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Project Playlist, a Palo, Alto, Calif.-based service that allows you to create and share playlists, has signed up EMI Music, a move that will allow users access to EMI’s catalog. They previously ran afoul of record labels but seem to have made peace with them. Earlier […] Read more »

[qi:110] Two years ago I came up with the term fundinista to refer to a startup that’s relentlessly raising venture capital. Add mobile payments company Obopay, which has received a $70 million injection from Nokia, to that list. That’s on top of $69 million it got […] Read more »

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Michael Robertson, founder of Gizmo5, which recently released a service that enables free calls to Skype called OpenSky, calls the new Skype-for SIP service vaporware. It’s great to see Skype inching towards a more interoperable world with their Skype for SIP service. Even if this is […] Read more »

TeleGeography says that cross-border telephone traffic grew 14 percent in 2007 and is estimated to have grown 12 percent in 2008, to 384 billion minutes. Falling prices and rising popularity have flattened the revenues (see graph below the fold). The big bump in minutes (and the […] Read more »

Earlier today, Kara Swisher reported that Satish Dharmraj, co-founder of Zimbra, an open-source email service that was acquired by Yahoo for $350 million, was joining Menlo Park, Calif.-based RedPoint Ventures as a partner. He isn’t the only one. We’ve also learned that that Dr. Nety Krishna […] Read more »

Infinera has been one of the optical industry’s disruptors, helping to boost capacity and lower the costs of both inter- and intracity networks. Now the company is turning its attention to subsea networks, as evidenced by its demo of a photonic integrated circuit (PIC)-based DTN system […] Read more »

Landline losses at large (U.S.) phone companies such as AT&T and Verizon have become so routine that we stopped paying attention. This graphic in a research report by Leichtman Research brought them back into focus. In 2008, phone companies lost about 7.94 million lines, while cable […] Read more »

The growing popularity of Twitter and Facebook’s news feed functionality has made everyone embrace life streaming — essentially a way for us to broadcast our daily digital lives via photos, videos, postings and status updates — as a way to consume information. In a matter of […] Read more »

Updated: Skype has announced it will play nice with corporate PBX systems that use Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). While details thus far are fuzzy, according to The Wall Street Journal, the Skype-for-SIP product will be introduced as a beta product and will be tested by a limited number of companies. Read more »

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[qi:004] The metered bandwidth malaise that is spreading across the U.S. — Internet service providers such as Cox, Comcast, Charter, Time Warner and AT&T are all dabbling at restricting your monthly bandwidth — is taking root in other parts of the world. In India, two major […] Read more »

Earlier this week, Apple showed off iPhone 3.0, a sorely needed upgraded to the software that powers its iPhone and iPod touch devices. Part of the new upgrade is the ability to attach a payment system to the apps, content and other related services. Narendra Rocherolle […] Read more »

In a story outlining the challenges faced by Palm’s Pre, The New York Times reports: “David Owens, a Sprint marketing executive, said that he understood that ‘consumers don’t perceive Sprint as having the best network,’ but that if they were to ‘look at actual network performance, […] Read more »

Jack Dorsey, one of the founders of Twitter, today reminds us that it’s Twitter’s birthday. Michael Arrington, too, writes about the third birthday of the service that everyone is tweeting about. It was three years ago that a chance meeting with Noah Glass led me to […] Read more »

Hundreds of thousands of people, it seems, are eagerly awaiting to buy the Palm Pre, according to data collected by Internet traffic research firm Compete. After a big spike at the time of the launch at CES when 400,000 people checked out the Pre-related information pages […] Read more »

Rahul Sood, co-founder of Voodoo PC, which was acquired by Hewlett-Packard back in 2006, sent me his Macbook Air competitor PC yesterday. Since Microsoft earlier this week released its latest version of Internet Explorer, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. So I downloaded the brand-new […] Read more »

Stacey and Chris today have been following Cisco Systems’ acquisition of Flip Pure Digital, a maker of affordable camcorders. At $590 million, I wonder if the company paid too much — not that Pure’s management and venture backers are complaining about the price just yet. The […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Somebody somewhere in the Adobe offices must be getting pretty nervous. Microsoft’s Silverlight technology, an also-ran competitor to Flash, suddenly got a YouTube boost. Liz reports that YouTube will carry live video of March Madness, thanks to its partnership with CBS — and it’s using […] Read more »

In exactly 14 hours, at 9 am PST, you will be able to download the Internet Explorer 8.0 browser, Microsoft’s response to Firefox, Chrome and Safari, from the company’s web site. The release is a tactical acknowledgment by Redmond, Wash.-based software giant that it’s locked in […] Read more »

Dell, the world’s second-largest server maker, is responding to Cisco Systems and its new blade servers by doing what it knows best: Taking a neutral stance and helping to sell devices to customers that want a more heterogeneous data center environment. That’s code for people who […] Read more »

