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Unless you are a BitTorrent-loving downloading machine, Comcast’s broadband service is good enough. Today it got a little better and much faster. Comcast has doubled the speeds of its top tier high-speed Internet service to 16 Mbps. This is a free upgrade and the new tier is called BLAST, and […] Read more »

WebKit, which forms the basis of browsers inside Nokia’s S60 phones and Apple’s popular iPhone is finally making its Windows Mobile debut, thanks to Toronto-based start-up, Torch Mobile. The new Windows Mobile browser is called Iris Browser. (It is also available on the Qt and Qtopica […] Read more »

Sony Ericsson, long the purveyor of its bespoke operating system, has teamed up with Microsoft and will start selling Windows Mobile phones sometime later this year, the company announced. Sony Ericsson also own the UIQ, a deriviative of the Symbian OS. As part of its deal […] Read more »

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Stelera Wireless, an Oklahoma City-based rural broadband service provider has launched its high-speed HSPA service in two markets — Floresville & Poth, Texas — utilizing the Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum band it had acquired in last year’s AWS spectrum auction. The AWS utilizes the 2.1 […] Read more »

AT&T’s decision to aggressively push its 3G wireless services in 2008 is further proof that U.S. mobile operators are now banking on growing demand for wireless broadband to overcome slumping/stagnating voice revenues. AT&T plans to expand its network to another 80 cities this year, bringing the […] Read more »

If in the first eight years of the 21st century contextual text advertising has proven to be the magic potion, then it is safe to say that the next decade or so is going to be about location-relevant advertising and marketing messages. LBA (location-based advertising) has been talked about in hushed tones for so long that it’s hard not to roll one’s eyes. I have been skeptical for a while, but more recently my opinion has started to change. Read more »

JoikuSpot, a new piece of software for the Symbian S60 smartphones, might be the best thing that’s ever happened to web workers, though it is likely to raise the ire of mobile operators. This free software turns a Symbian S60 smartphone into a Wi-Fi HotSpot. Now […] Read more »

A few days ago, Engadget reported that the recessed USB port on the Macbook Air made it virtually impossible to use a 3G modem (USB version) with the skinny machine. It was one of the machine’s shortcomings that felt like a real deal breaker. Nevertheless, I […] Read more »

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If only life were a Jib-Jab video! But it is not, and as a result, the break-dancing moves are on hold for now. A little over a month has passed since my health-related hiccup — not a long time, but long enough to allow me to […] Read more »

Here are photos of my MacBook Air being unboxed in our offices over the weekend. Now the full review will come sometime later, but lets just say, it is as stunning as it looks and it is not as disappointing as I was dreading. More thoughts […] Read more »

Google has kept mum on the much talked about Microsoft-Yahoo deal, but today the company broke its silence and posted its official statement on its blog. The statement is credited to David Drummond, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer… Could Microsoft now attempt […] Read more »

“First come, first served” took a whole new meaning at the San Francisco Apple store today, where Macbook Airs were out of stock within minutes of hitting the shelves. There were only a lucky few who got their hands on the ultra-light laptop that has received […] Read more »

Dear Yahoo, I Pwn You. XO Microsoft. [GigaOM] Google Drives Microsoft’s Hostile Bid for Yahoo [GigaOM] Microsoft Offers to Buy Ailing Yahoo for $44.6 Billion [WebWorkerDaily] What Would Micro-Hoo Mean for Video? [NewTeeVee] WWD Debate: Microsoft Wants Yahoo, What do Web Workers Get? [WebWorkerDaily] Read more »

Motorola said today it’s exploring strategic options that include selling its handset business. The news comes on the heels of the company announcing a terrible fourth quarter, thanks to continued weakness in the handset business. Any buyer should look carefully at Motorola’s handset business. By putting […] Read more »

Amazon is buying Audible for $300 million in cash. It’s a smart move by the Seattle-based e-tailer that is spending nearly 20 percent of its fourth-quarter end net cash. Why do I like this deal? So far, Amazon has made a living out of distributing physical […] Read more »

CBS Mobile chief Cyriac Roeding speaking at a conference in New York lamented about the utter complexity of the mobile ecosystem and the problems facing mobile advertising. His quotes are just money: “How do we expect anyone to take this seriously as an advertising device… So […] Read more »

Sprint, after breaking up with Clearwire last November and walking away from the proposed WiMAX joint venture, is rethinking its position, according to the Wall Street Journal. There is some talk that the two companies could form a joint venture and bring in outside investors, including […] Read more »

Cisco is getting really serious about data centers. Today, Cisco is announcing Nexus 7000 Series switching platform that is focused on what San Jose-based Cisco has dubbed Data Center 3.0. The company also added new products to its Catalyst line of switches. Both Nexus and Catalyst […] Read more »

