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Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster told his investment banking clients today that there were 20 stores across the nation were out of iPhones. So we at the GigaOM offices decided to call as many Apple stores as we could, from Hawaii to Chestnut Hill to San […] Read more »

Swedish broadband service provider, Tele2 has come up with this fantastic promotion featuring a Beatboxing Bassel Hound. The connection to broadband seems tenuous but what the hell, it is a nice way to waste a few minutes, especially on this April Fool’s Day, when most of […] Read more »

Indian electronics maker Videocon has designs on Motorola’s ailing handset division, according to news reports. Videocon Chairman Venugopal Dhoot says he’s heard that the U.S. mobile giant is going to put its wireless handset business up for sale, and if that happens, his company — well-known […] Read more »

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the online video boom is helping Cisco Systems sell a lot of its top-of-the-line CRS-1 routers. The San Jose-based router and switch maker said that the total global cumulative shipments of CRS-1 Routers have doubled in less than nine […] Read more »

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the online video boom is helping Cisco Systems sell a lot of its top-of-the-line CRS-1 routers. The San Jose-based router and switch maker said that the total global cumulative shipments of CRS-1 Routers have doubled in less than nine […] Read more »

The big news in the blog world today is the $2.75 million in funding received by Publish2, a startup founded by former GigaOM contributors Robert Young and Scott Karp. I wrote about the company quite some time ago and still have not seen a working prototype, […] Read more »

As I have argued time and time again, the inbox and the mobile address book are two natural social environments. Xoopit is trying to capitalize on this simple fact of common sense with a plug-in that will turn your GMail into a social environment most relevant to you. Read more »

AT&T, the San Antonio, Texas-based phone company, is going through some executive changes and making some cuts in its big VP corps, sources tell me. Cutting costs at this level shows that Ma Bell’s C-Suite is worried about today’s economic realities. First the juicy bit: Ma […] Read more »

Is it really possible that the European Union regulators are actually fair and balanced? Microsoft and a few dozen other global companies might disagree, but today’s actions point to an EU that is not afraid to shake-a-stick at one of its own. Nokia’s $8.1 billion takeover […] Read more »

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I’ve been out of touch for a while now, and for past few days, I have been in catch-up mode. Last week, I caught up with Ted Schlein, general partner with the Sand Hill Road VC firm of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. We discussed, among […] Read more »

Earlier today, Loic Le Meur posted a visual interpretation of some of the most hyped technologies/buzz words, arguing that after flirting with all sorts of social web services, it is time to re-centralize. Oy! The visual map created by Loic is actually quite enlightening: barring services […] Read more »

There’s been a lot of talk about file syncing and sharing software lately. I wrote about Dropbox, while Stacey waxed eloquent about FolderShare. Another recent introduction is Sharpcast’s SugarSync, a cross-platform solution that also has the ability to sync photos and videos from your mobile phone. […] Read more »

Pulver Media, the New York-based company well known for VON, the trade shows for the VoIP industry and a magazine with the same name might be shutting down, joining the dot.gone club, according to sources. The rumors of the shutdown of Pulver Media first started to […] Read more »

If you live somewhere in the United States where dial-up is the only Internet access option, relax: Help is coming, and so is broadband, thanks to Denver-based Open Range Communications. The company got a hefty $267 million loan from the USDA under its Rural Development Broadband […] Read more »

Incumbent Telecom New Zealand may soon start offering Apple’s iPhone in the country of New Zealand, reports Telegeography. While nothing has been set in stone, company officials are hinting at the iPhone coming to their network. TNZ recently finished building a new $241 million GSM/EDGE network […] Read more »

Updated: BitTorrent Inc. and Comcast announced a new deal today, thanks to a helping hand provided by Comcast CTO and BitTorrent adviser, Tony Werner. It’s actually a bit of a non-deal and a way for Comcast to save face after its P2P traffic management gaffe. Chris […] Read more »

With 3G and 4G wireless broadband becoming part of the daily mobile lexicon, who has time for pokey old EDGE networks? Nokia Siemens Networks, a wireless equipment maker, does and has come up with a new software solution that doubles the EDGE data speeds. The new […] Read more »

