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We’ve got new content on GigaOM Pro, our subscription site. Sign up now for an introductory offer of $79 a year. Featured Weekly Updates: Social Networks Need to Grin and Bear Infrastructure Costs Why Boxee Must Evolve Featured Research Note: Will Google Lead the Way in […] Read more »

“Hadoop is going to find potential markets in any industry where there are large data sets that need complex analysis,” Mike Olson, chief executive officer and one of the four co-founders of Cloudera, the startup that’s commercializing the open-source software framework Hadoop, told me earlier today. […] Read more »

Our friends at ReadWriteWeb have released the “RWW Guide to Online Community Management,” a research report that guides you though the tricky issues that can crop up during community management. I thought I knew everything, but this report opened my eyes. It is chock-full of lessons […] Read more »

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Cloudera, a Burlingame, Calif.-based startup that is building commercial services around open-source software framework Hadoop, has closed $6 million in Series B funding, bringing the total raised by the company to $11 million. The latest round of funding was led by Greylock Partners. Current investor Accel […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_chip] It was almost five years ago when I first learned about Raza Microelectronics (RMI), which was started by former AMD (and Nexgen) executive Atiq Raza. Raza took three projects from his incubator company, Raza Foundries, and merged them to form RMI. From there, RMI went […] Read more »

It is fashionable for media companies to paint themselves as victims of an increasingly Google-dominated planet. Desperate publishers are happy to collude or play ball with anyone who offers them a straw. Instead, they should be looking at various opportunities offered by technology to find a […] Read more »

On June 1, you can attend Mobile Monday Silicon Valley and meet some of the innovative startups, especially many involved with location-based services. Among the startups making presentations, you will find Skout, a mobile location-based social dating service, GV World Surfer, which allows you to point […] Read more »

We’re being cautious about Google’s Wave, and for good reason. It’s not that we don’t believe in the technology. But when something is described as game-changing and the greatest thing since sliced bread, it behooves one to really pause and think about it. And at this point, we have more questions than answers about this product. Read more »

Compete, the web research company, has come up with some interesting findings about location-based services and their use among smartphone users. According to a survey of 1,000 such people: 1 in 3 currently use a LBS at least once a month. Smartphone owners who use LBS […] Read more »

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Hulu, the popular television content aggregator backed by major Hollywood companies, today launched a desktop application that can only be used on PCs. Of course, we wouldn’t expect the company to do it any other way — after all, if it ran on set-top boxes, it […] Read more »

When I was looking for funding for GigaOM nearly three years ago, I had a very simple, four-slide presentation: Two slides focused on the past, the other two on my plan to build the company. It wasn’t exactly complicated: all I wanted to do was build multiple revenue streams from our core competency of analyzing key technology trends and business news. Today, we’re advancing to the next slide, with the launch of GigaOM Pro, our subscription-only research and analysis service. Read more »

The wireless and broadband revolution is finally spreading to the final frontiers of our planet. India, China, Brazil, Russia and the African continent have become major drivers of growth of the telecom networks. Across the planet people are signing up for either mobile services, landlines or […] Read more »

Nothing quite works like the threat of the possibility of losing a money-making asset. With rumors that Apple is flirting with Verizon over a future partnership, AT&T has abruptly changed its future wireless broadband plans to include a sudden acceleration of its LTE deployment. Read more »

Thanks to the emergence of superphones like the iPhone, the BlackBerry Bold and the T-Mobile G-1, we have seen a steady increase in the demand for mobile data services. The easy availability of popular web services such as Facebook and Google Mail on higher-end feature phones […] Read more »

When I started our little company, I had a vision of working only with people that have, in addition to camaraderie, my utmost respect. So far, I share that with every single member of the GigaOM team, and today I would like to announce two more […] Read more »

Twitter, the San Francisco-based micro-messaging startup, has been growing like a weed, thanks to generous plugs on mainstream media. Data collected by comScore shows that the number of unique visitors to grew from 1.6 million in April 2008 to 32.1 million in April 2009. All […] Read more »

[qi:115] Microsoft is going to spend $80 million on an advertising campaign to support its new search effort, rumored to be called Bing, as the company once again takes on deeply entrenched rivals Google and Yahoo. AdAge magazine reports that the campaign could eventually hit $100 […] Read more »

Last week, Netvibes, a Paris-based web startup that allows people to assemble their personalized start pages, debuted new features such as adding multiple pages. The company, after a controversial early life, has been keeping a low profile. The new developments provided a good reason to catch […] Read more »

Almost every few hours for a week I’ve been getting messages from my Facebook acquaintances with links to some phishing sites. These are not even very sophisticated messages — instead, they’re random links to utterly evil sites such as, and There have been […] Read more »

Pogoplug, the little gadget that turns any USB-enabled drive into a personal storage locker accessible over the Internet, impressed me as much as it did Kevin over at our sister site jkOnTheRun. But I really wanted to learn how exactly it worked. So I reached out […] Read more »

