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The Wall Street Journal today discusses the trials and tribulations of the U.S. dollar in a page one story, pointing out for whom it is causing problems, worldwide, and there was this one tiny bit that caught my eye: Yet for all of the gloom, the […] Read more »

If you thought eBay taking a hefty writedown for its mistake — I mean Skype was shocking — then Sprint’s Nextel deal writedown is going to leave you awed. Sprint Nextel reported a $29.5 billion loss, scratched its dividend and lost 683,000 customers. The company wrote […] Read more »

[qi:012] Google acquired JotSpot eons ago, so long ago that one almost forgets about the wiki company and its founder, Joe Krause. Apparently Google didn’t let it go to waste. It is now the underpinning of Google Sites, a web-based collaboration software service that is going […] Read more »

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Facebook is planning a major site design and is showing off some minor tweaks that are an attempt to de-clutter the increasingly cluttered FB experience. They are playing around with tabs – one for the about page, another for photos and of course, the Wall. “We’re […] Read more »

IBM today announced a new mainframe, z10, targeting the enterprise data centers, that consumes 85 percent less power than traditional x86 servers and needs a much smaller real estate footprint. Big Blue claims a single z10 is equal to 1500 x86 servers and uses 64 quad […] Read more »

Google is down $35 a share to around $451 and continues to be under pressure. Why? comScore came out with January U.S. paid search data and it doesn’t look good. Google’s sponsored clicks were down 7 percent month-over-month, effectively flat year-over-year and down 12 percent quarter-over-quarter. […] Read more »

Apple upgraded its Macbook and Macbook Pro lines of notebooks. With three product lines – Macbook, Air and Pro – it is time for you to tell us which is the Mac notebook you like the most, and why? Take our poll and then leave a comment. Read more »

Google is buying a piece of a new transpacific fiber optic cable, according to research firm TeleGeography. This will be yet another piece of what can be loosely described as GoogleNet, a fiber network built and leased by the search engine and advertising giant to meet […] Read more »

The ingress and egress of executives at Skype has given us much to write about, especially the changes in the C-suite. Niklas Zennstrom (co-founder) left a few months ago and was replaced by interim CEO Michael van Swaaij who is now being replaced by Josh Silverman, […] Read more »

[qi:083] The $99 unlimited calling plans might be great for some of us who yak-a-lot or even small businesses, but the Telecom Expense Management Association (TEMIA) thinks that these new unlimited flat-rate cellular plans are a bad idea for large corporations because a “well managed corporate […] Read more »

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[qi:110]New York-based startup Outbrain has raised $5 million in a Series A funding from Gemini Israel Funds, Lightsteed Venture Partners and Glen Rock Israel. The company, headed by Yaron Galai, co-founder of Quigo (sold to AOL), provides ratings and recommendations for web content — including blogs. […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] If you’re wondering where the cleantech hot spots are around the globe, then we have the ultimate map for you: Earth2Tech’s 101 cleantech startups, where you can see how cleantech companies are sprouting up all over the place. Continue reading on Earth2Tech. Read more »

[qi:115] Megamillion-dollar rounds of funding for ad networks show that investors, despite the likelihood of a recession, continue to be dazzled by the glamor of online advertising. Glam raised $85 million (giving it a valuation of $500 million) and London-based Adconion raised $80 million. Their mega-valuations […] Read more »

For what seems to be an eternity, we have been promised seamless connectivity, high-speed connections that appear auto-magically out of thin air, giving us access to the wonders of the web — and of course, our data, including the unending stream of emails. Today, we have […] Read more »

[qi:004] eBay sellers decided to boycott eBay listings in order to protest the recent changes in the feedback policy and fee-hikes. The listings dropped 13% or 13 million items in a week, reports USA Today, citing third party sources. eBay denies that there has been any […] Read more »

I’ve been watching the mobile industry commit hara-kari over the past few days. US Cellular is the latest to join this mad dash to the bottom. Their new $99 unlimited calling plans make me wonder if they have actually thought through this move and its long-term […] Read more »

Pike & Fisher calculate that the Bells — AT&T, Verizon and Qwest added 755,000 net broadband customers in the fourth quarter of 2007, the lowest level in five years. As we have noted earlier, broadband growth is slowing in the U.S., and we should expect more […] Read more »

It is still not clear what is going to happen to Xohm, Sprint’s planned WiMAX service. Will it be put on ice, or will it become part of a new company with backing from Silicon Valley giants like Intel? One thing is becoming increasingly clear: Unlike […] Read more »

Microsoft is changing the way it does business and is opening up, according to a long elaborate press release the company issued this morning. I am reading through it and will try and make sense of it all. At first blush looks like the leopard is […] Read more »

