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Yesterday, I wrote about Indian Premier League’s Twenty20 Cricket tournament. The big news was that the Indian professional cricket league championship (now in its second year) would be using Microsoft’s Silverlight multimedia technology. Given the wild popularity of this ultra short-form of the sport, it was […] Read more »

Yesterday, I wrote about Indian Premier League’s Twenty20 Cricket tournament for NewTeeVee. The big news was that the Indian professional cricket league championship (now in its second year) would be using Microsoft’s Silverlight multimedia technology. Given the wild popularity of this ultra short-form of the sport, […] Read more »

Last week, I blogged about the au Box, an Internet-video friendly über set-top box developed by Motorola . My blog post was based on a story in Information Week. The publication reported that the multi-featured set-top box that can play back DVDs and CDs would use […] Read more »

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Twitter Founder Ev Williams went on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to talk about his San Francisco-based micro-messaging startup, and in the process turned his red hot company hotter. It’s not clear how many people are going to sign up for the service following the broadcast of […] Read more »

After Microsoft’s Silverlight multimedia technology was unceremoniously dropped by Major League Baseball’s in favor of Adobe Flash, Microsoft is coming back with a different sport involving a ball and a bat. Silverlight will power online streaming of the Indian Premier League Championships, an ultra short-form […] Read more »

Updated with corrections: Motorola denied that it is working on such a set-top box. Please read the following post for complete details. Last fall, I asked the question: Where will Android go next? For while Google’s mobile-oriented, lightweight operating system has been linked with netbooks and […] Read more »

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Whenever I write that headline, I am reminded of the movie “Groundhog Day.” Today, Omid Kordestani, Google’s president of global sales operations and business development, is leaving the job that position and instead will advise Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin and CEO Eric Schmidt. […] Read more »

Grid Networks, a Seattle-based peer-to-peer content delivery technology startup that’s raised more than $10 million in funding from Comcast Interactive Capital, Cisco Systems and Panorama Capital has merged with Global Media Services (GMS), a New York-based digital media services company that counts nearly 100 large content […] Read more »

Earlier this evening, along with a select few journalists, I got a chance to interact with French Minister for Digital Development, Mrs. Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, who is in town to learn about latest developments in Silicon Valley and learn about the unique ecosystem that helps nurture technology […] Read more »

While I had sworn off spending willy-nilly on new gizmos in 2009, it looks like the $99-dollar Pogoplug is going to test my self-control. Why? It turns any USB-enabled drive into a personal storage locker accessible over the Internet. The little device hooks up to a […] Read more »

Updated: Given the number of re-orgs that have taken place at the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Internet company Yahoo in recent months, one could be forgiven for dubbing it “Re-org Nation.” But while many of these shakeups — all part of a larger game of musical chairs, really […] Read more »

Tropos Networks, the poster child of the MuniFi madness, is trying to reinvent itself — this time as a GreenNet company, reports Earth2Tech, our sister site . The company is hoping to sell its wireless mesh routers to utilities looking to build smart grids. Tropos had […] Read more »

Skype Founders Niklas Zennstorm and Janus Friis are talking with private equity firms KKR, Warburg Pincus, Providence Equity Partners and Elevation Partners to raise money to buy Skype back from eBay, reports the Wall Street Journal’s Deal Journal blog. According to the report, the private equity […] Read more »

StumbleUpon, a content discovery service that was acquired by eBay for a rumored $75 million (or more) is free again. The company was spun out of eBay today as an independent company. Co-founders Garret Camp and Geoff Smith are taking control of the independent company that […] Read more »

Facebook’s quest for a more real-time, Twitter-like future is taking a toll on some of its more popular apps, like Causes. Monthly usage of many of the site’s top apps have dropped 15-25 percent, according to Nick O’Neill, who writes the AllFacebook blog. And yet if […] Read more »

Sometime in the near future, Apple is going to announce that a billion little apps have been download for use on its iPhone and iPod touch platforms. As of yesterday, about 945 million apps had been download. That translates to about 31 apps per iPhone/iPod touch […] Read more »

Over the weekend, The New York Times reported that Skype founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis were in talks with private equity groups to raise about $1 billion and buy their Internet calling service back from eBay. They sold the company to eBay in 2006 for […] Read more »

