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[qi:109] Bolstered by the news of upcoming movie rentals via iTunes, hot selling Macbooks and iPod Touches, Apple just blasted past the $200 a share. So where does it go next? “There’s so much growth to look forward to for the iPhone,” said Stephen Coleman, chief […] Read more »

The team at Earth2Tech has put together a nice Google Maps mash-up that shows coal plants that have been cancelled due to concerns over climate change and global warming. Read more »

Apple’s pending foray into movie rentals is a way to boost video offerings on its iTunes store. Forget Apple TV, this is a strategic move to keep the very profitable iPhone and iPod Touch devices in high demand. Read more »

Upcoming Events (AMZN) has added DRM free downloads from Warner Music Group to its MP3 store, something Apple is yet to offer on its iTunes music store. With 2.9 million songs available for download, the Amazon MP3 store is a very legitimate player in the digital music […] Read more »

Google, apparently has taken substantial amount of floor space at the upcoming Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain, leading some to speculate that the company might actually be ready to launch its Android based phones. While there is certainly an outside chance of the […] Read more »

In a declaration marked by his characteristic passive-aggressiveness, Marc Canter is predicting big changes for social networking in 2008. Canter’s swaggering aside, the man knows a thing or two about social networks. It was almost 18 months ago when he started talking about how social networks […] Read more »

Right before the Christmas holidays I got a chance to catch up with Dr. Mendel Rosenblum, VMWare’s chief scientist and one of the company’s five co-founders. Rosenblum is also an associate professor of computer science at Stanford University. Given that VMWare was in a quiet period prior to the release of its quarterly results, my conversation with Rosenblum was quite general. But he did share with me, among other things, the story of how VMWare got started and his outlook for virtualization in 2008. Here are excerpts from the interview. Read more »

Earlier this year we wrote about Gaboogie, a web-based conference call service started by Erik Lagerway. The service didn’t quite work out, and the company reconfigured its business focus to offering instant group calls from mobiles, and is now called Lypp. Another web-based conferencing service, Foonz […] Read more »

NTT DoCoMo, the largest mobile carrier in Japan is going to use Google search and email, calendaring and other services on its handsets that use the iMode network, according to a story that ran on the AP news wire. AP item is based on a Nikkei […] Read more »

Fring, the mobile IM & VoIP service has added Yahoo and AIM instant messenger support. Fring already supports Skype, Google Talk, MSN, ICQ, and Twitter. Yahoo! & AIM are currently available for Symbian and UIQ handsets, even though voice calls are not yet enabled. In other […] Read more »

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Americans are buying global positioning systems (GPS) for their cars in large numbers, reports AdAge. The NPD Group says that revenues are up 214% and GPS unit sales up a whopping 488% over last year. The M&A activity in the sector is on an upswing, and […] Read more »

Earlier this fall, Scott MacGregor and David Bienvenu, two key members of Mozilla Thunderbird team left Mozilla without indicating their next move. It is becoming clear, that they are close to launching a new email-oriented start up, and a handful of other Mozilla folks such as […] Read more »

With the exception of one town and one village, high speed Internet access is available everywhere in Taiwan. According to Point-Topic, Taiwan had 4.6 million broadband subscribers at the end of Q3 2007. Read more »

Vermont regulators are giving Verizon’s decision to sell 1.6 million lines in Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire the thumbs down. They are concerned that buyer of these lines, Fairpoint Communications of Charlotte, NC is too small and as a result the service will suffer, according to […] Read more »

Acquisitions, new product launches and tussling with telcos to taking on Microsoft – Google was the epicenter of technology in 2007. And as 2008 looms large, the search engine giant is slowly showing its claws. Read more »

CNET reports that Microsoft is streamlining its video operations, putting Internet Protocol television, Media Center, and HD DVD groups into one single group, Connected TV group. The new group now falls under Robbie Bach’s Entertainment and Devices division. Enrique Rodriguez, the VP who till recently was […] Read more »

Given that everyone has tried their hand at defining Web 2.0, there is no harm in hearing out Nokia’s interpretation of Web 2.0. They obviously look at it from the point of view of mobile phones, and have produced a fun video to get their point […] Read more »

I had reported on Mozilla jumping into “online services” earlier this month. Today, they quietly announced a new project called Weave, that allows you to take control of your metadata and store it on Mozilla servers, once you set up an account. Read more »

Thousands of submissions later, the finalists for The Crunchies have been announced. It is time for you to vote and decide the winners. The Crunchies is a joint effort of GigaOM, TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb and VentureBeat. You can visit the Vote Crunchies site and decide which is […] Read more »

