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[qi:004] Howard Kurtz, media columnist for The Washington Post, in a harsh critique of the newspaper industry, writes today that: The people who run such companies bear a considerable share of the blame. In 1993, just before the Internet became a consumer force, I argued in […] Read more »

From the April 2009 issue of Rutberg & Co.’s Wireless Industry Newsletter: An under-discussed dynamic with the iPhone has been the impact to carrier subsidy budgets for non-iPhone handsets. In our conversations with handset OEM and carrier executives, we hear that subsidy budgets for those carriers […] Read more »

Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s BlackBerry might have all the developer attention, but there are still a lot of people who love their Sidekicks. T-Mobile is going to introduce their new Sidekick LX on May 13. I like what this device has to offer: It integrates Facebook, […] Read more »

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Over the last few weeks, we have started to see cable companies offering broadband connections with speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Several fiber-based broadband network providers are already marching to even higher speeds. (I like to call it ultraband.) At the same time, […] Read more »

[qi:100] For the longest time, I have had an unshaken belief in the Internet’s core truth: It is a vast repository of data that can be tapped to build interesting, and perhaps exciting, experiences. In other words, it is not just the data, but what you […] Read more »

Carphone Warehouse, a UK-based company that operates a chain of retail stores selling mobile and telecom services, last week snapped up rival DSL-based broadband provider Tiscali for $355 million. Tiscali was hoping to fetch $900 million, but the current economic downturn had limited its options. Carphone, […] Read more »

T-Mobile USA is looking to introduce Android-based devices from three different manufacturers, Cole Brodman, chief technology officer of the company, said in a conversation with me earlier today. Android is a mobile OS developed by Mountain View, Calif.-based technology giant, Google. “We are looking to launch […] Read more »

[qi:005] Earlier today, news emerged that Warner Music Group had taken a $33 million writedown on its investments in startups Lala ($20 million) and Imeem ($15 million). What that means is that Warner music is giving up on these ad-supported digital music startups and moving on. […] Read more »

[qi:115] WonderHill, a casual gaming startup that was spun out of Ooga Labs, has raised $7 million in Series A financing from Charles River Ventures and Shasta Ventures. The company views itself as a competitor to casual game leaders Zynga, Playfish and Pogo. WonderHill is led […] Read more »

One thing is for sure: eBay, a disaster of an Internet company, really wants to rectify its megabillion-dollar mistake and get rid of Skype — even if it means taking a small haircut. But eBay CEO John Donahoe thinks the company is worth much more than […] Read more »

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Updated: With Verizon planning to launch its first trial LTE network sometime by 2010 and the perceived threat of Apple switching allegiances to an owner of a faster network, you would think AT&T would get its LTE plans on the front burner. Well, that is not […] Read more »

In-flight broadband’s story so far has been similar to that of airplanes sitting on the runway, waiting for clearance to take flight. Despite a big push from Boeing and other major international carriers, in-flight broadband was stuck on ground, burning dollars like an idle plane burns […] Read more »

Cox has launched its DOCSIS 3.0-based broadband service in Northern Virginia. The service, which offers 50-Megabit-per-second (Mbps) downloads and 5 Mbps uploads and comes with PowerBoost, will cost $139.99 per month. In comparison, Cablevision is charging $100 a month for 101 Mbps service in parts of […] Read more »

Omar Hamoui, founder and chief executive of AdMob, a San Mateo, Calif-based mobile advertising network, is in a unique position: With nearly 20 percent of his 2 billion monthly ad impressions coming by way of the iPhone and iPod touch, he can offer deep insights into […] Read more »

[qi:090] Tokbox, a San Francisco-based start-up that offers browser-based video chat, has lost its CEO, Nick Triantos. He has been replaced by Ian Small. We had heard about this change, and Tokbox confirmed it to me. Small’s bio hasn’t been added to Tokbox’s web site just […] Read more »

Amazon will reportedly introduce a new Kindle later this week, one with a big screen. And because it’s got a big screen and because it counts The New York Times among its launch partners, many of my fellow bloggers have decided that it will be the product that digitally delivers newspapers and in the process, saves the industry. (Updated with my interview on Yahoo Tech Ticker.) Read more »

This past weekend, while walking around San Francisco’s Union Square shopping area, I decided to stop by at one of my favorite stores — Thomas Pink — to see if they had any exciting new shirts worth buying. While shopping options remained tame, I did get […] Read more »

[qi:___wifi] Back in February, Cablevision announced a Wi-Fi initiative that would give free access to its customers in parts of New York and New Jersey. In response, a Verizon spokesperson told The New Jersey Star-Ledger: “New Jersey is a fast-growing area for Verizon, so industry insiders […] Read more »

[qi:006] I’m not sure why, but Facebook seems to be completely thrown off its game by Twitter and all the attention being lavished on San Francisco-based start-up. First Facebook added Twitter-styled status updates, much to the chagrin of its users. And now we’re noticing a marked […] Read more »