Google, if it wants to offer its Gmail service to Indian nationals, will soon have to set up servers locally in India and offer email addresses ending in dot-in (.in). Same holds true for Microsoft’s HotMail, Yahoo Mail, Rediff and every other web service that wants […] Read more »

Facebook is facing an identity crisis. Zuckerberg & Co. have let themselves turn green with envy over the latest Silicon Valley phenomenon, Twitter — and in the process, have set out to mutate Facebook’s own DNA by bringing Twitter-style updates into its service. The result has been that Facebook has lost its intimacy, and is instead flooding us with a lot of white noise. Read more »

You know the saying, “If you build it, they will come”? Well that certainly holds true for GPS functionality and mobile phones. Nearly 48 percent of the mobile app developers surveyed by Boston-based Skyhook Wireless said that location is what “sets their app apart, or is […] Read more »

In less than a month, Google has lost two senior executives. First, Tim Armstrong, senior VP of sales at Google, left to head up AOL, and now another senior executive has left the company. Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, who was President for Asia-Pacific (APAC) & Latin American […] Read more »

As expected, Google today announced that it has added Java support to its App Engine service. It was announced at a Google Campfire this evening as part of a major upgrade for the Google App Engine that includes the release of database importer tools, secure data […] Read more »

Last week I met with Anssi Vanjoki, executive V-P of markets at Nokia, to discuss the state of both the Finnish company and the mobile industry overall. Since Nokia has been particularly good at defining the specifications and features of phones ahead of time, I asked […] Read more »

Digital Rights Management (DRM), at least as it relates to music, is finally taking a dirt nap. Apple’s iTunes Music Store is now 100 percent DRM-free. This morning, when I upgraded to the latest version of the iTunes software to buy the new album by Midival […] Read more »

The Australian government said today it will spend up to A$43 billion ($30.67 billion) to help set up a national broadband network. This is far from a purely socialist undertaking, however, as private sector involvement is expected as well. Regardless of where the funding comes from, […] Read more »

Tech publications today are having a bit of a lovefest with Major League Baseball’s web site, It’s because it’s the start of baseball season — for die-hard fans, the most important day of the year. And given how mobile we are here in America, many […] Read more »

Glam Media, an online advertising network, has managed to raise another $10 million in funding, this time from Japanese investor Mizhuo Venture Capital. Glam has raised a total of $124.2 million in five rounds of funding, thus qualifying it as a “fundinista.” In case you’ve forgotten, […] Read more »

Cooliris, a Menlo Park, Calif.-based startup that makes a browser plug-in for sifting through large amounts of videos and photos on the web using a 3-D interface, is set to release a major new version of its software later this week. The new software (version 1.10) […] Read more »

Updated: Late last night, The New York Times reported that IBM’s rumored $7 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems is off. The doubts about the deal were first reported by The Wall Street Journal. The Journal said that Sun’s board was divided on the wisdom of this […] Read more »

Walt Disney used to say, “We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.” It’s good to see that ethos is still alive and well at Walt Disney Co.. When a bunch of Wall Street analysts and toy retailers expressed doubts […] Read more »

In case you missed some of these, here are 10 of our top stories for the week that was. 1. Why is Twitter so hot? 2. Online storage will boost bandwidth demand. 3. The ugly truth about broadband: the upload speeds. 4. How good is Blackberry’s […] Read more »

Every so often we hear about another new technology hub; currently, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Tallinn and Bangalore are among the places vying to be the next Silicon Valley. Add to that list Switzerland — in particular, Zurich. Earlier this week I ran into Michael Naef, founder […] Read more »

At a cable industry gathering earlier this week, News Corp. founder and CEO Rupert Murdoch opined that more newspapers should take a cue from the Wall Street Journal and have customers pay for content. He thinks The New York Times in particular could benefit from making […] Read more »

Google may buy Twitter, or it may not, but one way or another, Twitter is hot. Politicians, TV anchors, actors, athletes, bloggers…everyone is tweeting. But there is more to Twitter than just hotness. It embodies three macro trends taking place on the web right now — in just 140 characters a tweet. Read more »

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