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The social networking hype is at an all time high, with many speculating about the potential of a Facebook initial public offering, that might value the Palo Alto-company in billions. When (and if) that happens remains to be seen, but United Online (UNTD) (UOL), an Internet […] Read more »

Over the past few weeks, there has been a steady increase in the number of articles questioning the wisdom of municipal WiFi networks and wondering if they really will ever realize their potential. It seems the pendulum has swung from one extreme to another. With some […] Read more »

[qi:_foundread] FoundRead: We put 10 questions to serial founder Doyon Kim, whose resume includes early VoIP player DialPad, to learn more about what keeps him going. Continue reading. * Earth2Tech: Tesla Motors changes gears, demotes CEO. * NewTeeVee: Joost’s problem: American Broadband. Actually more like lack […] Read more »

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OK, this has to be the coolest news this morning. SHAPE Services, a Stuttgart, Germany-based company, well-known for making mobile IM clients, has just announced Skype for iPhone, an iPhone-optimized Web site that allows you to access Skype via the browser on the iPhone. You can […] Read more »

C/Net is running a special report on search engines and privacy, notably the improvements that have been made. It would be more accurate, however, to talk about the perception of privacy. Search engines save information related to our search behavior (cookies etc.) for some 13-to-18 […] Read more »

Doyon Kim, now 38, left his home in Seoul, South Korea to attend business school in Michigan — and in short order became one of Silicon Valley’s most-favored sort of citizen: the indefatigable serial entrepreneur. Which isn’t to say he hasn’t seen a few hard knocks. […] Read more »

Update: British Telecom is quickly distancing itself away from the BBC iPlayer bandwidth demand controversy, reports The Register. “Whilst we’ve been fingered as ‘part of the gang’ in certain press reports, BT is not complaining about or discussing the implications of iPlayer with the BBC.” BBC’s […] Read more »

Edward A. Mueller, a veteran of the Bell system and most recently the CEO of Williams Sonoma, is going to replace Richard C. Notebaert as the chairman and CEO of Qwest Communications (Q), the company announced a earlier today. Notebaert announced in June that he would […] Read more »

Free, when used in combination with a service, often raises red flags, and that is why I was highly skeptical when Chris Lyman, chief executive and founder of Los Angeles, Calif.-based Fonality called to talk about his “free” VoIP phone service for small and medium sized […] Read more »

Its been over a week since we launched our The Future of Software micro site that over a period of one month will take a look at some of the major trends that are changing and influencing the software business. Here is a recap: * Data […] Read more »

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If you watched our little TV show this week, then you know that Sling Media CEO Blake Krikorian showed up with his N95, and was playing around with an early version of a Symbian version of Sling Player (US version) on the set. It was as […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Google will be discontinuing paid rentals and downloads five days from now. Not only will videos no longer be available for rental or download, but previously purchased videos will no longer be playable. By way of apology, Google is offering $2 coupons for Google Checkout […] Read more »

It has been a really long week, and for some odd reason, I am not able to write anything today. So instead of torturing myself, and by extension you, I am calling it a day. It is better to spend rest of the afternoon making phone […] Read more »

[qi:051] Folks at Verizon seemed to be pretty happy with themselves, pointing out that they are adding 2600 FiOS Internet customers a day, adding up to a they have a total of 1.1 million FiOS Internet customers at the end of second quarter of 2007. They […] Read more »

All those companies sinking hundreds of millions of dollars into video downloading business, wait up, and listen to what people are saying and what they really want. A survey by Parks Associates shows that only 16% of US consumers who downloaded videos say the selection of […] Read more »

The great online shift is creating massive amounts of data – whether it is videos on YouTube or social networking profiles on MySpace. And that data is stored in databases, making them the key component of the new web infrastructure. But managing that information isn’t easy, […] Read more »

Apple’s iPhone in first thirty hours caused some (minor) shifts in the overall wireless market share, according to data compiled by UBS Research. As reported earlier, iPhone resulted in 146,000 activations for AT&T, while the actual sales of the device were around 270,000. “Net adds were […] Read more »

Watching television shows like A&E’s “Flip This House” and hearing stories of families spending entire weekends on seemingly easy home renovation projects gone awry makes me laugh (and sometimes cringe) as these are vivid reminders of my real-life adventure funding my current company back in 2001. […] Read more »

Human beings have 5 psychological motivators: *Prestige, Curiosity, Security, Experience, or Connection.* To quote PhD students working for, these motivators are defined as: *Prestige:* The Prestige Motivation Scale measures the intensity of your needs to be publicly admired, to win in competitive situations, to be […] Read more »

[qi:029] Universal Music Group is conducting an experiment where it will offer a large part of its catalog DRM free for six months, except that it won’t be available on the largest digital download store of them all – Apple’s iTunes. The most-backward looking music company […] Read more »