With the clock ticking on FCC Chairman Kevin Martin’s tenure, his special friends in the phone business are asking him to give them the moon, the stars and the sun: In other words, a cable TV version of number portability. Verizon today asked the Federal Communications […] Read more »

The Wall Street Journal today writes about AOL’s survival strategy and how it revolves around Platform A, the online advertising platform/division that the company hopes will help it recover from the loss of its dial-up business. AOL has spent nearly a billion dollars to put together […] Read more »

WiMAX in the U.S. has been a bit on the ropes, but it isn’t dead yet. And if you believe The Wall Street Journal, a miraculous comeback maybe in the offering, thanks to some deep-pocketed cable companies’ willingness to write megamillion-dollar checks. Read more »

Earlier today some blogs reported that Sequoia Capital had invested in Cotendo, a content delivery company based in Israel. The reports didn’t offer much details in terms of technology and the people involved with the project. Thanks to some helpful friends in Israel and in the […] Read more »

Jeff Nolan, reformed VC sums up the current Valley situation perfectly. As I survey the landscape of consumer and business focused software and service providers I am struck by how much incrementalism there is at the moment. Something like Twitter is ground breaking in terms of […] Read more »

SiRF Technology (SIRF), a San Jose, Calif.-based maker of GPS chips, this morning said it was cutting jobs and trying to restructure its business due to softening consumer demand. Already the worst performing tech stock for the year, shares of SiRF nosedived in early trading this […] Read more »

Updated: Slide, the San Francisco-based widget company has joined a very special list of web companies that have been banned by the Republic of Turkey for (according to Slide blog) what the local government calls “harboring pictures and articles that are considered to be insulting to […] Read more »

At the turn of the century, when the first Internet mania was raging, one could see the party ending when sports stars, Hollywood actors and musicians started setting up some kind of dotcom shop. Does anyone remember, which raised $150 million [and change] from John […] Read more »

It had been nearly 15 months between visits … but within seconds of landing at the JFK Airport in New York I had this all-familiar feeling of being at home. With cold winter reluctantly giving way to a hesitant spring, the chilly evenings were ideal for […] Read more »

Spencer Ante, a fellow telecom scribe and an editor at Businessweek caught up with FCC Chairman Kevin Martin following the announcement of the 700 MHz wireless spectrum auction results. His interview is pretty telling, especially Martin dodging the question about new entrants. He espoused that auctions […] Read more »

PicApp, a San Francisco-based company is offering copyright news and stock photos from large photo banks like Getty Images and Corbis for free. The company is likely to announce availability of its public beta service later today. The photos are displayed in a flash media file […] Read more »

Our sources say that Facebook did a little upgrade to their platform and it is breaking applications willy-nilly. From what I am hearing is that the platform was upgraded to reflect the privacy changes announced recently. It seems the default security settings are more stringent and […] Read more »

Our friend Mark Mahaney, Internet Analyst at Citicorp, has issued a note parsing the latest search query data from comScore. He notes: Overall query growth decelerated, but Google gained market share, 70 bps to a “record-high 59.2 percent.” However, slower gains can be a harbinger of […] Read more »

The Indian cell-phone boom isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Indian mobile operators are adding around 8 million new subscribers a month; February’s tally of 8.46 million brings the total to 246 million, making the country second only to China. Sure the ARPUs are low […] Read more »

Almost a year ago, writing for GigaOM, Robert Young posted a piece that billed Google as a media company and eventually more a destination in the classic media sense. Some statistics released by comScore at the Search Engine Strategies conference in New York support Young’s assertions. […] Read more »

If you read the comments and channel the outrage expressed by Internet users in Nordic and Baltic nations over the Internet peering breakdown between TeliaSonera and Cogent Communications, you’ll get the impression that the latter is the devil incarnate. Not true, says Cogent CEO and founder […] Read more »

Disqus, a startup developing a next-generation blog commenting system, has raised $500,000 in fresh funding in a round led by New York City-based VC Fred Wilson (Union Square Ventures), along with well-known angel investors Naval Ravikant, Howard Lindzon and ex-Googler Aydin Senkut. The company is one […] Read more »

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