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At The GigaOM Network, we’re very aware that people are our greatest assets, so I’m very pleased to announce our newest addition: Dan Silmore, a veteran marketing executive with substantial business experience. He joins us as SVP of product marketing, and is already making a difference. Read more »

Apple and AT&T have done their very best to keep Google Voice away from iPhone users. A big raging controversy, an FCC intervention and lot of talk still didn’t help. Today all that changes — thanks to a brand new browser-based Google Voice app. Read more »

Cloudkick, a San Francisco-based startup, launched its cloud server management and monitoring services while in the process taking on better-funded rivals such as Rightscale. By focusing on startups, the company hopes to make a business out of solving the complexity of managing multiple cloud servers. Read more »

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Today some anecdotal evidence has emerged that gives credence to the existence of a new kind of Apple device. More importantly, the data collected by Flurry shows that Apple is not going to jettison the iPhone OS and instead will leverage it to its advantage. Read more »

Gowalla, a location-based social application is about to pass 100,000 users, according to some of my sources. The company is going to hit the milestone sometime this weekend, having just crossed 99,000 users. In comparison, New York-based Foursquare is closing in on 300,000 users. Read more »

8×8 has launched a new application that allows you to add a “Call Me” button to your Facebook page, thus allowing you to receive calls without giving out your digits. Since you can control access to your Facebook page, this is better than Do-not-call list. Read more »

Aircell, the company behind wildly popular GoGo in-flight broadband, has raised $176 million in funds from an undisclosed group of investors. GoGo is available on more than 700 aircraft and adding more — which means the company will have to build out its network aggressively. Read more »

In an attempt to ward of competition from the likes of Google, Nokia’s has released new Ovi Maps software for free. With the new Ovi Maps app, Nokia has a chance to become the GPS-of-choice in countries where standalone navigation devices are hard to find. Read more »

Amazon, perhaps driven by the forthcoming launch of Apple’s tablet style computer is turning its Kindle device into a platform. The Seattle-based online retailer today announced that it will allow software developers to build, upload and distribute active content (aka apps) from its Kindle Store. Read more »

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Geodelic, a developer of location-based applications, has launched an iPhone application and signed a major deal with Korea Telecom to provide a special Seoul version of its app. The company is riding the geolocation wave. It eventually wants to open its publishing system to consumers. Read more »

Google may be having some teething problems with its foray into the topsy-turvy world of mobile handsets, but don’t count it out just yet. Analysts estimate that Google could sell 1-3 million Nexus One units in 2010, generating $500 million-$1.6 billion in incremental revenue. Read more »

In a week from now, Apple may announce a new kind of a tablet-styled computing device that has more names than Black Eyed Peas has hits. But the important question for me is what’s inside. Today we have some details on device’s innards. Read more »

Apple & AT&T have come under criticism for not allowing VoIP over today’s 3G mobile broadband connections when using the iPhone. People are still asking why there is no VoIP over 3G. Some think AT&T and Apple are a conniving bunch, but there’s an alternative theory. Read more »

Last week, Verizon discounted their voice plans. AT&T came out its own cheaper offerings. The two were simply matching what Sprint and T-Mobile USA have already been offering — cheap voice. BillShrink put together a graphical over view of all the cellphone plans. Check it out. Read more »

Rebtel, the Stockholm, Sweden-based VoIP service provider is buying Free World Dialing, a division of Toronto-based VoIP service provider, Talkster for an undisclosed amount. As part of the agreement, Rebtel will carry all of Talkster’s international traffic over its network. Read more »

Sometimes you don’t really need words! Dilbert, the great philosopher, takes on Cloud Computing, Software as a Service and everything else! I hope you enjoy his humor, and, with some irony, consider how the workplace of today is changing. Related GigaOM Pro Content: Why Hardware-Free Businesses […] Read more »

Aliph today launched a tiny new headset, Jawbone Icon, that is capable of using special apps that are downloaded to the device, thanks to its new platform. By offering optimized apps for this platform, the company is making what is essentially a dumb device smarter. Read more »

Flat Planet Phone Co., an Israeli VoIP startup, has developed a new VoIP technology called Dynamic Caller ID, that essentially allows you to have dynamically generated multiple Caller IDs. These IDs depend on the local number being dialed. Read more »

