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Jive Software, a Portland, Ore.-based collaboration software startup, has raised $15 million in funding from Sequoia Capital.  Jim Goetz is the Sequoia partner leading the investment in the company, which has been profitable since it was launched in 2001. The new money will be used to […] Read more »

Voxbone, a Los Angeles-based VoIP origination services company, recently had a contest for applications that used its VoxAPI, which gave the developers access to features including ordering DID numbers. The winners of the contest were Voztelecom’s Oigaa (go to; X Machine’s IVR Factory, a Web-based […] Read more »

An Illinois court, as part of the tussle between Comcast (CMCSA) and DirecTV (DTV) over whose HD is better, has ruled in favor of Comcast, saying that satellite broadcaster DirecTV used false advertising. The courts also ruled against DirecTV’s motions for injunctions against its rival. Comcast, […] Read more »

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[qi:033] I am not sure about you, but we are happy about the weekend and will be attending the big BarCamp event in Palo Alto. BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is […] Read more »

[qi:83] Jaiku, the Helsinki, Finland based start-up that makes a lifestreaming client for mobile phones just launched a new version of its clients, which has some nifty enhancements. Contact list and conversations-as-threads have received a makeover. The visually rich contact list that displays their buddy icons […] Read more »

[qi:060] Microsoft Office for Mac is getting a bit long in the tooth, and the new version isn’t likely to show up until 2008. So perhaps that is why we all got a little too excited about iWork’08, which made its debut earlier this month. I […] Read more »

A few days after everyone went into a tizzy over Facebook launching an iPhone-specific website, another social networking service, Multiply has come out with its iPhone-ready site. (Check it out here at It is amazing how many social services are spending money and optimizing for […] Read more »

SaaS and Web 2.0 companies demonstrate every day that there’s real money to be made providing a myriad of services over the Internet, and if history is any indication, the service providers are taking notice. Continue Reading. Read more »

There are numerous posts that I came across on the web for what an entrepreneur should do, or for that matter, not do, while running a startup. Most are typically directed at founders. I haven’t yet come across enough good write ups that speak to what […] Read more »

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It has been a day from hell for Skype fans and Skype, the company. The outages have impacted many. Skype’s misfortune turned out to be a boon for SIPphone. The company saw a 400% increase in traffic this morning, with 4 times increase in sales, calls […] Read more »

* FoundRead: Founders at VMWare and XenSource all hit paydirt this week — but whom would you rather be? Read more » * Earth2Tech: How the Physical Distribution of Digital Goods Impacts the Environment. Read more » * Future of Software: The Road Ahead for Browsing. […] Read more »

[qi:004] BREAKING: Oh oh…. there is some breaking bad news out of Technorati. The blog search service is going to layoff eight people and David Sifry is stepping down as the CEO. The company has been looking for a CEO for a while, and has been […] Read more »

* FoundRead: Founders at VMWare and XenSource all hit paydirt this week — but whom would you rather be? Read more » * Earth2Tech: How the Physical Distribution of Digital Goods Impacts the Environment. Read more » * Future of Software: The Road Ahead for Browsing. […] Read more »

[qi:051] U.S. broadband subscriber growth, which had been rising at a blistering pace for nearly 12 quarters, started to slow down in the three-month period that ended in June. This is a problem not just for the larger broadband service providers, but for smaller players like […] Read more »

* FoundRead: Founders at VMWare and XenSource all hit paydirt this week — but whom would you rather be? Read more » * Earth2Tech: How the Physical Distribution of Digital Goods Impacts the Environment. Read more » * WebWorkerDaily: Multiple Computer Montitors are good for you. […] Read more »

Skype, one of the primary means of communication for web workers has been on the fritz for past few hours, possibly because of some software upgrades from Microsoft. Let this be a reminder that Skype is not quite your phone company replacement. This must have impacted […] Read more »

[qi:90] Update: Peer-to-peer by its very nature is supposed to work without a problem, with packets finding their way to good peers, and then moving on to their final destination. The Skype outage – you couldn’t login to your Skype account – that started sometime last […] Read more »

[qi:074] It is not often someone decides to take on the Federal Communications Commission head-on, especially if you happen to be a start-up that is looking to get about 20 MHz of spectrum for free. But Menlo Park, Calif.-based M2Z Networks is willing to risk it […] Read more »

* NewTeeVee: is bolted * NewTeeVee: Truveo relaunches as video search destination. * NewTeeVee: Get ready for Facebook Diaries * WebWorkerDaily: How to keep your public WiFi sessions secure * FoundRead: Winners do quit, and quitters do win. * Earth2Tech: Biodiesels endangering Gummy Bears * […] Read more »

