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[qi:83] Update: Nearly 84 percent of the U.S. population will have mobile phones by the end of 2007, and that number is going to barrel past 100 percent in 2013, according to SNL Kagan. SNL Kagan expects total industry average revenue per user (ARPU) to grow […] Read more »

Last week’s Skype blackout and the impact it had on millions brought home the fact that the little P2P voice service has become an important member of modern communications. Two new, discrete bits of news add further weight to that theory. Earlier today, IBM (IBM) said […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Vadver, a pre-launch video startup is building a video-discovery service that sounds somewhat similar to and Divvio, with the idea of using social connections to recommend online videos. Vadver, which has four employees and was founded in January of this year, has raised $1.7 […] Read more »

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As most founders know, or come to learn, finding the right business partner or co-founder is among the most important–and difficult–things we do as entrepreneurs. In 2003 I came up with a killer idea for a new RFID product. I talked about it with a great […] Read more »

[qi:004] By now you all know that sometime next year analog television will be replaced by all-digital television broadcasts, a move that is likely to impact about 21 million viewers who are still using “rabbit ear antennas” and have televisions that can’t receive digital signals. In […] Read more »

[qi:020] In grand schemes of life (and business) this bit of news is clearly not such a big deal. But it is nice to know that PayPal, an eBay (EBAY) company is finally getting a makeover. They have been reaching out to some of their merchants […] Read more »

DivX (DIVX), a San Diego, Calif.-based online video technology company is expanding its reach into the living room. Today, the company showed off Connected, its media-extender platform that uses chips from Sigma Design (SIGM) and is able to pull various different types of multimedia content from […] Read more »

[qi:032] YouTube last night said it’s offering a new kind of embedded in-video advertising that’s going to help its parent company, Google (GOOG), and its media partners make money off what has thus far been a fallow field — online video. YouTube’s in-video advertising techniques have […] Read more »

[qi:005] Gotta love that Gallic pride — especially when it comes from the executive suite of broadband service providers competing for their customers’ affection. Yesterday, neuf Cegetel, a competitive broadband service provider, said it will offer about 150,000 songs and 3,000 videos from Universal Music Group […] Read more »

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UK-based wireless operator is all set to launch a cheaper 3G service next month, according to Unstrung. The company is going to offer HSDPA services with speeds up to 2.8 megabits per second for $20 a month that would allow up to 1 gigabyte of data. […] Read more »

Earlier this week I decided to cancel my Comcast (CMCSA) subscriptions, switching instead to Covad’s ADSL2 service, which is faster, for now. I didn’t even think twice about switching off my cable service, because frankly with the exception of baseball games and ESPN, I didn’t really […] Read more »

It has been a summer of virtualization: the blockbuster IPO of VMWare (VMW) followed by the $500 million acquisition of XenSource by Citrix Systems (CTXS). For now, the key driving force behind virtualization is money – rather need to save money. “The cost of power in […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] YouTube is unveiling today the deployment of animated Flash ads that are included in select videos and are being sold on a $20 CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis. The ads have been in tests for months now. Across “millions and millions of tests,” the […] Read more »

When it comes to DRM free music — that is, music not encumbered by copyright certain playback restrictions — the pitchers are still throwing their warm-up pitches. Nevertheless, there is a lot of excitement leading up to the game. So far two major music labels — […] Read more »

[qi:036] eBay (EBAY) has released its eBay Marketplace on Facebook Application. The new application allows you to link your eBay and Facebook accounts and then share them with your network. It would be a cool way to sell your eBay items to your network. You can […] Read more »

[qi:031] Update#2: The digital music joint venture aimed at Apple (AAPL) and unveiled earlier today by RealNetworks (RNWK) and Viacom’s (VIA) MTV is 51-percent-owned by the digital media company, notes’s Rafat Ali, who dug up Rhapsody’s related 8-K filing. MTV’s stake will be 49 percent. […] Read more »

The funding for online video sites continues to flow unabated. Metacafe, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based video site that competes with the likes of YouTube, has raised $30 million in new funding, according to VentureWire (via VentureBeat). Highland Capital Partners and DAG Ventures led the round. Previous […] Read more »

[qi:86] After no one bought their first explanation, Skype is trying one more time, this time elaborating on the Microsoft connection. Some of the details they offered is what the bloggers had already guessed. In previous instances where a large number of supernodes in the P2P […] Read more »

“Bill Burnham”: wrote a great piece called “Understanding Why Your VC is Acting Crazy”: where he leads off saying “Over the years I have heard many stories from entrepreneurs expressing various degrees of frustration and mystification over a position taken by their VCs . . .” […] Read more »