Google, according to The Wall Street Journal is thinking about teaming up with Space Data Corp., a company that sends balloons carrying small (micro) base stations about 20 miles up in the air for providing connectivity to truckers and oil companies. The balloons burst almost every […] Read more »

Wow… the battle of press releases is gaining in intensity. Within hours of Verizon announcing its decision to go unlimited, we had AT&T come out swinging with its own release. And now T-Mobile says starting Feb 21, you can get $99 unlimited wireless calling on their […] Read more »

Americans’ love affair with HD TV hit an all-time high this Christmas season, thanks to bigger, crisper screens at affordable prices. So it came as no surprise that they started calling their cable companies, satellite providers and IPTV operators, screaming for set-top boxes that would allow […] Read more »

OK we’re not even done with the Verizon flat-rate phone plans news announcement and here comes Ma Bell with its own $99-a-month unlimited offer. The plans will be available to new and existing wireless subscribers for $99.99 a month for unlimited U.S. calling on all devices […] Read more »

Scribd, the San Francisco-based startup that was dubbed the “YouTube of Documents,” has finally become worthy of that sobriquet. While I don’t care much about community around documents, I love the concept of the dead simple sharing of documents. And that’s precisely what this 10-person startup […] Read more »

Amazon’s foray into on-demand web services such as its S3 storage and EC2 computing service has done two things: brought the focus onto cloud computing and at the same time up-ended the pricing structure of the Internet infrastructure. Of course, it has also prompted a spate […] Read more »

Engadget reports that Verizon Wireless is introducing various types of unlimited calling plans, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. They are the second large phone company to contemplate such plans. Sprint is said to be toying with its own version of flat rate plans earlier. Oops, looks […] Read more »

Mixx, a McLean, VA-based social news start-up that competes with the likes of Digg and Reddit will roll out a new feature that allows news-submitters to add more context to their submissions. I have started using Mixx recently and have been impressed by the content being […] Read more »

Mac-erati are busy debating about the virtues of the supermodel skinny. John Gruber, who was a bit lukewarm earlier, compares MacBook Air to a convertible coupe and writes, “it’s a secondary car, but for anyone without kids and with no need for significant storage space, it […] Read more »

Amazon’s S3 cloud-based storage service went down earlier this morning, according to numerous tips we’ve received. The service has impacted many companies, including folks like Twitter. According to our tipsters, the service went down around 4:30 a.m., and is showing a 500 Internal Server Error message. Read more »

Someone at Microsoft needs a lesson in acronym creativity. While sifting through all the memos that were sent out by Microsoft honchos outlining the executive reorg, I came across Search, Portals, and Advertising Group (SPAG), a division that is going to be led by Satya Nadella. […] Read more »

Comcast, thanks to some stiff competition from lower-priced DSL offerings and Verizon FiOS combined with economic woes and fears of a recession, is beginning to see some slowdown in its broadband growth. Broadband has traditionally been a growth engine — and a big moneymaker — for […] Read more »

Cisco Systems has a new chief financial officer in Frank Calderoni, who is replacing Dennis Powell. He officially starts his gig on Friday, Feb. 15. And as all good finance folks who know how to count pennies, Calderoni might have to oversee a round of layoffs […] Read more »

[qi:110] Update: Microsoft is in some of kind of spending mood. First they offered up $45 billion for Yahoo (not enough for some!). And then there was that Danger acquisition. But how much did they spend on the Palo Alto-based company started by Android leader Andy […] Read more »

Apple’s iPhone might be leaping up the smart phone charts, but don’t tell that to the guys from Symbian, who saw 77.3 million Symbian OS phones shipped during 2007, up 50 percent from 51.7 million units in 2006. The number of handsets with Symbian OS stood […] Read more »

Verizon’s VoIP patents have become a lucrative source of income for the second-largest phone company in the U.S. After squeezing out $120 million from Vonage, the company has been filing patent infringement lawsuits against all comers — from tiny startups to cable giants like Cox. Today […] Read more »

Our good pal, Matt Marshall, former VC reporter for San Jose Mercury News and founder of Venture Beat has raised $320,000 in Series A funding. Ex-Googlers Aydin Senkut, Georges Harik and Mark Sugarman are among seven folks who invested in Matt’s company. The news was first reported by […] Read more »

T-Mobile has been the hotspot provider for Starbucks. Not anymore. T-Mobile has been dropped by Starbucks in favor of AT&T as their wi-fi provider. So now in addition to McDonalds, AT&T subscribers can add thousands of Starbucks to the number of locations they can get online […] Read more »

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