Ever since I got BlackBerry 8900 with a 3.2 Megapixel camera, I’ve been busy taking photos -– randomly at times -– and uploading them to my Facebook account to share with 2,000 or so of my closest friends. Apparently I’m just one of millions of people […] Read more »

Updated: Yahoo layoffs have started and they seem to have hit the Flickr team. Many engineers from the service have been either laid off or are leaving on their own. Rev Dan Catt, Ashot Petrosian and Neil Kandalgaonkar were amongst those who tweeted about their exits. […] Read more »

Earlier this evening, a Verizon spokesperson sent out a link to a post on Verizon’s blog about the recently announced 100 Mbps broadband offer from Cablevision, a Bethpage, N.Y.-based cable company. The offer was a “parlor trick,” Verizon said. That argument is one we’ve heard often […] Read more »

Given that the wireless networking technology Ultrawideband (UWB) is on its deathbed and WirelessHD and WHDI are yet to gain any real momentum, it seems that the winner of wireless HD video sweepstakes is going to be 802.11n which can stream data at 100 Mbps. In […] Read more »

Facebook and Mozilla Firefox are the applications used most across different platforms, according to data collected by Wakoopa, a software-oriented social network. The Amsterdam-based startup offers a small download client that’s installed on the desktops of its 75,000 users. Twitter clients Tweetdeck and Twhirl are continuing […] Read more »

Cablevision, the Bethpage, N.Y.-based cable and Internet service provider, has continued its tradition of being a cable industry innovator by introducing 100-megabits-per-second service in Long Island. The service, dubbed Optimum Online Ultra, utilizes DOCSIS 3.0 technology to deliver the ultra-broadband experience over cable’s wires and comes […] Read more »

Cisco Systems’ decision to launch servers targeting the data center market has turned its allies against the company. To date, the biggest beneficiary of the Cisco-server blowback has been Juniper Networks — now Brocade Communications is now moving to take advantage of it as well. IBM, […] Read more »

When the New York Yankees spent more than $400 million signing up free agent pitchers C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett, along with first baseman Mark Texiara, the team was betting that it would not only make it to the World Series, but win. After this weekend’s […] Read more »

Nearly two years ago, I outlined five reasons Apple’s iPhone will change the wireless business, the foremost being increased web usage on mobile phones. I should have added another item to that list: catalysing location-based services and applications that use geolocation data to enhance their functionality. […] Read more »

USA Today reports that Apple and Verizon Communications entered into high-level talks that would allow iPhone to come to Verizon’s network. USA Today speculates that this could means a CDMA-based iPhone. I don’t buy it. Around the world, the CDMA ecosystem is slowly but surely contracting. […] Read more »

Skype is really looking to ramp up its revenues: It’s offering a 25 percent discount on its unlimited packages if you sign up for a 12-month plan. For instance, if you sign up for the Unlimited World plan, which costs $12.95 a month, you get 25 […] Read more »

[qi:105] In what has to be a much-needed shot in the arm for content delivery services provider Limelight Networks, the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts says Limelight does not infringe U.S. Patent No. 6,108,703 in Akamai Technologies vs. Limelight Networks. Not surprisingly, Akamai […] Read more »

When I wanted to find out who were the technology sector’s top-ranked CEOs, I reached out to Glassdoor, a Sausalito, Calif.-based company that that tracks employee satisfaction. They obliged and sent us a list of the 10 top-ranked CEOs of publicly traded technology companies. CEOs are […] Read more »

Ever since Skype’s iPhone client enabled Skype-to-Skype calls (and send IMs) for free over Wi-Fi, I’ve been wondering what the next step towards the mobilization of Skype would be. The answer came today by the way of 3 UK, a 3G wireless operator. The company unveiled […] Read more »

The folks at Google must to be pretty pleased with themselves — G-1, a moderately useful phone using their Android mobile operating system, has sold a million handsets since it launched last October. Of course Apple, by comparison, sold a million handsets around the planet during […] Read more »

Sweden is fast becoming the epicenter of the LTE universe, with three of the country’s four major wireless carriers — Tele2, Telenor and TeliaSonera — racing to build 4G wireless networks. These carriers bought spectrum in the 2.6 GHz band in 2008 and are looking to […] Read more »

Weeks after Australia announced its grand plan to build a $31 billion super broadband network, tiny Estonia says it will spend $374 million to build a broadband network with speeds of 100 Megabits per second. The fiber optic network will be 6,640 kilometers long and be […] Read more »

With a recession raging and the advertising market in a slump, the social networks have to figure out business models — fast. For MySpace it could mean capturing the music niche. Others will find their niches. Facebook will leverage its Facebook Connect. Regardless, one thing is for sure, the era of general purpose, broad social networking is coming to a close. Read more »

Virtualization pioneer VMware reported first-quarter 2009 earnings that were great, but the days of super growth are over. Revenues were $470.3 million, down sharply from the fourth quarter of 2008. Though a key player in the hot cloud computing market, VMware is facing the prospect of […] Read more »

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