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Instagram is one of those rare companies that has been able to marry the digital and the physical and create a community based on delight and relationships. It is one of the reasons why I think it was a steal of a deal for Facebook. Read more »

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Why are American men not charming, a growing suicide epidemic, a killer tornado and the new George Soros are some of the must reads of the week. And then there is The Zen Master, the hot new architect. Enjoy these reads. Read more »

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From 2.5 Gbps in 1990 to 400G in 2012, the optical technology keeps getting better. Good news for Internet. What’s bad is that our access to the Internet remains in control of oligopolies who are the real gatekeepers of our broadband future, not science or technology. Read more »

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The long weekend is here and that means a lot to read: or at least I like to do that. Here are some amazing stories about San Francisco, Rajat Gupta, Argentina in the 1970s, Buffalo, razors, Philip Dick, Facebook, Brooklyn and cars. Read more »


Movie merchandising is nothing new. What’s new is that Warby Parker, an online brand (going offline) is partnering up with the Man of Steel movie on eyewear that is inspired by Clark Kent nee Superman. Read more »

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Costa Rica’s killer bull, fear in Cyprus, crimes of Ranbaxy and BitCoin bubble — that along with basketball uber coach Phil Jackson are part of this week’s reading material. Of course, question to ponder: briefs or boxers, how did they get into men’s pants. Read more »

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Reality TV, Raymond Chandler, Miami cold case, a dead hedge fund manager and privacy in the age of Facebook, circa 1985 — here are some of the the stories on the menu for this weekend. Enjoy! Read more »


Well no one saw this one coming: a comparison between Steve Ballmer and Tim Cook; the Future of Television according to Netflix; 3D printers and guns; plus Touchscreen Toddlers and San Francisco’s real estate inflation are some of topics covered this week. Read more »


Mark Zuckerberg has launched a new political group, and has been joined by Silicon Valley luminaries. They want reform in immigration but their focus on technology and innovation centric changes doesn’t take into account the harsh reality of post industrial society & its invisible victims. Read more »

Facebook Android Home
photo: Om Malik

The HTC First is the debut device powered by Facebook Home, an app-meets-skin that focuses the phone experience to all things Facebook. There is a lot to like and a lot more to dislike in the device. Here are my impressions. Read more »

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