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oDesk this week announced a new service called oDesk Staffing, which gives U.S.-based freelancers access to benefits (including health coverage, retirement plans and education savings accounts) and other services. It’s a smart move, as it positions the company to take advantage of a major societal shift. Read more »

Evernote, a Mountain View, Calif.-based company that makes my favorite cross-platform app, is all set to release the final Android version of it. It will be available for download in the Android market sometime today. Read more »

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The good times are back in Silicon Valley, thanks to late-stage investors willing to bet on fast-growing Internet startups. Zynga, a San Francisco-based social games company, has raised a whopping $180 million in funding from Digital Sky Technologies, a Russian investment firm. Read more »

It’s now been eight years since I wrote the first post on the blog version of GigaOM. Up until Dec. 13, 2001, GigaOM was nothing more than a repository for my previously published articles and résumé.  But with a little help from Ben Trott, co-creator of […] Read more »

TeliaSonera, a Scandinavian telecom operator, today launched its Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology-based wireless broadband network in Stockholm, Sweden, and Oslo, Norway. It’s the world’s first commercial rollout of the technology that is generically called 4G wireless. Read more »

French web site NoWhereElse points to this video of what looks like a much-rumored Mac Tablet. This “device” isn’t the real thing, but it sure is pretty. Enjoy! (Video below the fold.) Read more »

In 2006 had it all: hype that comes along with top venture investors, a smooth-talking CEO, hot social services as partners and an iconic product. Today Moo is less hip, more low-key — and profitable. Here’s how the company did it. Read more »

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Google Phone! And no, I don’t mean all those Android-powered devices, but instead a Google-branded phone that’s made by an original equipment maker. The company has started giving away these devices to its employees, who started tweeting about it last […] Read more »

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txtr, a Berlin-based startup, is building an eReader that’s aimed to be Europe’s answer to the Amazon Kindle. Christophe Maire, chief executive officer of the company, sat down with me in Paris earlier this week and gave me the details. Read more »

You know how Apple makes its presence felt at CES by not being there? Well, you can say the same for Spotify, a London- and Stockholm-based digital music service that was co-founded by Martin Lorentzon and Stardoll founder, Daniel Ek. At Le Web 2009, Spotify made […] Read more »

How much data and information do people in the U.S. consume? What kind of data? Those were some of the questions researchers at the University of California, San Diego recently set out to answer. They turned up some eye-popping results. Read more »

I’ve been fascinated by the touch revolution and often wondered who will win from it. The answer came to me this morning via Ashok Kumar, analyst with Northeast Securities: Cypress Semiconductor. Before heading out to Le Web here in Paris, I called Kumar to learn more. Read more »

VeriFone today announced PAYware Mobile, a service that includes VeriFone’s mobile payment system, as well as a card reader disguised as an iPhone sleeve that can be used by merchants to swipe cards and accept payments. The product is likely to ship in January 2010. Read more »

Hunch, a New York-based startup whose founders include by Chris Dixon and Caterina Fake, has flown under the radar since it launched six months ago, which is strange considering its potential as a disruptor. Today, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales joined Hunch’s board. Read more »

As the first decade of the 21st century draws to a close, we are on the cusp of a massive change in technology that will involve a new, more dynamic two-way experience with the web. Here are five companies that will be making headlines in 2010. Read more »

Google chief Eric Schmidt is tweeting from a verified account: @ericschmidt. If you can’t get your real name as a handle on Twitter, then what’s the point of being the CEO of the borg? You can follow him, but I don’t expect him to say much. Read more »’s chief executive officer, Jeff Bezos, in talking about the future of Kindle says he thinks it won’t be long before Amazon is “selling more electronic books than we are physical books.” He shares his Kindle ambitions with The New York Times. Here is a summary. Read more »

As the competition for smartphone domination starts to heat up, it is becoming increasingly clear that the iPod touch is Apple’s ace up its sleeve, and according to a report by Flurry, a San Francisco-based mobile analytics company, 24 million iPod touches represent about 40 percent […] Read more »

FourSquare for the BlackBerry is on its way. The company recently provided access to its beta version to a handful of people and will soon roll it out in batches. You can still sign up for the app and it’s totally worth the wait. Read more »

Today is the last day to nominate your favorite startups, venture capital firms, web apps and people for the third annual Crunchies, scheduled to be held on Jan. 8, 2010 at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco. Read more »

Apple’s 13-inch MacBook was the top-selling laptop and the 21.5-inch iMac was the top-selling desktop in the retail channels during the month of October, according to data collected by The NPD Group, a research firm that closely follows the retail industry. Read more »

Bing’s outage, which came shortly after the rollout of well-reviewed new features, has given many a reason to joke: It is Microsoft, after all. Indeed, when trying to establish your brand and service against a near monopoly, you can’t afford to have even one such outage. Read more »

In the battle to become the ultimate identity broker on the web, Facebook with its Facebook Connect feature has a clear — and significant — lead. Google, on the other hand, is an also-ran here and its partnership with Twitter doesn’t really change anything. Read more »

Motorola’s handset division has invested an undisclosed amount of money in French start-up, Sensitive Object which has developed a touch technology that might actually give the handset vendor an edge over its rivals. Sensitive Object was spun-out of the French Science National Research Centre (CNRS). Read more »

I am going to be in Paris next week for the Le Web 2009 conference, hanging out with some of the movers and shakers of the European technology scene. Many of you have emailed me asking to meet up before the event. Instead of trying to […] Read more »

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello spoke with FOX Business Network’s Liz Claman today about Tiger’s relationship with the company and his private life, saying it’s “private” and he can’t do anything but “stand by” him. EA has made nearly $500 million selling its Tiger Woods game. Read more »

In February 2009, Jim McKelvey, who’d left the technology business and became a glass blower, lost an order because he couldn’t accept a credit card from a customer who wanted to buy his creation. He called his friend and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. The two talked […] Read more »

If you’re a Skype and an iPhone user then there is one feature you sorely miss: getting video calls on your iPhone. Not anymore! fring, a London-based messaging startup based in Israel, has released an upgrade that allows you to receive video calls on your iPhone. […] Read more »

Yahoo just released its year in review according to top searches for 2009. This year’s top 10 searches were dominated by pop culture, led by none other than Michael Jackson, who died earlier this year. “Twilight,” the vampire book and film series, came in second. The […] Read more »

Despite a slow and troubling start, Nokia is finding some success for its Ovi Store and Services, especially in its traditional strongholds: Europe, Asia and Latin America. Nokia wants to chart a new course by focusing on messaging, music and mapping. An Ovi Update. Read more »

Droid launched in November 2009 and has sold over 700,000 units. It is inching towards the million mark, thanks to a strong marketing push by its backers Motorola and Verizon. In comparison, Motorola’s Cliq & Dexter appear to be slow pokes when it comes to sales. Read more »

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