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Shinola watches, reinventing a feed reader, how apps featured on the App Store fare, the risky business of war reporting and of course, the riskiest business of being a solider — these are some stories featured in this week’s recommended reading list. Read more »

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This week on the menu, we have end of car culture, what made the 747 so popular, our obsession with body data, and New York — of course, we are talking about new office space and Don Draper’s future. Read more »


Bebo co-founder and mega-millionaire Michael Birch today re-acquired the brand and the network for a million dollars. Like dance clubs, these faded (and forgotten) social network marquees are a rude reminder that social web is about people and people – especially young people are fickle. Read more »

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Weekend Plans

What went wrong with Tata Nano? The connected car revolution. The looting of Detroit. Don’t worry, cars aren’t the only thing on my mind (on this list). How about some bread, and let’s talk about Brazil. And some visual candy too! Read more »

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An article in Bloomberg that questioned his management style and how things were not as rosy as it seems at e-commerce Fab has gotten under the skin of CEO Jason Goldberg. Those media slingshots are packed with details about Fab’s financial performance. Here you go. Read more »

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Monsters University, Tony Soprano and Michael Hastings — they all make an appearance in this week’s newsletter, along with Justin Bieber, carmakers, the Rust Belt and last but not the least, Silicon Valley’s real papa, Robert Noyce, who started Intel Corp. Read more »

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Google has always had a thing for balloon-based Internet, blimps and connecting the unconnected. Five years after it first started talking about it, Google is finally launching a seemingly loony project called Project Loon in New Zealand. Will balloon-based Internet finally fly? Read more »

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On the menu this weekend: the cyberwar between US and Iran has gone online and Michael Gross has the details; war through women’s eyes; The Great Gatsby, Babe Ruth and Yellow Fever. Plus are coders worth it? Read more »

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Instagram is one of those rare companies that has been able to marry the digital and the physical and create a community based on delight and relationships. It is one of the reasons why I think it was a steal of a deal for Facebook. Read more »

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Why are American men not charming, a growing suicide epidemic, a killer tornado and the new George Soros are some of the must reads of the week. And then there is The Zen Master, the hot new architect. Enjoy these reads. Read more »

digital data flow through optical wire

From 2.5 Gbps in 1990 to 400G in 2012, the optical technology keeps getting better. Good news for Internet. What’s bad is that our access to the Internet remains in control of oligopolies who are the real gatekeepers of our broadband future, not science or technology. Read more »

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The long weekend is here and that means a lot to read: or at least I like to do that. Here are some amazing stories about San Francisco, Rajat Gupta, Argentina in the 1970s, Buffalo, razors, Philip Dick, Facebook, Brooklyn and cars. Read more »


Movie merchandising is nothing new. What’s new is that Warby Parker, an online brand (going offline) is partnering up with the Man of Steel movie on eyewear that is inspired by Clark Kent nee Superman. Read more »

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