Vlingo, a Cambridge, MA-based start-up that has developed voice-based interface for mobile phones is working with AT&T and Sprint, according to The New York Times. Both wireless carriers are testing an app called, The Find, which allows you to speak and search for local business information, […] Read more »

Ah the good old days when AT&T and MCI waged long distance switching wars. This spoof video, found via Fiberevolution, is a great walk down the memory lane! Read more »

It’s like the Silicon Valley version of the boy who cried wolf. The IAC-Flixster deal, that is. Earlier this month, TechCrunch and The Wall Street Journal’s “Deal Journal” blog reported on rumors that Barry Diller’s IAC was buying Flixster, a movie-fan web site that has gained […] Read more »

SMS Text News decided to get a contract-free SIM from AT&T after reading my previous post, and ran into some serious problems. Matt couldn’t even find the SIM-only deal on AT&T’s website anymore. As such, he decided to engage ‘Natalie’, the friendly online chat sales representative, […] Read more »

Being a sucker for shiny new things, I ended up ordering the Macbook Air, mostly to lighten the load. But after reading the reviews by the big three — Walt Mossberg, Ed Baig and Steven Levy — I am having second thoughts about my decision. (Maybe […] Read more »

So it’s official: Meg Whitman, CEO of eBay, will retire in March, making way for her former Bain Capital colleague John Donahoe, who currently runs eBay’s Marketplaces business. The news of Whitman’s desire to leave the San Jose, Calif.-based auctions giant was first reported by The […] Read more »

Now that inflight broadband is back in fashion, why shouldn’t low-cost operators get in on the action? Southwest Airlines will soon start testing satellite-delivered broadband Internet access on four of its planes. Southern Calif.-based Row 44, which has cut a similar deal with Alaska Airlines, will […] Read more »

[qi:004] CEO change has had no impact on Motorola’s fortunes. Their handset business continues to spiral downward and is turning into a downright disaster. Fourth quarter 2007 mobile phone sales slumped to 40.9 million units vs 65.7 million in 4Q 2006. Mobile division sales were down […] Read more » is growing in leaps and bounds, making a bold name for itself in the blogosphere. Meanwhile, parent company Automattic has raised a whopping $29 million in a Series B round, according to its founder. Read more »

ARM, a Cambridge, England-based company that licenses microprocessor-related technologies, says the total number of processors that use ARM technology now exceeds 10 billion. The first ARM chip shipped back in 1991. The ARM-based chips are in every hot device: the Nokia N95, iPods, the iPhone, TomTom […] Read more »

A day after we pointed out that AT&T’s new wireless offer, which tacked on a two-year contract to a SIM card (sans handset), was just plain “goofy,” the largest U.S. wireless carrier is saying it was a “mistake” — that the “two-year contract” term wasn’t part […] Read more »

Typically when you sign up for a two-year contract with a wireless carrier, you get to pick a handset — one that is either free or, at the very least, highly subsidized. But AT&T today started offering a new plan that allows you to buy a […] Read more »

Google Documents is slowly becoming the big gorilla of the online document, crushing smaller players by its sheer mass. WebWorkerDaily reports that one such service, Coventi Pages, is heading to the deadpool, and will shut down on February 1, 2008. It’s slick features weren’t enough! Read more »

This past Friday, I made my first public appearance since my health problems, at the Crunchies. I spent nearly two hours at the event (with doctor’s blessings) and it was well worth it. Sure I was tired by the end of it, but it was great […] Read more »

So due to unforeseen complications, my homecoming was delayed by a day or so. That also means my therapy is going to start a day later, but who’s counting? If you haven’t already read it, Dan Fost’s article in the New York Times outlines some of […] Read more »

Happy New Year. As you may have noticed, my byline hasn’t been up for a few days. That’s because the holidays weren’t exactly my most jolly. I had a heart attack on Dec. 28. I was able to walk into the hospital for treatment that night […] Read more »

Happy New Year. As you may have noticed, my byline hasn’t been up for a few days. That’s because the holidays weren’t exactly my most jolly. I had a heart attack on Dec. 28. I was able to walk into the hospital for treatment that night […] Read more »

Update: Over a month ago, I visited Dave Winer’s Berkeley, Calif. home. We went for a walk that knocked the wind out of me, but during course of our conversation, Dave mentioned that he was working on something new. After nearly 45 minutes of rigorous walking, […] Read more »

[qi:109] Bolstered by the news of upcoming movie rentals via iTunes, hot selling Macbooks and iPod Touches, Apple just blasted past the $200 a share. So where does it go next? “There’s so much growth to look forward to for the iPhone,” said Stephen Coleman, chief […] Read more »

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