On my recent trip to Paris, I had the chance to meet up with the man behind what is arguably one of France’s most dynamic technology companies — one that I feel epitomizes a true, 21st century broadband service provider. Here is a look into Xavier Niel’s Read more »

The much-hyped cleantech automaker Tesla Motors has hit some snags and will launch a public beta of its car next year. Maybe that’s why chairman Elon Musk wants his old job back. Tesla is also raising $40 million from existing investors to keep racing ahead. The […] Read more »

A few weeks after it announced a $18.9 billion merger with gaming company Activision, French conglomerate Vivendi has decided to go shopping again. It is buying 28.64 percent stake in broadband and telephone company neuf Cegetel for $6.4 billion. Vivendi’s mobile division, SFR, owns 40.5 percent […] Read more »

Russian mobile operator VimpelCom (VIP) is buying Golden Telecom (GLDN) for $4.3 billion, the company announced this morning. Vimpel will pay $105 a share in cash for Golden’s outstanding shares. VimpelCom can now provide voice and data in addition to mobile services to its customers. Read more »

In a surprise move, two vertical search sites, Kayak and SideStep decide to merge. The deal gives Kayak the heft, making it the fifth largest online travel destination. But that doesn’t mean it is immune from challenges posed by a slowing economy and its impact on the travel industry at large. Read more »

In the most recent episode of our show, I am joined by Dan Farber, of ZDNet, and Rafe Needleman, of CNET’s Webware, to discuss and the top technology trends for 2008. Sitting in as guest host this week in Joyce Kim’s absence is the editor of […] Read more »

The exodus of senior management at Cisco Systems (CSCO) continues. Today, Chief Development Officer Charlie Giancarlo and the #2 man at Cisco resigned. He is joining buyout shop, Silver Lake Partners. He was amongst the trusted lieutenants of CEO John Chambers, but like many others before […] Read more »

This just in: Google’s $3.1 billion merger with DoubleClick has been cleared by the Federal Trade Commission, which said it saw neither current nor potential competitive problems with the deal. Australia and Brazil have already cleared it as well, but Google cannot close the acquisition until […] Read more »

Another day, another CDN is getting a big cash infusion. Earlier this week we reported that Cachelogic was close to finalizing a $25 million investment. And now there is news that Seoul, South Korea-based CDNetworks is getting a massive $96.5 million infusion from Oak Investment Partners, […] Read more »

Google has been building up its array of offerings for Blackberry devices. Google Maps, GMail and Google Talk applications are widely used by Blackberry owners, but one application that is going to pleasantly surprise everyone is the brand-new Google Sync, which makes your Google Calendar whisper […] Read more »

2007 was a down year for the online video revolution. Nope, we don’t believe it either, but look at the year-end assessments released today by two influential publications. Continue Reading @ NewTeeVee Read more »

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is doing public service commercials, and some of them are being aired on DISH Networks. He is letting folks know about the digital television transition. I can’t remember any FCC chairman making a play for the airwaves like Martin is — something […] Read more »

Asterisk, the poster child of open-source telephony, was downloaded a million times in 2007, according to Digium, the company started by Asterisk creator, Mark Spencer. Wow, it is an impressive number. Read more »

Twitter, the micro-blogging service that gained momentum with the SXSW Interactive Festival back in March, exploded in popularity this year. And with that came a sharp increase in the outages. Pingdom says Twitter was down for about six days in 2007. No surprise that March was […] Read more »

The Helio-MuniFi experiments haven’t really worked out for EarthLink. One of the leading independent service providers, it has hit the skids. They gave the pink slip to nearly 900 employees in August. And it seems the spending cutbacks on Helio and MuniFi came too late. Now […] Read more »

There is no love lost between Google and Microsoft. Same holds true for Viacom. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that Microsoft and Viacom have announced a deal that’s essentially You scratch my back and I scratch yours — and with about $500 million worth […] Read more »

Despite the fact that the first Google Android-based handset isn’t going to hit the shelves till late 2008, and there are reports of some bugs, developers have started to tinker with Android, and have started coming up with applications or application concepts. Maybe it’s the $10 […] Read more »

Microsoft & Viacom announced a wide-ranging agreement this morning that’s valued at about $500 million. It’s essentially a way to thwart Google’s growing influence in the online video and advertising markets. Here are the online video implications: (We will follow up with more details later.) Viacom […] Read more »

With new browser-happy phones like the iPhone and the Nokia S60 lineup, there are some who believe that the mobile web is ready for its proverbial second coming. Martin Sauter on his blog explains that while fixed Internet had nearly a decade to mature before going […] Read more »

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