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Apple’s iPhone and other smartphones are full of rare earth minerals China is one of the biggest producers (and consumers) of these rare earth minerals, which are becoming such hot commodities that entrepreneurs and investors are thinking about mining the moon for them. Read more »

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Drugs, baseball and Alex Rodriguez, yeah nothing new here, except new allegations; John Cheever, unplugged; Steven Cohen, the art collector; a family lost in time; Frenchman who knows too much; and hanging out in West Bank. Read more »

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The D2C generation, student debt, Mike Matheny’s tragic story, the problem with social news and the amazingly talented Dualtone records are some of the stories on the menu this week. Read more »

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Sherlock Holmes is one of the most enduring sleuths in the history of fiction. As a character, his logical, observant style can be reinvented for any age. Author Maria Konnikova, who has just penned MasterMind, talks about how to think like Sherlock and why its important. Read more »

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Design trends for 2013, dementia, mobile photography boom, the rise of Tide as the currency for drugs, Lena Dunham is back, and a look back at time when CES was actually cool — those are some of the topics in this week’s newsletter. Read more »


The internet is going to get a lot more real-time in 2013, and in years to come. And that means a constant stream of information and updates. Since the genie is out of the bottle, how about an off-switch for better realtime management? Read more »

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Welcome to a new year — a new year of great stories to read on your weekends. This week we got a pickpocket, Jerry Seinfeld, getting around the globe, quest for perfect bowling score, machine learning for normals and how to keep your new year resolutions. Read more »

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If 2012 taught us anything, it was that today’s startups become slow moving giants at astonishing speed these days. I don’t expect 2013 to be any different. The pace of technological change with only increase in momentum. And that will be the story of 2013. Read more »

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An ode to the Delhi gang-rape victim, iTunes as a discovery service, what science stories to watch for in 2013, the rise of Snapchat, robots everywhere, manly origins of cheerleading, history of the GIF in video and web-UX trends of 2012. Read more »


Twitter, Google, Apple, Facebook, iPhone, Android — what’s new — dominated my writing during 2012. But there were others such as, Kickstarter and France’s Free. Here are some of my stories from this year that I believe will have an impact technology ecosystem in 2013. Read more »

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Getting Bin Laden, the future of special ops, the art of time, bursting of the art bubble, the science of light, and what friendship means in the age of social media are some of the stories that are on deck for this last collection from 2012. Read more »


If you look back too much, there is a good chance you will miss the future and the opportunities it brings, argues Peter Diamandis, Chairman & CEO, X Prize Foundation. What are some of today’s most innovative and thought provoking visions for our future? Watch this video. Read more »

Behance and Adobe

Earlier this morning, Adobe Systems, the San Jose-based creative software giant announced that it was buying New York City-based design-oriented community, Behance. Since then, many have been wondering how much did Adobe shell out? Now we have the answer. Read more »

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What do we have on deck this week? How about Paul Krugman’s love for Isaac Asimov Novels, Sherlock Holmes, the empathic machine, Lenny Dystra, quitting Twitter and what sucks the life out of productivity. Read more »

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What are Twitter’s core design, product and engineering capabilities — stuff they are really good at. What is Twitter’s core competency? Those are tough questions for the company to ask itself and answer — for it would help define and set expectations and strategy that is lasting. Read more »

GE engine

GE, the industrial era mega-company is waking up to the reality of connectedness and importance of data and how those two will shape not only human but business experiences. GE wants to figure out the industrial Internet and wants Silicon Valley’s help, says CEO Jeff Immelt. Read more »

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