It shouldn’t come as a surprise:, the beleaguered online video site is shutting down. The site had been sued by Universal Music Group, and then sold itself to GoFish for $30 million in February 2007. Earlier this month, We had earlier reported that the merger […] Read more »

[qi:010] Kara Swisher is reporting that there is some kind of a management shuffle at Facebook that has resulted in the demotion of COO Owen Van Natta. Facebook PR head Brandee Barker tells Kara that this new role wasn’t a demotion, but an “expansion of its […] Read more »

If Mac owners were feeling left behind by all the upgrades Skype has been releasing for Windows-based computers, don’t worry, we have some news for you: Skype has just released a beta version of Skype 2.7 for Mac. You can download it here. There are some […] Read more »

Updated: So now everyone is talking about Cable’s Hi Def problem! “The increasing bandwidth demands on cable operators will soon reach crisis stage, yet this is a ‘dirty little industry secret’ that no one talks about,” Stan Schatt, VP and research director for ABI Research told […] Read more »

[qi:006] In a headline worthy of the New York post, The Register screamed, VMware’s IPO – Insanity turns Silicon Valley back to normal. It aptly sums up the VMware (VMW) IPO situation: the virtualization company is valued at close to $20 billion at the end of […] Read more »

While San Francisco’s grand plans for a WiFi network backed by Google (GOOG) and Earthlink remains caught in the quicksand of local politics and unrealistic ambitions, a smaller, less ambitious effort that’s being spearheaded by Mountain View, Calif.-based Meraki, Free The Net, is gaining groundswell support. […] Read more »

[qi:036] Long time GigaOM contributing editor Robert Young and Scott Karp, formerly of Atlantic Media and well known media blogger have just soft launched their new company, Publish2. Karp is the CEO and co-founder, while Young is the Chairman and co-founder of the new company. The […] Read more »

Time and again, file-sharing services with a dubious past try to overcome their history by going legit, and they fail. Limewire is the latest one to try its hand, betting that it can build a business by going legit and selling music. Fat chance! Making money […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] YouTube is asking for Jon Stewart of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report, to come as witnesses for the much awaited Viacom v Google battle. Sadly, this by no means guarantees they’ll ever take the stand. But that […] Read more »

Something Simpler, a Vancouver-based start-up, has acquired the assets (including intellectual property) of RSS company PubSub, which after a promising start flailed and fell out of favor. The deal involves IP, equipment, brands & trademarks, but not the company. According to our sources, this is an […] Read more »

Time Warner Cable (TWC), like many other forward-thinking cable operators, started working on a personal video recorder back in 2003 as a hedge against the growing popularity of TiVo (TIVO). Four years later, the company has finally gotten around to releasing its service, except it lacks […] Read more »

The Road Ahead For Browsing: Today is quite possibly the healthiest time for the Web-browsing industry — ever. Innovation is happening rapidly again, and since all of it is tied to the Web, this is helping to make the browser market competitive again, too. And you […] Read more »

Editor’s note: Matt Rogers thinks big — not every founder would be brave (or rash) enough to claim s/he has a Google-beater. But we like big thinkers at Found|READ. More importantly, whether this particular idea has legs, Matt’s method of thinking about new business concepts, explained […] Read more »

Google may have won the fixed line search sweepstakes, but mobile search remains an open territory, for anyone to conquer — countless start-ups, Yahoo, Nokia. Add AOL to the list, which is launching a revamped (beta) version of its mobile search service today. Unlike its previous […] Read more »

The social networking hype is at an all time high, with many speculating about the potential of a Facebook initial public offering, that might value the Palo Alto-company in billions. When (and if) that happens remains to be seen, but United Online (UNTD) (UOL), an Internet […] Read more »

Over the past few weeks, there has been a steady increase in the number of articles questioning the wisdom of municipal WiFi networks and wondering if they really will ever realize their potential. It seems the pendulum has swung from one extreme to another. With some […] Read more »

[qi:_foundread] FoundRead: We put 10 questions to serial founder Doyon Kim, whose resume includes early VoIP player DialPad, to learn more about what keeps him going. Continue reading. * Earth2Tech: Tesla Motors changes gears, demotes CEO. * NewTeeVee: Joost’s problem: American Broadband. Actually more like lack […] Read more »

OK, this has to be the coolest news this morning. SHAPE Services, a Stuttgart, Germany-based company, well-known for making mobile IM clients, has just announced Skype for iPhone, an iPhone-optimized Web site that allows you to access Skype via the browser on the iPhone. You can […] Read more »

C/Net is running a special report on search engines and privacy, notably the improvements that have been made. It would be more accurate, however, to talk about the perception of privacy. Search engines save information related to our search behavior (cookies etc.) for some 13-to-18 […] Read more »

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