Web slide shows where you remix personal photos, music and videos are interesting, but I have often wondered if there was way to make money off them beyond the usual advertising model. Qlip Media, a Mountain View, Calif.-based start-up seems to have figured out a way, […] Read more »

Episode # 3 of The GigaOM Show is now online. Our guest this week is Blake Krikorian, who is talking about his company, Sling Media, place shifting of television signals. We asked him: Can Silicon Valley really produce a big consumer electronics company (not called Apple?) […] Read more »

Veoh, the San Diego-based online video start-up, has sued Universal Music Group in federal court to reinforce its rights as a copyright compliant company under the safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Veoh’s decision to sue comes after UMG threatened the video […] Read more »

[qi:053] Limelight Networks (LLNW), an aggressive player in the CDN market is feeling the blow back of the CDN price wars. The stock is tanking today, mostly because Wall Street didn’t like their second quarter numbers. Paul Kedrosky thinks that with annual revenues of over $100 […] Read more »

It’s a testament to both the madness in the private equity markets and the hype around online video taking place right now that a company without a name, a website or even a clear exit strategy has been able to raise $100 million dollars at a […] Read more »

It’s a testament to both the madness in the private equity markets and the hype around online video taking place right now that a company without a name, a website or even a clear exit strategy has been able to raise $100 million dollars at a […] Read more »

[qi:004] Vonage (VG), the beleaguered VoIP service provider, has reported its second-quarter earnings, and things are not looking good. The numbers might have impressed some, but the fact remains that the company is walking a tightrope. Looking beyond the revenue (which at $206 million was lower […] Read more »

[qi:033] Every start-up is like a tender sapling, that after tender loving care by the founder, needs a constant gardner (or two) before it can put roots, and become a tree that survives the vagaries of nature, and test of time. And for my little company, […] Read more »

Ooma, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based start-up that launched last month and was greeted with mixed reactions from many in the VoIP community is going to start taking pre-orders for its Hub and Scout devices, according to the company, will orders shipping sometime next month. The company’s […] Read more »

After a long morning at Cupertino on Tuesday, I spent much of the afternoon taping The GigaOM Show for this week. We invited Blake Krikorian, CEO and co-founder of Sling Media, to come on and talk about all things newteevee. The conversation was lively, but what […] Read more »

JibJab, the LA-based online comedy studio well known for iconic viral video hits such as ‘This Land’ featuring George Bush and John Kerry, is outsourcing some of its creativity to you. Yes, you, the Time Magazine Person of the year. They have just announced a new […] Read more »

[qi:050] Ma Bell seems to be acting like the big brother. Apparently, AT&T censored parts of Pearl Jam’s performance over the weekend. Rock band was performing as part of Lollapalooza. On their website, Pearl Jam writes: During the performance of “Daughter” the following lyrics were sung […] Read more »

[qi:051] DOCSIS 3.0, the next-generation cable broadband standard, has been the subject of much debate here in the U.S., with Comcast (CMCSA) Chief Executive Brian Roberts doing most of the talking, and promising speeds of up to 160 megabits per second. NET Brazil demoed a system […] Read more »

* FoundRead: Was it good or bad leadership that might now send the ex-Brocade CEO to prison for decades? Continue Reading. * Earth2Tech: Q&A with Mohr Davidow Partner Erik Straser about his cleantech portfolio. Continue Reading. * NewTeeVee: ABC i-catching flack for Sunday’s debate. Continue Reading. […] Read more »

[qi:051] AT&T’s Alaskan subsidiary, AT&T Alascom has launched a WiMAX network in Alaska. The network is part of AT&T’s long term WiMAX/Broadband plans is built with Alvarion gear (ALVR). The 1 megabits per second service is currently available in Juneau but will expand to other parts […] Read more »

Note: Names and products are kept intentionally vague to protect the innocent… mostly me! In 1999 I interviewed for the CTO position at a well-funded start-up. I was flattered by the offer, but the job was in a high tech incubator 100 miles away from where […] Read more »

Updated: First it was News Corp., then CondeNast and CBS Interactive. Now Hearst Corp. and Forbes have joined the Web 2.0 party, snapping up tiny start-ups, and trying to capture the ongoing online shift of both audiences and advertising dollars. Earlier today, Venturebeat reported that Forbes […] Read more »

Verizon’s FiOS Broadband and TV service is widely believed to be kryptonite for Cable Companies. Add satellite companies to the list, according to a study conducted by OneTrak, a market research firm. They looked at 34 Massachusetts towns and came up with interesting conclusions. In the […] Read more »

Zattoo, a P2P television company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Zurich, Switzerland, is likely to get sued by five Spanish television networks, according to a report in Telecom Paper, a subscription-only news service. We are still waiting for more details on this development. Zattoo had […] Read more »

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