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Flurry, a San Francisco-based mobile app analytics company that recently merged with Pinch Media of New York, has teamed up with comScore in a deal that will marry Flurry’s analytics with comScore’s mobile panel data. The combined results, in turn, will be sold to comScore’s clients. Read more »

More a thespian than CEO, Steve Jobs has turned staid presentations into operatic productions. For the rest of us, a presentation by Carmine Gallo, author of “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience,” might come in handy. Read more »

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No one can deny Google’s achievements, but I think for multiple reasons Apple is the company of the decade. It has disrupted industries, reinvented others, and now is redefining the meaning of computing itself. Google’s stock performance inspires shock and awe, but pales in comparison to Apple. Read more »

Jack Dorsey’s Square, Incase, Verifone and now Mophie — these companies have developed credit card readers and are turning the iPhone/iPod touch platform into a new kind of economic engine. All they have to do is get Apple to play ball and get consumers savvy about it all. Read more »

With 2009 coming to an end, it is not surprising that everyone (including me) has predictions about what 2010 will bring. So instead, four of us — Liz, Stacey, Sebastian and I — have put together a wish list of seven things we hope come true in 2010. Read more »

While much has been made of Google’s Chrome OS and its potential, the adaptability of the Android OS is what makes it more disruptive than its shinier smartbook-oriented cousin Chrome. Its appeal to everyone from chipmakers to serial entreprenuers will be seen at CES. Read more »

Mobile app stores are popping up like mushrooms after the rains, making life difficult for app developers. We wanted to know the average cost of a paid application on different platforms. Folks from Mobclix crunched some numbers and came back with some surprising findings. Read more »

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Brett Glass, a longtime reader, shared his experiences about his wireless Internet service in Laramie, Wyo., in a lunch talk at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. It’s a great story. You can watch or download it from the Berkman Center’s web site. Read more »

Cablevision has soft-launched a new automated sign-in process that allows its customers to log into its Wi-Fi network that covers Long Island and New York City venues like Madison Square Gardens. Result: Average weekly sessions are up from 200,000 per week to over 300,000 per week. Read more »

Motorola and Verizon are on track to sell a million Droids in the fourth quarter — and with that, Droid has become the most dominant Android phone on the market today, beating out the HTC Dream, which was the best-selling Android smartphone in October and November. Read more »

Apple had a very nice Christmas, thanks to the iPod touch. New data shows there was a big spike in Apple’s App Store downloads during the month of December. It isn’t the first time: A similar spike last year was followed by blockbuster sales. Read more »

It was two years ago today that I had a heart attack. It was thanks to folks at UCSF I am still here. And now I want you to join me in helping raise funds for this esteemed hospital. My target — $50,000 in 2010. Read more »

Two screenshots of Facebook’s forthcoming redesign show some simple yet major enhancements that also reveal where the world’s largest social network might be headed. For starters, Facebook seems to be returning to its roots, emphasizing fidelity instead of noise in its news feed. Read more »

According to data from oDesk, the number of iPhone-related jobs listed on its marketplace beats the total number of Android jobs, which are slowly inching up. There are 2,071 iPhone developers listed on oDesk vs. 624 Android developers. Read more »

A failed terrorism attempt on an international flight has resulted in new restrictions on airline travel, such as requiring people to remain in their seats for the last hour of flight without personal items on their laps. How is this going to impact you? Read more »

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you are all resting and taking a much-needed break after a very hectic 2009. It’s a good time to also focus on what really matters — our loved ones. Read more »

From funding to acquisitions to new company launches, these posts will bring you up to speed quickly on what happened in the technology sector last week. This is by no means a comprehensive list, just some of the key developments according to our team of writers. Read more »

Adult Internet users were spending close to 13 hours a week online in 2009 vs. about seven hours in 1999, according to a report. The number of adult Internet users has gone up to 184 million this year from 113 million in 1999. Read more »

2009 has started to pack up its belongings and get ready for its journey into the history books. As such it’s time to slow down and spend more time with our respective families, and to reflect on things. I, like so many others, have been reflecting […] Read more »

