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Now if I had a car, it would be a Mini. And today’s news that future models of BMW and Mini were adding support for iPhone would have made me happy – it would be some justification for owning the best iPod on the planet. The […] Read more »

Is Google (GOOG) Phone fact or fiction? Engadget says Google’s entry into mobile phone business is for real, and the company is going to announce it soon. Scott Kirsner talked to a bunch of folks over who are intimately familiar with the effort and outlined his […] Read more »

[qi:051] Swedish grannies are connecting to the net at 40 gigabits per second life; 100 megabit per seconds are becoming common place in Japan and Korea; and even French are dreaming of an ultra-fast fiber future. And yet, in the US we are all stuck in […] Read more »

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[qi:_newteevee] Babelgum (the “other” peer-to-peer Internet TV startup), will host an online film festival to “reward the very best in international independent short filmmaking.” They even got Spike Lee to be an “honorary” judge (read: he’ll only watch a handful of of flicks). It’s great that […] Read more »

[qi:045] Update: Dane Jasper of Sonic.Net left a comment saying that this is their own initiative and the equipment is coming from Meraki. We’re doing this independently, using equipment from Meraki. Meraki and Google have an ad partnership, and any revenues that flow from that will […] Read more »

[qi:074] Memo to private equity investors: Get your checkbooks ready, for VeriSign (VRSN) might have some businesses to put on the block. VeriSign, the Mountain View, Calif.-based domain name registry manager, is in the middle of a major restructuring under the aegis of its new chief […] Read more »

The new episode of The GigaOM Show is up. In addition to our hitlines, we talk with executives from web analytics companies, Quantcast and Hitwise, and try to understand the complexities of web analytics and why it is hard to get a handle on who is […] Read more »

[qi:020] In what has to be the worst PR moves of all time, General Atlantic, a New York-based hedge fund, announced that it was backing a new buyout fund started by Jon Miller, former CEO of AOL and Ross Levinsohn, former President of Fox Interactive. No […] Read more »

There is a game of corporate chicken going on. Hours after NBC decided that it was going to pull its shows from the iTunes store at the end of this year, Apple (AAPL) trumped them and will not sell shows from the upcoming TV season on […] Read more »

There is a game of corporate chicken going on. Hours after NBC decided that it was going to pull its shows from the iTunes store at the end of this year, Apple (AAPL) trumped them and will not sell shows from the upcoming TV season on […] Read more »

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[qi:032] While Google’s (GOOG) YouTube continues to gain market share and increase its lead in the Web video market, funding to its competitors continues to flow unabated. Yesterday, Dailymotion raised $34 million, following on the heels of Veoh ($26 million) and MetaCafe ($30 million.) These three […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Joost just released version 0.12.0 of its P2P TV client this week. The new releases offers end users a bunch of bug fixes, but developers get a special treat: Joost has opened up its API and now makes it possible to develop third-party widgets that […] Read more »

Editor’s Note: Trevor is the editor of “Red Canary”:, a great online magazine/community just like Found|READ, but which is focused on “fast-growth Canadian companies,” rather than startups. Trevor’s July 2006 Red Canary post on “hiring tips for startups” is obviously very relevant to Found|READers, and is […] Read more »

[qi:004] Update: Helio has cut a 100 jobs out its total workforce of over 700 employees, in an effort to streamline its operations and refocus its field sales team towards direct sales, a company spokesperson told us this afternoon. The vast majority of these changes came […] Read more »

[qi:011] EarthLink (ENLK), the beleaguered Atlanta-based Internet service provider that was recently forced to resort to draconian measures — including pulling back on some of its next-generation efforts — has been one of the biggest champions of “MuniFi as the third broadband pipe movement.” Fighting the […] Read more »

[qi:90] VoIP and other Communications technologies are the main driver of bandwidth consumption in the enterprise, according to a survey conducted by Network General, a QoS company. Nearly 80 percent of respondents expect the network traffic from all their communications applications to increase during the next […] Read more »

[qi:83] Given how many of our readers are Blackberry users, it is prudent to share this news with them: Opera, the Oslo, Norway-based software company has released the new beta of Opera Mini 4, the world’s most popular mobile Web browser which now is optimized for […] Read more »

Editor’s Note: we’re posting this *Question of the Day* because we think it raises an obstacle that many promising tech entrepreneurs will face — *networking outside the insular practice/industry to get their businesses off the ground.* This isn’t always easy for developers who’ve “grown up” in […] Read more »

[qi:076] The big boys may have opted to spend this summer lounging around at the beach, but the startups have apparently decided to seek out some retail therapy. Today, for example, social shopping service said it will buy women’s fashion shopping site for an […] Read more »