Two items caught my eye today: SanDisk CEO Eli Harari explaining how we are counting down to the end of Moore’s Law in terms of electrons per cell, and news that Apple will increase the speed of its processor by 1.5 times to 600 MHz, making it easier for the iPhone to render web pages and enhance application usage. The two stories elicited a similar response from me: Why are we measuring Moore’s Law using a yardstick from the PC era? In today’s world, don’t megabits per second (Mbps) matter more than the MIPS? Read more »

A few weeks back, Kevin over on sister site jkOnTheRun wrote about Pogoplug, a nifty little device made by Cloud Engines, a San Francisco-based startup that recently raised an undisclosed amount of money from Ryan MacIyntre of Foundry Group. Pogoplug is a small gizmo, the size […] Read more »

We are starting to experience the “problem of plenty” on the web, which is making it difficult to find information. It’s a problem being driven in large part by the availability of the vast number of tools that make publishing to the web a breeze. At […] Read more »

Many retail broadband consumers are oblivious to the cost of bandwidth. For the majority of those here in the U.S., the monthly charge for a broadband connection is roughly $50 a month. The cost of wholesale bandwidth, however, is an entirely different story. TeleGeography, which researches […] Read more »

Apple’s iTunes App Store has the largest number of location-based applications: 2,300, according to data collected by Skyhook Wireless, a location information platform provider based in Boston. Nearly 75 percent of the iPhone’s location-aware apps are paid applications. These numbers only support our thesis that Apple’s […] Read more »

Twitter might be Oprah’s new tech love, but it goes without saying — she loves Skype, the Internet calling service that makes an appearance on her show pretty much every day. She is going to reaffirm her love for Skype on Thursday, May 21, 2009, in […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_cloud-computing] Earlier today, I stopped by at the Social Graph Symposium at Sun Microsystems’ Menlo Park campus. The event, which attracted some of the most well-known experts on social networks and social graphs, was organized to look at the various challenges and opportunities being presented by […] Read more »

[qi:073] Every few years, the Internet — and, by extension, the web — gets bigger and better. As publishing tools get better, we share more content online. As we publish more content, more services emerge to help us find and consume that content. In the early […] Read more »

Google has changed its policy around trademarked ad words. In essence, if you’re an online store selling Steve Madden shoes, you can now use the trademark in Google ads. More details on the Google Adwords Blog. Not everyone is happy about this and are fighting Google. What […] Read more »

Last last night, I ended up updating my MacBook to Mac OS X 10.5.7, the latest version of the software. It’s caused two problems: The first is that it’s killed the audio output on the computer; in the preferences pane, the only option I have is […] Read more »

Notable Observation: “In the context of software, the word Enterprise has now officially come to mean software that sucks. Enterprise Software hit the nadir of suckitude at the launch of Enjoy SAP. This is like the American Dental Association launching Enjoy Root Canal. SAP is certainly […] Read more »

Kara Swisher reported earlier today that Tellme founder Mike McCue is leaving Microsoft at the end of June 2009. His Tellme co-founder, Angus Davis, is leaving the company as well. He sent out an email to his friends and family, shortly after announcing the news to […] Read more »

My friends in Amsterdam are organizing a special Mobile Monday event on June 1, 2009, that features some of today’s great mobile thinkers, such as Howard Rheingold and Alan Moore. An all-star lineup will discuss the future of mobile and mobile applications. If you are in […] Read more »

[qi:105] The Federal Communications Commission issued an order today that makes number portability faster. Carriers now have one day instead of four to switch phone numbers when requested by a customer’s new carrier. Large carriers have nine months to comply with this rule. The new order […] Read more »

Nearly 1.6 million new Net users signed up for broadband from top 10 providers in the U.S. during the first quarter of 2009. That is about 600,000 more than 1.01 million net additions in the fourth quarter of 2008, reports Bruce Leichtman’s research company, Leichtman Research. […] Read more »

Earlier this week my colleague Kevin Tofel asked what would happen if Cloud Engines, the company behind Pogoplug, went out of business. To address such concerns, Cloud Engines has done two things: it promised to put its software in open source in case of bankruptcy and […] Read more »

T-Mobile USA is feeling optimistic about Android and the future of mobile apps — and cautious when it comes to Symbian. In this interview, I chat with Cole Brodman, chief technology officer of T-Mobile USA, about innovation in the mobile industry and why his company is confident that its new HSPA+ network should be enough to compete with Verizon’s LTE network. Read more »

We are only a few weeks away from Structure 09, our annual conference that delves into issues such as cloud computing, web infrastructure and impact of ultraband technologies on the Internet.  We have two keynote speakers joining us on June 25: Mark Benioff, CEO of […] Read more »

[qi:004] Howard Kurtz, media columnist for The Washington Post, in a harsh critique of the newspaper industry, writes today that: The people who run such companies bear a considerable share of the blame. In 1993, just before the Internet became a consumer force, I argued in […] Read more »

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