Pulse has a connections feature, […] Read more »

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[qi:013] An interesting tidbit about eBay: last week, the auction giant boosted its existing credit facility from $1 billion to $2 billion, with an additional billion dollar option. This could mean something major is up. Stifel Nicolaus analyst Scott Devitt writes in a note: eBay is […] Read more »

[qi:053] PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association just released their VC investments data for the second quarter of 2007, which reinforces what most already know: funding is flowing like a river raging after a monsoon. * Venture capitalists invested $7.1 billion in 977 deals in […] Read more »

Even as pundits inside the Valley speak in gloomy terms of a Web2.0 bubble (including some we hold dear), Found|READer “Matt Rogers”: offers up “a practical essay”: that explains the virtues of Web2.0 for those entrepreneurs who are not “inside the bubble” and might still benefit […] Read more »

[qi:012] Amazon, in its bid to become the underlying utility of the new web world, today confirmed what had been rumored earlier: a payment service that will compete with PayPal and to some extent, the nascent Google Checkout services. Just to be clear, Google Checkout and […] Read more »

Hooray! We made it to week 2 on the GigaOM Show! In celebration, we thought we’d create a good old-fashioned catfight for your enjoyment, so we invited internet darlings (and arch rivals) Kevin Rose and Jason Calacanis to the set. Will the fur fly? Watch and […] Read more »

[qi:_gigaom] In an ironic twist in the always topsy-turvy tale of software evolution, The Next Big Thing appears to be a series of many small things. Read more » And other stories from the GigaNet * 10 tips be more productive when working from home, with […] Read more »

[qi:020] The Senate Commerce Committee passed a bill called the Child Safe Viewing Act today. The bill introduced by Senator Mark Pryor (D-Arkansas Arizona) wants FCC to be the nanny not just for television video content but also for content on the Internet. When he introduced […] Read more »

Every founder knows the pain of a sales call. Sales calls aren’t tough because ‘The Spiel’ is tough. Sales calls are painful because getting turned down is painful. What helped me and my cofounders make the Dean’s List in engineering school (while launching our peer-to-peer credit […] Read more »

Yahoo’s declaration this week that it is going to take on YouTube might sound like a great soundbite, but the reality of Yahoo (or for that matter anyone) catching up with THE YouTube is going to be a tough task. In May 2007, Yahoo had 4.6 […] Read more »

[qi:030] As if revolutionizing the e-mail experience wasn’t enough, the Xobni boys are cooking up Facebook apps. They have cooked up a Facebook app, Email Me Instead, that allows you to get email from your Facebook friends. [Now this isn’t their main product, but still we […] Read more »

[qi:004] Some folks have taken umbrage to my previous post about making 700 MHz spectrum unlicensed, and they are making good arguments. The focus is obviously on the 22 MHz (C-block) of spectrum, which comes with open access requirements. My discontent over the 700 MHz spectrum […] Read more »

Some of us who fall under the category of rapidly aging geeks still have a spot in our hearts for TechTV, the iconic cable network about technology that had fans if not profits (see tribute video below). TechTV alums have gone their separate ways, but they […] Read more »

[qi:011] If anyone had doubts about Google having too much control on search in general, and web at large, just give Bob Rosenschein, CEO of a call. In a press release this morning, said: Answers Corporation (ANSW) announced today that, due to a search […] Read more »

I got a chance to hang out with Nokia’s chief strategist and chief technology officer Tero Ojanperä before the start of our fire side chat at the Always On Conference in Palo Alto. He pointed out that Nokia was having tremendous success with its N-Series phones, […] Read more »

American Airlines has just signed a deal with AirCell, to offer in-air broadband access. The tests will begin in 2008, initially on transcontinental flights, but if all goes well, then WiFi could be offered in domestic flights. I wonder if other airlines are paying attention. WiFi […] Read more »

Sprint, in a move that seems to be inspired by it’s desperate need to focus on its core business and its new WiMAX network, is leaving SpectrumCo, its joint venture with Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox and Brighthouse, all cable operators. Sprint has been under pressure […] Read more »

[qi:_foundread] A Founding Family Fractures: Was the rift within the Bancroft family ultimately good or bad for Dow Jones & Co? Continue Reading. [qi:_newteevee] MySpace will host and feature the Lonelygirl15 season finale this Friday. The finale, a culmination of the series to date, with 12 […] Read more »

So much has been written about the 700 MHz wireless auctions, and there has been a lot rejoicing on part of Google and other consumer groups who oppose the incumbents. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin got his way, but I am not buying all the doublespeak coming […] Read more »

[qi:010] Contrary to earlier reports, Walt Disney Co., not Sony is buying Club Penguin, a kid-focused virtual community based in Kelowna, BC in Canada. Club Penguin, which will be called Disney’s Club Penguin, will retain its URL ( and will remain based in Kelowna, British Columbia, […] Read more »

Thanks to a deal between Skype and SpinVox, Skype customers can now soon get their voicemail messages converted to text and sent to their mobile phones via SMS. The service launches soon today, and will be available in English, Spanish, French and German. This one seems […] Read more »

Nevermind the millions of dollars invested by venture capitalists in the online video advertising companies. Google, the company that gave a bottom line to online video when it bought YouTube for $1.6 billion, thinks the business of online video advertising is a work in progress. “We […] Read more »

Update: Just posted this on NewTeeVee: Online ads, work in progress. In an attempt to bring more relevance (and extract higher performance) to its AdWords advertising platform, Google is experimenting with a new kind of behavioral targeting technology, Susan Wojcicki, Google’s VP of Product Management (for […] Read more »

We are today launching The Future of Software, a micro site that over a period of one month will take a look at some of the major trends that are changing and influencing the software business. In this report we look at a variety of topics […] Read more »

Cisco Systems, apparently is facing a dilemma: whether to lose to the Linksys brand name or not? Cisco bought Linksys a couple of years ago for $500 million, and it has been a good addition to the portfolio, expanding Cisco’s reach into consumer, SOHO and small […] Read more »

Given a choice between fiber-based broadband and DSL, people tend to opt for the former. Or that seems to be the lesson one can learn from the second quarter earnings reported by Verizon yesterday. Even as its DSL-subscriber additions tanked, Verizon saw a sharp uptake in […] Read more »

The law of large numbers eventually catches up with everyone, so why would the new broadband subscription numbers be any different. And that’s precisely what is happening to the big three US broadband providers: AT&T, Verizon and Comcast. The problem is that the slowdown in new […] Read more »

The Federal Communications Commission is going to set rules for the upcoming 700 MHz auctions tomorrow, a decision that could potentially alter the wireless landscape. The auction has resulted in a war of the words, with the Google Camp trading barbs with Verizon and AT&T. Cisco […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Earth2Tech Interview: 10 Questions for NanoSolar CEO, Martin Roscheisen. Continue reading [qi:_newteevee] The quality of the video shown in tiny windows is maybe okay for giggles, but can get quite tiresome after a few minutes. Enter HD web video. Is Web Video ready for an […] Read more »

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