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Jack Dorsey, Square
photo: Pinar Ozger

Twitter turns seven and gets 200 million users; Hashtag is the new like; Kickstarter and Veronica Mars have a successful date; iWatch or iNot; Keep it away plus some other stories from the week and our Structure highlights. Read more »

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Uber: A venture-funded startup and mobile app that connects passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire.

Uber, a San Francisco-based personal transportation oriented startup, is facing a backlash from a few of its drivers. But the confrontation is less about Uber and more about the challenges facing a society being rebuilt because of connectedness. Read more »

Weekend Plans

Google Glass backlash, a model, a professor and a suitcase full of cash, forever blue jeans, probiotics, what is design thinking in school, and what air travel was supposed to be in the future — these are some stories on menu for this weekend. Read more »

Weekend Plans

The insomnia plague, the 1,000 mile Yukon Quest dog sled race, Lululemon fans, 3D-printed meat, rise of the well-dressed man, the new new social science, and why do we laugh when people fall — those are stories in the mix for this weekend. Read more »


First the New York Times rankles Facebook and then they release a new feed redesign; technology is making people richer, though not as many billionaires; Time runs out for Time Inc.; some VCs have problems & Spotify has more new competition; and a few stories we recommend. Read more »


You might have noticed that there is an active debate around the future of freelance journalism in a digital-first world. As a digital writer & founder of a digital-only media company, I have my own twist on this tale. Have a read. Read more »


Electronics Arts is about to release one of its most anticipated games – the new SimCity. As a self confessed SimCity addict, I think I am about to retreat into a city of my own. Read more »

Weekend Plans

A 101-year-old marathoner, who U.S. gets weather forecasts wrong, what does 212 have to do with rotary dial, India’s rice revolution, Armed Forces and their treatment of women, rise and fall of Alex Rodriguez and amazing chef Curtis Duffy. Read on … Read more »

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple is enamored with China — and rightfully so. However, in not paying attention to India, it has allowed world’s second-largest mobile market to become a mostly Android phenomenon, leaving upper end of the market to Samsung. Wrong strategy, if you ask me. Read more »


Google today released a new video showcasing the user interface of its Google Glass efforts. On the surface it might look like a hands free camera, but in reality it can open up a lot of new possibilities. Just like the iPad did before it. Read more »

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