My three cofounders and I are getting ready to launch a new site, “”: We are only days away from launch and are wrapping up some details. While most of the team is plugging away the keyboard, I am busy drawing up a business plan to […] Read more »

News Corp. and NBC Universal have finally announced the name for their much talked about NewCo online video effort: Hulu. CEO Jason Kilar explains the reasons why they picked the name. Why Hulu? Objectively, Hulu is short, easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and rhymes with […] Read more »

[qi:012] A few months ago when I got my hands on the first version of Nokia N95, my initial impression about that phone was less than enthusiastic. A 5-megapixel camera, remarkably solid music playback capabilities, and the ability to make phone calls over WiFi seemingly struck […] Read more »

Nokia (NOK) is making a splash today with the launch of four new mobile phones, the Nokia music store, a Nokia N-Gage gaming site, and a web services portal called Ovi. The company announced these new efforts at Go Play, an even the company is hosting […] Read more »

[qi:051] Mark Cuban, the histrionics-prone billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, caused a major ruckus over the weekend when he wrote a stinging essay entitled “The Internet is Dead and Boring.” The essay lit a fire under the bloggers, who turned into NBA officials for […] Read more »

As we had reported earlier, Earthlink (ENLK) announced a major restructuring. They will hold a conference call tomorrow morning. According to their news release, they are going to shut down many satellite offices and about 900 people will lose their jobs. As a result of the […] Read more »

[qi:076] Johnson & Johnson-owned BabyCenter wants to get hip, and gets on the social networking bandwagon. And to make that happen it has acquired Palo Alto-based niche social network, Maya’s Mom, reports PaidContent. (Disclosure: True Ventures is an investor in both GigaOM and Maya’s Mom.) Rafat […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words eco and military strung together is irony, right? The U.S. military doesn’t think so. It wants to save money on energy, use new technologies that can be useful in remote environments. Here is […] Read more »

[qi:013] Akamai (AKAM), under pricing pressure from upstart rivals such as Limelight Networks (LLNW), is upping the ante in the content delivery network wars. The company yesterday announced a new distributed delivery mechanism optimized for the delivery of high definition-quality content online. The push for HD […] Read more »

[qi:004] EarthLink (ELNK), the Atlanta-based Internet Service Provider that has been taking it on the chin in the stock market for the past few months, is in for some major bloodletting, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. It’s been hard to reach some of my easy-to-reach sources; […] Read more »

[qi:83] Try, try and try again! That has been the mantra for Microsoft (MSFT), and now Finnish cellphone maker Nokia (NOK) is embracing it as well. The New York Times reports that the company is going to announce its third push into the fast-growing mobile games […] Read more »

Google Phone has been a subject of many rumors lately. Mark Hopkins, a technology podcaster, says he got the confirmation of the Gphone after talking to an insider Google (GOOG). He said that the Google (applications) Suite is going to play a huge role in the […] Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: We had previously speculated that New York-based Fotolog would be the next one to get acquired. And we were right. It has been acquired by Hi Media, a Paris-based interactive media company for roughly $90 million — a combination of cash and stock, according to […] Read more »

[qi:076] Taiwan-based Acer has acquired the once high-flying Gateway Computer for a mere $710 million, in what could be the last significant deal in the PC hardware business, reports the Wall Street Journal. Acer also acquired the parent of Packard Bell, thereby becoming the third-largest PC […] Read more »

Editor’s Note: Matt Rogers, one of our semi-regular contributors, has a new post on his blog about eBay. It’s filled with insightful data and Matt’s conclusions about what has gone wrong at the online auction giant. We’re ewposting his piece here, not necessarily because we think […] Read more »

At the age of 28, Noelle Sadler has already done more than most: The San Diego native went from working at a movie company to producing one of the best-selling Grand Theft Auto games, all before packing up and moving to Barcelona to get her MBA. […] Read more »

[qi:83] Short message service (SMS), aka text messaging, contrary to rumors of its pending demise and thanks to its relative simplicity and ease of use, keeps on growing in popularity. In fact, SMS usage keeps growing even despite the high tariffs imposed by carriers around the […] Read more »

Google’s Blogger blogging service is finally catching up with the times. It is now adding video uploading to the service, making it easy for folks who use Blogger to add video to their blog posts. On their blog, the Blogger team explains how this is going […] Read more »

[qi:006] The current woes of the hedge fund and private equity markets, compounded by a credit crunch is said to benefit the venture capital industry, according to Keith Benjamin, a general partner at Levinsohn Venture Partners, who argues that institutional investors (endowments and pension funds, for […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Just like AT&T, YouTube will soon lose its exclusivity on the iPhone. When it does, you’ll be able to use the phone to watch videos from all over the Web, thanks to Veveo, an Andover, Mass.-based startup. Continue Reading. Read more »

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