Nokia, the Finnish cell phone maker and wanna-be web power, will shut down Mosh, its wildly popular service that makes it easy for people to post and share content with others. Why? Too much illegal stuff like music and pornography was being shared on the service. […] Read more »

All you startup founders down in Austin for spring break SXSW, you should stay there. Texas, according to CEOs surveyed by Chief Executive magazine, is the most business-friendly state in the nation. In comparison, California is the worst. Unless of course, you’re in technology and/or looking […] Read more »

With IBM rumored to have made a $6.5 billion buyout offer for Sun Microsystems, it appears the company that coined the phrase “The Network is the Computer” is in play. But no one should allow IBM to walk away with Sun — which is still rich […] Read more »

[qi:___3g] Earlier this week, comScore reported that daily web usage on mobile devices had doubled in the last 12 months, with nearly 22.4 million U.S. mobile users using their devices to go on the web. Today, another research firm, Infonetics Research reported that despite the global […] Read more »

Folks we made some minor design changes to GigaOM in response to your feedback. We have a cleaner (and simpler) style for GigaNET posts that aggregate some of the best posts from across our network of blogs. We are also introducing threaded comments that hopefully will […] Read more »

[qi:044] No one really gives two hoots about carriers’ attempts to sell mobile applications via cellular phones. And yet, they keep trying and trying. Maybe a recent survey by Zogby (commissioned by Skype) would help persuade them to leave selling mobile apps to those who know […] Read more »

Cisco Systems today announced its new blade server, first reported by us in March 2008, along with a Unified Computing strategy that converges storage, compute and networking into a single layer (thanks to virtualization technologies) that is managed by a specialized piece of software. Stacey has […] Read more »

Last summer, when Apple introduced its 3G iPhone device, I brought up the issue of AT&T not being ready for the data usage brought on by the data-centric touchscreen phone. Company officials of course denied having such problems, assuring me that they were ready. Ready or […] Read more »

Cloudera, a Burlingame, Calif-based company offering services around the open source software framework Hadoop, has raised $5 million in Series A funding led by Accel Partners. It has also attracted funding from seasoned infrastructure executive and Web veterans such as Caterina Fake (co-founder, Flickr), Dr. Qi […] Read more »

In a matter of hours, Cisco Systems will announce its much awaited lineup of server products, furthering its theme of unified computing. The move is part of an ongoing effort at Cisco to find new revenue opportunities that go beyond switches, routers and wireless devices. Read more »

The annual SXSW Festival is on, and this year I am surprised by the number of location-aware mobile services being launched in Austin, Texas, many of them for Apple’s iPhone. SocialBomb launched its Paparazzi game, which allows you to click and share photos of your friends […] Read more »

Tim Armstrong, until recently senior VP of sales at Google, will become the new chairman and chief executive of AOL, the troubled division of Time Warner, replacing the much un-loved Randy Falco. Sure AOL is big, but so is General Motors. So, why is he taking […] Read more »

Amazon Web Services, a cloud computing subsidiary of Amazon, today introduced a new variation of its EC2 service, Reserved Instances, that comes with a new pricing model. The new offering, which requires a one-time payment to reserve compute capacity and lowers hourly charges, is targeted at […] Read more »

Cablevision, the Bethpage, N.Y.-based cable operator, says it will only sell digital video services and say “sayonara” to analog television, so to speak. Existing analog cable customers will get analog simulcasts on television sets connected directly to Cablevision’s receivers. More than 91 percent of Cablevision’s 3.1 […] Read more »

GrandCentral, a “one number for life” service provider acquired by Google in July 2007 is being reborn as Google Voice, a comprehensive service that is essentially a Microsoft Office-type suite of communications-related services. I say that because the new service is a collection of VoIP-related features […] Read more »

If there is an economic crisis, then it isn’t impacting any of the startups making virtual goods, online games or virtual worlds. In just the last month alone, three companies have raised mega-millions from venture capitalists. Greystripe, a games-related advertising network, raised another $5.5 million in […] Read more »

Update: If shabby treatment of its customers and draconian policies are any indication, then Comcast has been behaving like a plain-old phone company for a long time. I say that because the company emailed us today to let us know that it’s now the third-largest residential […] Read more »

[qi:080] Facebook, which recently surpassed 175 million active users, has benefited from its growth in the overseas markets. There’s no denying that the company is growing at a breakneck speed across the planet. Yesterday, I met Ghassan Haddad, Facebook’s director of localization, and he shared some […] Read more »

As someone who likes books, especially the old fashioned kind (you know, the ones printed on paper), I was predisposed to disliking (and dismissing) Kindle, the e-reader developed by Amazon. So when Amazon sent me a review unit of the new Kindle 2.0, they were taking […] Read more »

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