[qi:83] Most of us will agree that these days trying to do anything other than making plain vanilla phone calls and sending short messages on a regular 12-keypad mobile phone is an ordeal. The triple tapping gives the thumb muscles a complete workout. No wonder it […] Read more »

When you’re creating a startup, there are far more important things to get right before the company name. But once you’re comfortable with the big stuff, spend time with the name. Don’t do this for the emotional side — even though it’s a name you’ll live […] Read more »

One has to feel bad for TiVo: they came up with the idea for digital video recorder. Michael Lewis, the best selling author of New New Thing even wrote a long piece about the company. And yet they are not the big winner, despite having one […] Read more »

Cisco Systems (CSCO) and Microsoft (MSFT) had been increasingly butting heads lately over “enterprise communication” infrastructure, with each company hawking their own version of VoIP products, from directory servers to clients to handsets. This was making the folks who actually spend money — large corporations — […] Read more »

[qi:90] Skype’s Heartbeat Blog has an explanation for the 30-hour outage that plagued the eBay-owned (EBAY) voice company last week. A quick overview: 1. Microsoft issued Windows updates on Thursday, Aug. 16th. 2. Millions installed those patches, rebooted, and tried to log into the Skype network […] Read more »

: Google’s vision might be to eventually migrate all apps to the web. But in the interim it has to content with Microsoft and Windows, and perhaps that is one of the reasons it needs to team up with Adobe, either as a partner or just […] Read more »

iRobot Corp. (IRBT) is suing Robotic FX, Inc., of Worth, Ill., and its founder and president, a former iRobot employee, Jameel Ahed. iRobot says Robotic FX’s “Negotiator” is a knock-off version of its combat-proven iRobot PackBot robot, and infringes its patents. iRobot is company more known […] Read more »

[qi:90] Update: A few weeks after Google bought GrandCentral for many millions, there are some changes afoot at the service. There is word that some GrandCentral users who had signed up for a phone number for life are finding out that it isn’t exactly the case, […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] I just posted a piece over on NewTeeVee about Building B, a start-up, that is building a new kind of a home video god box, that combines traditional video, video on demand, web video and the kitchen sink. Except, they are being pretty tightlipped about […] Read more »

Building B became the latest startup to join the Internet video set-top box sweepstakes today with the Belmont, Calif.-based company’s announcement that it has developed a video god box capable of marrying traditional television with video-on-demand and Web video. The company has raised a whopping $17.5 […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] The entertainment industry has been hiring companies to pollute P2P networks with phony files for years, and now some of these very same companies are going into marketing. Instead of sabotaging file transfers, they offer their own media for download, and instead of corrupted files, […] Read more »

[qi:90] The great call blocking battle that broke out in the spring of 2007 seems to be finally over, with one of the key players in the drama dropping its lawsuit against Ma Bell. A few months ago some incumbent phone companies started blocking free conference […] Read more », a company based India has released Bucket Explorer (BE), a software that puts an easy to use user interface for Amazon’s S3 service. The product is available for Windows and Linux Operating Systems. The free trial version will work through 2007, but at that point […] Read more »

It has been an interesting 30 hours for Skype, its community and its engineers. The outage that caused anxiety amongst millions who depend on Skype for communications exposed the fragility of our digital lives. And in this moment of crisis, eBay’s (EBAY) senior management was AWOL. […] Read more »

Things are heating up this week, as Om and Joyce tear through another round of Hitlines without mercy. We also sit down with RealNetworks founder Rob Glaser, a true veteran in the tech world. All that plus analysis, predictions, and even an insult or two… on […] Read more »

At 11 AM GMT, Skype returned to normal. The company issued this statement. “Take a deep breath. Skype is back to normal.” “On Monday, we’ll provide a more detailed explanation of what happened. Until then, we’d like to apologize and thank you. Precisely in that order.” […] Read more »

[qi:078] I have been getting quite a few emails from folks who are fuming over the ongoing Skype outage. The Skype team is trying its best to fix the problem, but that isn’t helping those who depend on the service. One of our readers Ariel Porath […] Read more »

Jive Software, a Portland, Ore.-based collaboration software startup, has raised $15 million in funding from Sequoia Capital.  Jim Goetz is the Sequoia partner leading the investment in the company, which has been profitable since it was launched in 2001. The new money will be used to […] Read more »

Voxbone, a Los Angeles-based VoIP origination services company, recently had a contest for applications that used its VoxAPI, which gave the developers access to features including ordering DID numbers. The winners of the contest were Voztelecom’s Oigaa (go to; X Machine’s IVR Factory, a Web-based […] Read more »

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