Telefónica, the parent company of O2, today announced the acquisition of Jajah for €145 million (about $207 million) in an all-cash transaction. The rumors of this deal emerged earlier this month. Read more »

Thanks to the growing popularity of WiFi-enabled phones and cameras, Wi-Fi hotspots are hot. Usage is up 47 percent in 2009 alone. And a new report suggests that an increasing number of consumers are forgoing the laptop in favor of WiFi-enabled devices such as smartphones. Read more »

A survey of major mobile app stores shows that nearly 57 percent of paid applications in the Apple App Store have location-based functionality vs. 49 percent in RIM’s BlackBerry App World and 21 percent in Google’s Android Market. Read more »

The three co-founders of WebShots and 30 Boxes, along with Crackle founder Josh Felser, are launching a new incubator based in Mill Valley, Calif. The company will develop new ideas and then spin them off as independent companies. Will this incubator work? Read more »

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Twitter, which has long been on the receiving end of jokes about its lack of business model and profits, is said to be profitable, reports Bloomberg, thanks to multimillion-dollar deals with search giants Microsoft and Google. But can those profits last? I don’t think so. Read more »

After DOE Nod, a Long Road Ahead for Green Car Startups

Yesterday, rumors were flying that O2, a division of Telefonica, a large Spanish phone company was buying Israel-based VoIP company, Jajah for about $200 million. My sources say that despite the reports, the deal isn’t done and the price is lower than $200 million previously reported. Read more »

WiMAX, the wireless broadband technology, ended up having a decent 2009, with 519 network deployments. Some of the technology’s backers, such as Russia’s Yota, reached breakeven, proving that WiMAX is viable outside the US. In 2010, WiMAX carriers will see competition from LTE operators. Read more »

BT, a company known for dragging its feet when it comes to deploying a super-fast broadband network for its consumers, has surprised everyone by saying that it will ramp up the deployment of its ultra-speedy network and have it ready by the London Olympics in 2012. Read more »

O2, a division of Telefonica, a Spanish telecommunications company, is a front-runner to buy Jajah, a 4-year-old VoIP startup. O2 offered $200 million, rumor has it, beating out Microsoft and Cisco. So why does everyone want a piece of the upstart? Read more »

I thought it was a good idea when the FCC asked Verizon to explain why it doubled its early termination fees. Verizon has responded with a letter that tries to pass itself off as a manifesto that anything it does is good for the people. Read more »

Large online retailers are seeing a big jump in their sales — over 15 percent to $7.4 billion. The bad news: ASPs were down 8 percent when compared to last year, despite a 25 percent rise the number of transactions. Read more »

My search for a top-notch ramen joint returned quality recommendations from both Twitter (as to the restaurant) and Foursquare (as to actual menu items), all in near-real time. Which made me wonder if services like Yelp have a future in our increasingly always-connected world. Read more »

Twitter has been hacked by Iranian Cyber Army, some sort of a renegade hacker group that claims to be linked to Iran. Most assumed the system was overloaded, never suspecting an hacker attack. The news of the hack was shared with us via email. Read more »

Google is rumored to be in talks to buy Yelp for over $500 million. If the deal happens, then it is a good move for Yelp and its backers, who are selling at what we think is the top of the market. Read more »

Nimbuzz, a Netherlands-based messaging and VoIP company has released an Android app. It already offers its apps on the iPhone and Symbian platforms. The company says it just crossed the 13 million user-mark and is currently adding about a million new registrations each month. Read more »

Gravity, a Los Angeles-based startup co-founded by three former MySpace executives launched a beta version of its service that tries to re-invent the concept of conversations. Looking at it purely from a very surface level, they have their work cut out for them. Read more »

Facebook’s Jonathan Heiliger and two of his colleagues, Marco Baray and Jason Tyler, yesterday shared some details with me as to how exactly Facebook benchmarks server performance — and how that’s helped them squeeze the most out of their machines. Read more »

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