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Cooliris, a Menlo Park, Calif.-based startup that makes a browser plug-in for sifting through large amounts of videos and photos on the web using a 3-D interface, is set to release a major new version of its software later this week. The new software (version 1.10) […] Read more »

Updated: Late last night, The New York Times reported that IBM’s rumored $7 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems is off. The doubts about the deal were first reported by The Wall Street Journal. The Journal said that Sun’s board was divided on the wisdom of this […] Read more »

Walt Disney used to say, “We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.” It’s good to see that ethos is still alive and well at Walt Disney Co.. When a bunch of Wall Street analysts and toy retailers expressed doubts […] Read more »

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In case you missed some of these, here are 10 of our top stories for the week that was. 1. Why is Twitter so hot? 2. Online storage will boost bandwidth demand. 3. The ugly truth about broadband: the upload speeds. 4. How good is Blackberry’s […] Read more »

Every so often we hear about another new technology hub; currently, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Tallinn and Bangalore are among the places vying to be the next Silicon Valley. Add to that list Switzerland — in particular, Zurich. Earlier this week I ran into Michael Naef, founder […] Read more »

At a cable industry gathering earlier this week, News Corp. founder and CEO Rupert Murdoch opined that more newspapers should take a cue from the Wall Street Journal and have customers pay for content. He thinks The New York Times in particular could benefit from making […] Read more »

Google may buy Twitter, or it may not, but one way or another, Twitter is hot. Politicians, TV anchors, actors, athletes, bloggers…everyone is tweeting. But there is more to Twitter than just hotness. It embodies three macro trends taking place on the web right now — in just 140 characters a tweet. Read more »

Robert Dotson, chief executive of T-Mobile USA, delivered a keynote speech this week at CTIA in Las Vegas. It was full of revealing facts and figures about Google’s G1 smartphone, which launched last fall. An estimated 1.5 million of these phones were ordered, though it’s still […] Read more »

Upon reading a blog post about thefuture of widgets (tiny Internet apps) on the television, Stacey Higginbotham quipped: “Caller ID through my cable co, Twitter, weather widgets, Facebook, my actual TV program…I’m going to have to spring for an upgrade.” I think this is what she […] Read more »

WiMAX, at least in Silicon Valley, is like the proverbial Loch Ness Monster — it’s out there somewhere. We’ve heard about it, we’ve talked about it, but we’ve never actually used it. Meanwhile the rest of the planet, especially the emerging markets, are already happily dabbling […] Read more »

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For the longest time I, like many, have been beating the drum of faster-faster-and-faster-still broadband. When I had 2 Mbps, I wanted 4 Mbps. Once I got 4 Mbps, I wanted 8 Mbps. South Koreans and their speedy connections made me jealous. I was envious of […] Read more »

Updated: I was still working at when Los Gatos, Calif.-based Netflix started shipping DVDs via the U.S. Postal Service. Later, when I moved to San Francisco for the first time, like Webvan, it became an indispensable service, for there was little time for me to […] Read more »

Earlier this month, Jim Clark, the 65-year-old maverick entrepreneur well known for starting companies such as Netscape and Healtheon, tied the knot with 28-year-old Australian supermodel Kristy Hinze. The odd coupling mirrors today’s strange agreed-upon wedding of Clark’s first major company, Silicon Graphics and the little-known […] Read more »

UltraDNS, a managed domain name service (DNS) service owned by NeuStar, went offline on Tuesday because of a distributed denial of service attack, reports NetworkWorld magazine. Early this morning, our monitoring systems detected a significant denial of service attack, which affected a small subset of our […] Read more »

By now you know that I think the Skype-for-iPhone app is simply awesome. After spending some more time with it, I’ve come up with four things that would make the app not only better, but nearly indispensable. 1. The software needs to be much more tightly […] Read more »

RIM just launched its BlackBerry App World (BAW), a competitor to iTunes App Store. I download the App World app over my WiFi network and installed it on my my T-Mobile Curve 8900. The download and installation process was painless and relatively smooth — in a […] Read more »

Yesterday, New York-based startup incubator Betaworks raised $2 million in funding for its URL-shortener project,, and spun it out as an independent company. The funding raised some eyebrows, with some speculating if, one of the dozens of link-shortening services, was worth a rumored $8 […] Read more »

Oh boy…this can’t be good. But we saw this coming, right? (Note: the bolded emphasis is mine.) Forrester today lowered its forecast for US business and government purchases of IT goods and services in 2009 – they will decrease by 3.1 percent this year, compared with […] Read more »

Wireless broadband keeps getting faster and faster. Ericsson, a Sweden-based telecom equipment maker today showed off a new technology that boosts High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) speeds to 56 Mbps. HSPA is part of the technology migration path for today’s 3G networks to what are generically […] Read more »