The growing popularity of smartphones and higher-speed wireless broadband networks are proving to be two major catalysts for the wireless industry. As a result, expect the mobile industry’s revenues to barrel past the $1 trillion-mark by 2013, says Informa Telecom’s & Media. Read more »

Skype in an FCC filing said that net neutrality was “about growing the broadband ecosystem and preserving a borderless, open Internet” and promoting “investment, jobs and innovation.” It applauds the FCC’s broadband proposals but wants to keep wireless broadband networks open for VoIP services. Read more »

Google’s decision to take on the Chinese political establishment has drawn mixed reactions. No one knows how big a financial gamble this decision is and how it will impact Google’s revenues. And if things do go wrong, then Android may be left in the cold. Read more »

Zillow, a real estate listing service which recently said that it was nearing profitability now is dreaming of going public, probably in 2011. Zillow, despite the woes of the real industry, had a pretty decent year in 2009, with sales rising 65 percent. Read more »

Google earlier today made a bold decision — it stopped censoring results on, its Chinese destination. This will most certainly get the company banned from China and it is going to cost it hundreds of millions of dollars. Read more »

Now that Pandora, a next-generation online music streaming service, has turned its first quarterly profit, the Oakland, Calif.-based company is looking at life beyond the web. And by doing so, Pandora is moving to embody what’s being called the device-agnostic Internet. Read more »

The recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show brought home one simple fact: We will soon be hard-pressed to find consumer electronics that don’t feature a built-in Internet connection. To get a sense of our CE obsession, check out this stunning infographic from the folks at Mint. Read more »

When I got on a plane to visit Orlando, Fla., earlier this morning, I thanked my stars when I found out that I was on a Delta flight with GoGo in-flight Wi-Fi. But after 30 minutes or so, the service became unusable. Read more »

For most of the first decade of the new century, we all waited for the emergence of location-based services. The LBS dream, it seemed, was always being deferred. Fast-forward to today — in 2010 we’ll see that mythical future become an actuality. Read more »

Facebook and Zynga were among the winners at the Crunchies 2009 awards, held in San Francisco’s Herbst Theater. The third annual award ceremony, co-hosted by TechCrunch, VentureBeat and GigaOM, saw a mix of new and old technology companies share the limelight. Read more »

Mathew Ingram, a veteran technology journalist, well-known blogger, co-founder of the mesh conference and social news enthusiast is joining GigaOM team. He is going to writing on a diverse set of topics, including the evolution of media. Read more »

The Crunchies, awards that celebrate start-ups, entrepreneurs and everything Silicon Valley are sold out. The Crunchies are co-hosted by TechCrunch, VentureBeat and us. The awards gala is followed by an after party held at City Hall’s Grand Rotunda, across from the main event venue. Read more »

If the Nexus One is any indication, the new Android-driven connected device ecosystem is going to be a three-headed monster: Qualcomm as provider of the chips, Google as maker of the operating system and HTC as the preferred device manufacturer. So what of Motorola? Read more »

The Federal Communications Commission says it will need another month to deliver its national broadband plan. The deadline to originally submit the plan to the U.S. Congress was Feb. 17. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has said that he wants to get the National Broadband Plan right. Read more »

Apple has started to offer preview samples of songs on the web version of the iTunes music store called the iTunes Preview. It launched the iTunes Preview in November 2009. At the time, you couldn’t listen to these previews. The Cupertino, Calif.-based online music giant is […] Read more »

The last few weeks have been dominated by speculation over two things: the Google Phone and the Apple tablet. One is now a reality. The other is still a myth. And beyond this twin-headed meme, attention has been paid to little else. Forgotten is the fact […] Read more »

Amazon is going to start selling a global version of Kindle DX for about $489 starting Jan. 19. The device will sell in over 100 countries. It uses GSM technologies — GPRS, EDGE & 3G — to power Amazon’s global WhisperNet for free downloads. Read more »

Quantcast, a San Francisco-based web analytics company, says it has raised $27.5 million in Series C funding. Cisco Systems is leading this round of funding which also includes funds from previous investors Polaris Venture Partners, Founders Fund and Revolution Ventures. Read more »

Flurry, a San Francisco-based mobile app analytics company that recently merged with Pinch Media of New York, has teamed up with comScore in a deal that will marry Flurry’s analytics with comScore’s mobile panel data. The combined results, in turn, will be sold to comScore’s clients. Read more »

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