ParaScale, a Cupertino, Calif.-based storage software company that debuted in June 2008, today announced the availability of its ParaScale Cloud Storage (PCS) software, which allows companies to turn commodity Linux servers into an Amazon S3-styled storage cloud. Sony Pictures Imageworks and Stanford Genome Technology Center are […] Read more »

No matter how long or how deep a severe economic downturn, its residual effects can still be somewhat jarring, such as when a company with annual revenues of more than $182 billion is worth less on the stock market than one with $21.8 billion in annual […] Read more »

I got my hands on an early version of the Skype app for the iPhone a few hours ago. I simply installed it on a borrowed iPhone, signed in using my existing Skype username and password, and I was able to start using it within seconds. It’s an attractive and almost perfect adaptation of the desktop version of Skype; the user interface is intuitive, simple and easy to navigate. Read more »

If you’re an active Twitter user, then you’re already familiar with, a web service that not only allows you to shorten URLs to meet the 140-character limit of the Twitter system, but offers up analytics, such as how many people clicked on the link and […] Read more »

Fring, a mobile messaging client that works across different smartphone platforms, today released a new Twitter 2.0 add-on software that allows folks to see other Twitter profiles, check out their own followers and see who’s following them, conduct keyword searches and open links like Tiny URL’s […] Read more »

[qi:115] Charles River Ventures (CRV), well known for its network infrastructure and chip investments such as Big Band Networks, Netezza and Virtusa, has closed its fourteenth fund at $320 million. They have also invested in consumer web companies, with investments in Social Media and Vlingo, among […] Read more »

Skype will release a version of its VoIP application for the iPhone and the iPod touch on Tuesday, according to The Wall Street Journal. I was the first to report news of the pending release last week. (Gee, thanks for giving us credit, WSJ and CNET’s […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Facebook has become such an integral part of life for more than 175 million people that little about the company really surprises me anymore. A few months ago, they became world’s largest online photo site. Today, Liz Gannes points out over at NewTeeVee that the […] Read more »

Truphone, a London-based mobile VoIP startup, tomorrow is expected to introduce a flat-rate plan (TruUnlimited for Landlines) that would allow its customers unlimited calls to landlines in 38 countries for just over $14 a month. In some countries — the U.S., Canada, China and Hong Kong, […] Read more »

Jeff Bezos, chief executive officer and founder of Amazon, is a proponent of a Japanese philosophy called kaizen — which loosely translated means continuous improvement. As part of this belief, he has been working alongside folks at his company’s distribution centers in Lexington, Ky., perhaps to […] Read more »

Enjoy this photo montage of our first Green:Net conference. Many of these photos were taken with my Blackberry 8900 Curve. Others were captured by volunteers and our very own Joey Wan. Read more »

Recession or not, smartphone sales are expected to remain strong for the foreseeable future, according to Infonetics Research, a market research company. The mobile handset makers had a flat 2008 in terms of revenues — some $156 billion worth of mobile phones were sold, essentially the same […] Read more »

The launch of super high-speed DOCSIS 3.0 cable broadband technology, the increased deployment of fiber and faster DSL lines resulted in a sharp increase in the average speed of broadband connections during the fourth quarter of 2008, according to data collected by Akamai for its “State […] Read more »

RIM desperately wants its BlackBerry devices to become more than just email. It wants them to become multimedia hubs, thanks to a bit of iPhone envy. And video is getting some serious attention. Yesterday, Liz had the scoop about their new TV show streaming service. And […] Read more »

Google will soon announce comprehensive support for the Java programming language on its Google App Engine (GAE) offering. We are trying to get more details. Rumors of such a development emerged last year, but we can now confirm that it is going to happen. We have […] Read more »

Exclusive Heads up: A few months ago, I asked Skype CEO Josh Silverman when was he going to launch the iPhone version of the P2P voice and IM service that has now been downloaded more than 405 million times. He smiled and said, “Stay tuned.” And […] Read more »

UPDATED: Ever since I broke up with my iPhone, not a day passes without me hearing from someone who shares the same sentiments about AT&T’s network. AT&T, of course, has done little more than hem and haw about the problem, which is much more widespread than […] Read more »

RIM is planning to announce a full-episode television service for BlackBerry users as early as next week at CTIA. The service is part of RIM’s effort to turn itself into an attractive multimedia option for non iPhone users. The streaming videos would most certainly coincide with […] Read more » said yesterday that it will charge its non-U.S., UK and German visitors 3 euros (about $4) a month. Today the music discovery service says it’s also cutting off unofficial apps that are using API, a move that has made many independent app writers pretty […] Read more »

One of the biggest challenges of hosting Green:Net, our sold-out conference about IT and sustainable technologies, was bringing enough bandwidth to a crowd of some 400 people. We held the event at the Golden Gate Club in San Francisco’s bucolic Presidio, surrounded by the deep blue […] Read more »

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